What is the Blessing in Fear?

By: John Morton DSS

July 27th, 2009

What is the Blessing in Fear?

Article imageQuestion: What is the blessing in fear?

Answer: The blessing in fear is that fear teaches us what we need to learn how to overcome. It teaches us where our strength and courage are which is within. Fear will also teach us where our fear is. So fear is going to show us things that, perhaps in our wisdom and practical nature, we might realize we would rather not do.

At times, that involves taking risks and getting involved in things we don’t know much about. Perhaps there may be things to be concerned about. So be watchful and aware. At those times, fear then provides you wise limitations while teaching you about your strength and courage.

For example, I don’t want to step barefoot on a metal tack and then have to get a tetanus shot and interrupt my day. You might say, “Well, then don’t go barefoot. Don’t step on a tack.” How could I do that? Should I give in to my fear and never go out walking barefoot? Never enjoy the ground beneath my feet? That would be an extreme and unnecessary response.

My point of view is that there will always be something we’re going to be concerned about. So we might as well go ahead and explore. Be an adventurer in your life. You’ll find the blessing in fear as it is your friend who brings you greater strength and courage in your life’s adventure.

The source of your strength, your Spirit or Divine Self, is larger than any fear. If you don’t have that experience with yourself, it’s an opportunity to delve deeper within to find the strength that overcomes whatever the fear would be. It’s not that you will never experience fear again. You may still be aware of the fear. But by tuning in to your divine nature, your relationship to fear will change so you are one who functions in the strength and courage that is of the Spirit.

I see the Divine Self as one who doesn’t have worry or fear. In the Divine Self, things are taken care of. Your needs are met. You can experience that everything is on purpose and happening in a way that’s for your upliftment, learning, and growth. In truth, nothing is happening against you ever. You don’t have to fight or struggle. So take a moment in your day to tune within and get a hold of that divine consciousness that doesn’t have worry or fear. Then choose to move forward with the strength, courage and joy that is of the Spirit.

Baruch Bashan (the Blessings Already Are)

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