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Loving All the Conditions


Loving All the Conditions
By John Morton

All the limitations in this world, all the conditions, are our teachers. The teachings of John-Roger and MSIA are ancient, eternal teachings about using everything for our learning, growth and upliftment and being wise in how we approach whatever is going on.  If we took anybody’s inventory, what’s going to come up in truth is, “You’re fine. You’re not lacking. You’re not actually even hurting. There’s nothing wrong. There’s nothing sick. There’s nothing dead or dying.” There are dimensions in the soul, higher dimensions into the heart of God, which is really what we’re about.

The levels in this world are of temporary conditionality.  When we get into the spirit, it’s as if this level never existed and time doesn’t really exist. At some level, it’s finite. And yet it really isn’t. It’s infinite. It doesn’t have finiteness. It has a quality that goes on and on. So you go on and on, but the limitations come to an end.

We are all in the heart of God.  In this level, while we’re here, it’s important to work it for our learning and growth. So the practical side of this is to work it out, whatever is presented to you as your opportunity to learn and grow. If you can work out your life so you’re leaving the conditions better than you found them, including for example, your bank accounts or that you’re not in debt, if you can do that level of creating while you’re in this world, then the tendency would be you are clearing karma for your soul’s progression.

Take a moment to do some inventory and consider, with all that’s going on in your life, are you ultimately clearing the karma or creating more of it? Come to terms with what’s going on for you and ask, “How do I cooperate?” The answers are going to be in following how it works and how you can cooperate.

The consciousness of the anointed, of the divine nature, doesn’t come in violation of any of the laws, including man’s laws. However, the world can get you for your expired parking meter and things like that. But in terms of the spirit, it’s not a violation. It’s just a condition. So it doesn’t really count in the spirit.  But it may count in the world, again temporarily.

Don’t be worried about your check not cashing with God because you left this world in debt. Consider it’s already paid in full with an infinite account to your good. For MSIA initiates, it’s important to understand that at the causal level of initiation the Traveler takes the karma so that it would escort you into soul level initiation.  If you hold your end up, it’s done. Then it becomes an endurance contest. Will you endure? That’s answered in the teachings — endure to the end. I know that was said over and over and over and will be repeated as it was just now. Endure to the end and to the ends of the world.

I’d like to point out some words attributed to Jesus. “Lo, I’m always with you, even unto the end of the world” [Matthew 28:20].  So whatever end you come to, if you have no money in your pocket or no money to pay the bills or the rent or to keep the air conditioning going or the water on or the electricity, whatever it is, that doesn’t really matter spiritually. It’s not something that will keep you from passing into the spirit.

“The gates of hell shall not prevail against you” [Matthew 16:18]. It’s been said that this world’s a kind of a hell. To me, if it is a hell, it’s still got a lot of good going on if we can work it out so we can have a good time here. That’s one of the things to watch out for — that we don’t become attached to having too good of a time here such that we need to come back to further work it out. That would not be our teachings.

Our teaching is to be free now. Be clear now. Let it go, so that you’re not judging yourself about something as miniscule as your financial state or your health state, your physical body state or anything about your life that you would attribute to yourself in a possessive nature, like saying, “That’s my doing.” See, that’s a slight against God, if I wanted to choose to interpret that way. God did all things first. So we’re just picking up the pieces after God did it, or just following suit, following in the way that would finish what we came here to do.

Sometimes I don’t like it when I have bills to pay. It’s not always a comfortable position. But part of that is that I want to leave it better for those who are following. So if there’s somebody who’s going to pick it up after us, then I don’t want to leave a big mess if I don’t have to. Yet, if God called us home, and the reality was we had to go through a great big mess, consider you’d go through it. Maybe you would be in the Guinness Book of Records for the biggest mess ever created. But if you got to God, if that was the way to God, you would make a big mess. You would do whatever it takes.

The way to God wouldn’t be about ego. It wouldn’t be about embarrassment. It wouldn’t be about the god of opinion and what other people think if you can’t pay your bills or that if you’re so spiritual, why do you lack money? The lack would be in your attitude.  In other words, don’t let it get you down.

If God loves a joyful giver [2 Corinthians 9:7], consider God also loves somebody who’s joyful in their debt. But there’s more inclination to give toward the one who’s in joy, the one who holds up their peace regardless of what’s been created.  We’re not here to abuse ourselves or others or really any of the creation. We’re here to use it, but to use it wisely and to use it to create greater good.  We’re here to experience that we are co-creators and, even in this world, we can make it a better place. We can bring some heaven onto earth even while we know the greater heaven, the heaven we all seek, is not of this world.

Ceasing Againstness

We were not created to violate, so that’s one of the learnings that is coming forward. We must stop the againstness. John-Roger said, “Peace is the cessation of againstness.” That was one of those statements I had never heard said before I heard it from John-Roger. And it keeps ringing more and more true. Love is also the cessation of againstness. Understanding is the cessation of againstness. Acceptance and cooperation are the cessation of againstness. These are spiritual laws.

As we come into our own alignment and awareness of how spirit directs, then we would not do anything to harm another. Again, I’m reminded of what John-Roger taught, that if we knew the pain and the suffering of our worst enemy, we would not do anything to contribute to that negativity. We would love our enemy [Matthew 5:43]. In a way, we would treat them like a saint.

Somewhere in the world right now someone is violating another.  Someone is in againstness and in a great misunderstanding of their own nature. This is a world in which it’s reflected back to us the measure by which we do it. We all are subservient to the law. So no matter who enters into this negative world, they come under the law.

We are subject to what we sow, we reap. What we put out comes back to us. But notice in the way that is done — to exact measure, to the last farthing. That’s just a way of saying that if you wouldn’t want it done unto you, then don’t do it to someone or something else.

Do of the nature that you would want done unto you. It’s also called the golden rule. So that’s the call. Do unto others as you would want yourself done unto.

We all want to be loved. The great irony in that is God loves its creation always in all ways. It is we who need to catch up and make the choice to overcome the negativity that has been created so we would respond in loving.

Consider we choose not to render againstness, even to whatever degree it’s been done unto us. We refuse. The buck stops here. The sins of our fathers and mothers or our ancestors or neighbors, we don’t return it. We return only the loving. My experience with that is often it’s humbling.

I realize that there may still be negativity that has access to my response and to my choice.  I’m not exempt from experiencing the negative impulse.  So we all need to be vigilant. Part of that vigilance is to strengthen your hold upon it.  As we look to God, as we learn to behold the Lord, our God, it is a loving God.  We will be strengthened in that loving no matter how severe the test is that comes our way.

When I reflect on John-Roger’s life, I see a lot of personal difficulty due to his high sensitivity.  He had the same high sensitivity to loving, beauty and highest consciousness that he had to the negativity in this world. Negativity measures our strength. We can have the greatest love, and at the same time, the greatest negativity would be pulling on us. If we let our strength down, if we close ourself off to knowing our purpose, we can react.  Even if we do react, we have a God who loves us regardless, which is the salvation.

We are forgiven. And we’re called to pick it up, to rise up so that we overcome this world. I see that as the power and the resurrection. It’s the overcoming of the world that was demonstrated for us by the Christ.

You may say, “I wasn’t in Jesus’s lifetime. I don’t have any knowledge or memory of it.” Yes, you do because in the spirit, it’s all known. It’s all here now. So we can look upon it and know someone as a brother.  It’s been done by many.

This overcoming of the world is not just by Jesus. It’s been done by those who rose up into that level of consciousness so that there was an overcoming. They were in the anointing of God. That’s how I see a witness like Joan of Arc. There was a witnessing in those final moments. The words that were spoken, the words that were heard and written down, tell the story that there’s nothing we can’t overcome in this world. There’s no negativity that is too much for love.

Knowing and Understanding

One of the ways I experience our calling spiritually, our movement into the spirit, is to let go of a demand that we know or understand consciously. We’re already in our salvation. We come into this world veiled. How do we get along in a world where our sensitivity has been restricted or bound or limited, including by unknowing? That’s a way of considering that God did it, so it isn’t a curse to not know consciously or to have any condition in our life.

The soul has the nature that is immaculate. It is a saint already. It’s born or created of that nature. That’s who we are. So when the conscious knowing of the soul is limited, it doesn’t mean the soul is somehow imperfect or lost or lacking. It’s just in a conditionality.

I heard John-Roger say that it’s the unconditionalness of life that must be lived. That’s one of those statements that I kept going over, wanting to understand. I just look at it that we’re in a conditioned state but we still have the opportunity to live unconditionally, to release the condition, to set it free. So by setting free our unknowing, we don’t have a demand to know consciously. God knows. And God knows at the level of omniscience, of absolute knowing. It’s all known, so there’s nothing that’s unknown or your god is too small.

Spirit lives unconditionally in a very conditioned world like this one. It has innocence.  It has purity. It has a child-like nature. It also has enthusiasm regardless of the conditions. We have this nature in us that is irrepressible. So even if we don’t know, if we wonder why there is so much pain and suffering in this world, there’s a good reason for it. That may seem callous or that I’m not really feeling what’s going on or I’m calling suffering and pain or injustice to be some kind of good. When I’m seeing what comes from it, that we’re always being brought into an experience in which learning and growing is there, the soul is being increased.  By seeing that, it doesn’t necessarily mean I don’t feel the pain or the suffering. It just means that I have something else to look at so I consider how I would increase what is pleasant, what is nurturing, or what is kind.

How would we make for new growth if the field has been decimated? That’s the way I see God creating. Regardless of what happens and whether we understand or we know what happened, we are called upon to move toward the good, to keep our faith that God is up to good. Ultimately, that’s always true. There’s something good going on always.

For the Highest Good

When you pray and put “For the highest good” in your prayer, consider that it is being answered and there’s no delay factor with God. It’s heard immediately and answered immediately, but not necessarily in the conditions that would become the answer.

I’m not talking about how it works out in the world.  That might involve some patience, some gradualness. But you could know the answer immediately.  You could know what’s being directed from the spirit as resolution. And maybe that is to endure because something is being moved around. Then if you understood that, you could relax. You could have a relationship with your spiritual direction so that you could trust that when it’s time, you’ll know. You’ll be informed. So relax. Go have a good life. Live well. Thrive. Take care of yourself.

One of the things I often see is that we’re conditioned so we might reject the actual solution, what would really serve the highest good.  We may say, “No, I can’t do that. I won’t do that.” Spirit’s plan doesn’t always involve your attachments and your material nature, which is not of a spiritual nature.

Deep down inside of everyone is something I remember hearing from John-Roger as “The ocean of love and mercy.” I just look at it as something transcendental even in its name. An ocean of love and mercy — something that appears boundless that’s full of love and mercy, full of peace and calm, in high regard, regardless of what people represent to you in their conditionality.

When it’s really difficult to be calm, to be understanding, to cooperate, to work with difficult people, remember they’re just being who they are in the moment and with what they know considering the conditions they’re in. Often it’s not going to help for you to react or be upset or disturbed. So what does help? Consider better choices.

Can you decide with whom you are going to go up the mountain? Some people are going up the mountain and a lot of people are not. So in this Movement we gather with people who are going up. Going up to what? Their next level of karma, the next level of difficulty, the next level of what they need to learn and experience. Is that always fun and games? Not always. Sometimes it involves a lot of challenges. But it’s part of what goes on with going up higher.

Choose to be in the conditions that serve your higher nature.  Surround yourself with people who are wanting and intending to go higher in consciousness, to wake up spiritually, to be conscious in the soul awareness while they are in this world.  It becomes something where we transcend the limitations and the negative conditions of our physical nature and the physical world. We find out there are psychic natures that we are also transcending while we’re in the body.

This world is multi-dimensional in nature. It’s going to bring to you essentially all the conditions, negative and positive. So then you get to decide which ones you want to associate and do business with.

By being dedicated to your higher nature, you tend to magnetize and attract to you what is of that higher nature. But as J-R and many, many others in a long line have told us, nobody is exempt in this world. So just because you’re a nice person and you do unto others in a very respectable, honorable, loving, kind way doesn’t mean that’s who you’re going to attract to you.

Someone may test you and do unto you in a way that’s not kind or honorable or what was agreed upon. You may find out what’s important to you in those kinds of moments. As much as possible, it’s important to clear yourself so you can move on. You may say, “I’m just going to let it go. I’m not part of that.” These are things you decide as we all do on an individual basis. It’s your freedom of choice. When it’s your freedom of choice, it’s up to you. Choose wisely so that your wisdom is engaged with whatever choices you’re making.

Have the willingness that you would do what God would do as you in the conditions you are in. What would be the greatest choice? Have the willingness to choose for the highest good. Sometimes that willingness requires all your strength, all your courage, all your openness, all you’ve got to really step into the greatest, to do everything that would become the greatest opportunity and then the greatest result.

The greatest results are beyond what this world can contain. So when we start moving into the greatest consciousness, the God consciousness, we start transcending and moving into the worlds to become, the worlds without end. It becomes something where you already know your peace and understanding. You already know what God would do, because that’s always answered in God would be loving. God would be truthful. God would not in any way be disparaging toward any of the creation. It’s something less than God that would do anything like that, or a false god, or a something that’s less than the greatest.

Always Greater Good

Your life is progressing into greater and greater. The blessings are unlimited. In some way, you move into and become one with the greatest. And then it’s not over. So there’s no such thing as you’re done in this world. There’s always something greater, always greater good, always greater blessings.  So keep moving.

To keep moving, we have to stay awake and alert. There’s always something trying to get us to fall or to tempt us to do something less than the greatest. That’s called the negative power, and that power was created by God. So let’s be at peace with it.

God had something perfect in mind when the negative power came into creation — to show us what our life is not so that we would know what our life is. At some point you can realize, “I know what my life is not and I’m not doing that. I’m not choosing that.  Sometimes my lower nature can’t help it because it just has a weakness. It succumbs somehow to the negativity and indulges the negativity in spite of my best intentions.”

Everybody can sing that song. We all know that story. It’s what St. Paul spoke of — When I try to do the good and I don’t do that, and the thing I don’t want to do I end up doing [Romans 7:15]. That sounds like the human condition. And yet he moved into something that was holy and sanctified as a teaching, as did all the saints.

I often like to remind us that we are all saints. The soul consciousness is already anointed. It’s anointed of God. So when we wake up to it, we become anointed. It’s our heritage.

We were born to wake up and to become this soul nature, and we don’t have to wait for this thing called death to do it. That’s the great opportunity we all have in what we call the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness, what we call Soul Transcendence, what we call the Traveler and the Christ.  We’re choosing into that with all our might, with all our body, with all we’ve got. We’re choosing into it. And when it comes up short, it’s finished by this presence that is the anointed one.  It finishes the job. What we don’t complete, the debts we don’t pay or where we still have karma, we have engaged our level of the Christ. So we become the Christ and we go free. We ascend.

What’s the life of Jesus? What’s the meaning?  He ascends. He goes to a place that he talked about that we, too, can go and even greater. That’s how I experience John-Roger’s life. He demonstrated the greater that Jesus spoke of. John-Roger said to me that Jesus was his boss. Jesus was his hero. Jesus was his Traveler. Whatever Jesus did while he was in the flesh, the way is prepared for something greater, including while we are here in the flesh.

You could ask, “What would be greater than walking on the water?” How about walking in love wherever we go?  And walking in peace wherever we go?

Wherever you set foot, choose to bring forward the peace that is present.  Choose to bring forward the love for all of God’s creation regardless of the conditions.  Choose your supreme nature and the blessings that already are.

Baruch Bashan

The Blessing of the Supreme Nature

Dear Lord, we welcome ourselves into Your presence, that You always welcome us in our love and our light and our sound as we resonate with this presence with You in all things, in every moment, serving the highest good at all times and in all conditions.

We attune to this through the Christ, through the Mystical Traveler and Preceptor Consciousnesses, especially as we know that through John-Roger and also through Jesus and in ourselves, so that we can let go and release whatever is no longer serving.

We open up so we are in the healing. We are in this opportunity to rise up in the soul, to experience what is called the resurrection while we are in the body, that we know ourself and the supreme nature of who we are. It is completely natural. So we let go in our understanding and even greater opportunity to be of service.

Baruch Bashan

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