By: John-Roger DSS

October 27th, 2016



by John-Roger, DSS

This article by John-Roger was first published in Rod and Staff, 1987.

As your will and the Father’s will become one, you enter into that quality of devotion that gives the credit to Spirit. You know that of yourself, you can do nothing. You say, “Father, here I am. This is your child. Whatever you have for me to do, I will do gladly, because I know I’m going to inherit all things. If I have to inherit the manure pile before I inherit the flower garden, so be it. Or if I inherit the flower garden and then the manure pile, that’s okay, too. However you see it, Father, I’ll abide by Thy will.”

Be very thankful you can grow regardless of any physical, mental, emotional, or financial situation. Your devotion to God can transcend all situations and become the constant factor of your life. Then you follow one Light, the Light which is God. It has been called many names and worshiped in many ways, but everyone is reaching to this one consciousness.

There is one mind, the mind of God. There is one consciousness, God consciousness. All else are tributaries of the One. If you can get on a tributary leading back to God, you can follow it back into the mainstream of God’s energy. The Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness is in the mainstream. It has been demonstrated over and over again. The Light has been demonstrated beyond a mental or emotional process. When you stop mentalizing and ask from your heart for Spirit’s Light to be with you, things around you change. Then you know that those things which seemed so locked in and crystallized can be released and altered. It’s a great day when you recognize that the things in your life which seemed inalterable can be lifted.

When your life is not going too well, you may enter into the area of devotion, saying, “Father, help me. God, save me. Deliver me from my enemies.” You enter into extreme devotion based upon great emotional concern, which would be all right if that devotion were focused toward locating the truth within yourself and sacrificing the truths which don’t work for you. Be devoted to faithfully finding new truths and to creating and building on those areas of truth. Then look through your intelligence at what you have learned to see how you stand. By these processes, you make your will useful to you and grow to be very devoted to the freedom of your own expression.

Devotion may express itself as, “Lord, here I am to help, to be helped, to share, and to be one with all. I don’t have to be all things to all people. I’m not even going to try. I’m just going to be me.” Just to be you can be a great challenge. I’ve said so often to so many people, “Thank God you’re you.” And they look at me and think, “Thank God I’m me? But I’m so angry and hurt inside.” That’s not the part I see. That’s the illusionary part which is always changing. You’ll sacrifice it later when you realize that truth isn’t going to reach into those areas. You’ll sacrifice it when you get the vision of a greater reality.

Your devotion keeps you moving forward. All you have to do, believe it or not, is keep yourself centered toward the Light consciousness. It’s easy. Every day in every way, turn toward the Light. Ask for the Light in the morning when you get up, when you get in the car, when you get to the gas station, before you get on the freeway, when you park your car, and on the way into work. You’ll enhance your realization of Living In God’s Holy Thoughts. That’s the Light – all the time.

The more you attune to the Light, the more your inner Light grows until one day you say, “I am the Light,” and it’s not a lie. You say it because it is so. Something inside of you may be so humble that you may keep this fact to yourself. But when someone asks, you must truthfully acknowledge that you are the Light. Yet as you hear it, you say, “Yes, that is the truth, but you are also the Light. Everyone is.” The Light holds you to the truth, and that becomes a great joy.

Baruch Bashan,

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