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Letter From IIWP Staff

Article imageDear Friends,
Greetings from Windermere. Thank you for your many gifts and your Light this past year as we continue forward in our Process Toward Peace. At the MSIA Conference of Liberation in July, Robin Graham shared that the peace that is present with Windermere is but a reflection of our inner peace. Robin and the other members of our Peace Retreat Coordinating Team (Paul Davidson, Ted Drake, Celia Allen-Graham, David Rodgers and Candy Spitzer) are moving forward step-by-step with our next application for a Conditional Use Permit. Robin shared that the real peace retreat is the one in our hearts, and our ministry is to hold in that peace during the process of creating our physical retreat. Each moment we choose that peace inside, we add to a greater place of peace that we are all building together. At this special time of year, may the peace that is present in your heart radiate to all you know and all you touch.
This past year brought some new arrivals to Windermere. Jaleel el Kabadi was born on July 22nd. He was sired by Windermere’s own Moniet el Kabadi, whose quality is loving, and Jaleel’s mom is Black Beauty (whose quality is joy). He is a frisky little colt, and his very obvious quality is Agility.
And please join us in welcoming George Pace to the Windermere staff. George arrived from New York in early July, and he has been very busy ever since! George is the maintenance master at the Ranch. His request is that you come to visit—bring yourselves your hearts, and your willing hands. He will be happy to find something special for you to do.
Remember that we welcome your visit anytime. Come walk the trails, climb the rocks, have a picnic, or take a moment to luxuriate in the sight of the Windermere horse herd at sunset—standing on the mountainside like a group of sentinels, looking out over the town and ocean below.
With blessings of peace,
Ted Drake, Lynn Cox, Beth Hinman, George Pace, and David and Teresa Rodgers
The staff at Windermere
P.S. If you would like to come visit, just give Beth a call in the office at (805) 692-1806 or toll-free (888) 848-4497

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