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The Sound Current of God


The Sound Current of God
by John-Roger, DSS

Excerpts from the new CD/DVD/MP3 packet The Sound Current of God, #3936

The sound of the current that comes out of the heart of God we refer to as the Sound Current. And if we were using an acronym for that we would say Speaking–Of-Ultimates-Now-Divine. It’s a much higher quality than the Light. We see the Light when we are working in the realms of light in the physical, astral, causal, mental and etheric realms, and it’s very beautiful. When you get in the Soul Realm, then you hear the Light, and that is the Sound Current. You hear it in a very special sound. Sometimes it sounds like about four billion violins playing harmonious notes. It’s a quality that can’t be placed into words.

Some of you have asked, “What is the Light that we speak about?” We’ve given it an acronym, Living-In-Gods-Holy-Thoughts, and we’ve said this is a part of the essence of spirituality. It’s something that can be readily recognized and related to because it can be seen. It’s an inner quality and an outer quality. The inner quality is more of the spiritual Light and the outer quality is more of the magnetic Light. So, it’s nice to keep those two things separated. We say everyone is the Light, and this is very true. I think we all know there are different degrees of Light and different colored lights, etc. So to say that you are not the Light would certainly be an unawareness pattern. And, so, when we come into the physical realm, then we have to have someone who has a connection to the Sound Current in order to connect you up to the sound that is inside of you, and to connect that with the sound that pervades all existences.

When we have illuminated ourselves through help of the Mystical Traveler and the forces of light that will work with him or under him—or, let’s say “it,” because that’s really more exactly what it is—then we can illuminate our way in the inner worlds of our own universe and the outer universe, so that wherever we go, we can place this Light focus out and we miss the pitfalls. And then we don’t stumble and fall, as in the orthodox doctrine of man falling. But we don’t really move rapidly on these levels until we are familiar with the territory.

Once you hear the Sound Current or you have been connected to it, and you’re traveling the inner levels of Light, you just keep the light in front of you and you listen to the sound. And you can follow it back through the levels into the ocean of love and mercy. Therefore you’re guiding yourself right back into the consciousness of this thing we call God. That seems to be a word that doesn’t really suffice either, but, for lack of a better word, let’s say that’s where it is. It’s been called “Father-Mother-God,” it’s been called “it,” it’s been called a lot of things. But the essence is that it exists when everything else does not. It is that which we came from.

And so, the value of the Sound Current becomes tremendously more important than the quality of Light, because you can live without the Light. Once you’ve seen it, you can turn from it. But once you have partaken of the Sound Current, you can never live without it. It fills your every beingness. It becomes the word made flesh within you. It becomes everything in totality. And you could live without food and water and air before you could live without this sound, this stream of the Sound Current that comes down to us.


Part of the process of the Sound Current is the quality of listening.

But are you aware that in this particular room right now there are many levels of sound going on? Some of them we don’t hear consciously, but we’re still involved with them. They can become an irritation. Have you ever been going down the road in the car with your radio on and you’ll be irritated? And then something inside of you will reach over and turn off the radio. You’ll say, wow, that was what was irritating me but I really didn’t know it. Or it might be the air conditioner in your house, and when it goes off, you’ll think, wow, what a relief that that stopped. And, of course, it’s especially noticeable if you’re asleep and somebody starts a motorcycle by your window. And, when that stops, it’s such a relief.

The more subtle ones will be the sounds that are pervading the room as radio currents. If we had a radio here, we could pick a signal and know it’s in the room. And if we had a television, we could be picking up another signal. And if we had infrared or ultra-violet receptors, we could be picking up these frequencies. And if we had radar, we’d be picking up that. And if we had x-ray, we could pick up that. In other words, we are in a great miasma of currents of sound and movement right here physically. And the whole action, then, becomes one of sometimes listening to static. A lot of people will say, “I sit and I try to meditate and I attempt to listen, and I hear all these weird things every time I go to meditate. And I don’t know what it is. Is that the Sound Current?”

And, of course, the answer has to be, “Partially.” But they say, “I could spend a century trying to locate something in that. How am I going to find the thing that I am to go on when all there is, is static? I can’t seem to isolate it. It’s like sitting in a big room with speakers all around you, throwing out static like white noise or white light.”

And so the Mystical Traveler then brings forward the ability to isolate a portion of the sound for you, and to extend that Sound Current to you, thereby activating the Sound Current inside of you. And the activation is just for a fraction of a second. All we have to do is just see the Sound Current hit. It doesn’t even have to hold and it will start stirring.

We talk of the Light which we call “Living In God’s Holy Thoughts.” L-I-G-H-T.

That is what we see on the lower levels of Light, and that Light makes the negative “bearable.” And while we’re going through negativity on all these levels, that Light, the spiritual promise, works to keep us going.

That’s not the entire salvation though, because part of the work of the Mystical Traveler is having the keys to the Sound Current, or that word that was spoken in the beginning. We call it the Bani or the Sound Current or the Celestial Melodies. It is that thing that sustains all life, all existence. And when we can make that connection we then are on our way back like we’ve never been before—into the heart of God, into our own heart—and we’ll know it and be it and realize it. And then the physical world starts changing, even though you know what it is and you know that the power of Kal Niranjan, the keeper of these realms, and the creator and the one who sustains negativity, is a necessary polarity here on this level. It’s not like we’re saying “let’s get rid of it,” because if we did we’d all disappear, and we haven’t come through the things we’re to come through yet. We say thank God for the negative realms so we can, by having the different polarities within us, sandpaper ourselves and refine our beingness on this level of consciousness. And then we can move the refinement back and add to the Soul all of the attributes that we’re picking up here in this world, and in a sense glorify it even further—although I don’t really know how we could do it, because it’s so full of glory right now.

We have separated ourselves from our center because we have taken the sense level and placed it out in the world. We finally get tired of looking out there and we start looking in. And a few people—and there aren’t too many—start listening in. When you start listening, you can have some transcendental experiences. The Mystical Traveler gives you the opportunity for that experience if you wish to take it, because it can supply the key to the experience.

The experiential level is your existence, that’s how you know where you are—not by a book, because if it were just information you could sit in the public library all day, with information all around you in books. The experience is being able to say “yes I’ve done that.” Everyone has experienced depression. And when somebody says, “I really felt depressed,” every one in this room knows what that is and they don’t even have to go any further. We’ve been really trained in the negative realms, and very, very successfully, since we’ve made enough trips here. Now the training is for the spiritual realms, the pure Spirit, the “plus” side.

We must discipline ourself to get to God, to have the comfort of God.

It isn’t something that’s just handed out, because we’ve put in so many illusions and we’ve programmed ourself and made ourself to be such a habitual character that it often takes a long time. It isn’t like learning new things. Often it’s getting rid of things,  pulling things away from you, to simplify, to get things down to basic levels.

The people who are involved in the Movement are getting trained in a lot of levels, and there are crises that are going to be appearing across the planet as we’re opening more to the heart of the planet, the living love. But these crises are designed to make each one of us open our heart more completely to people who are having a poor time.

But we’ve got to know how to open the heart instead of saying, “Hey, well, that’s your karma, sit in it.” That’s not an open heart. Instead we say, “Yeah, that’s your karma, let’s see how I can help you without getting it on me, so you can alleviate yourself from it by opening the heart. Once they open their heart, they rise into God consciousness, and karma is dissolved. Then all they have to do is just keep walking through it.

People come into a seminar, and they’ll say, “I’ve really come here for a greater awakening, for a greater consciousness of God. And, besides, I’m curious. Can it be done?” And they’ll look around and see all these people who are open and flowing, and they’ll sit there and lock in and think, “I ain’t gonna do that. I ain’t gonna do that. I ain’t gonna do that.” And then they’ll sit and say, “Gee, what a down place. It feels so pulled in and tight and restricted.” But everybody is actually busy freeing up. So who’s tight and restricted?

Others will come into the seminar and they’ll be so full and open and the love will just be there, and they’ll look at the Traveler Consciousness and he just floods it over, and they’ll say, “Wow, this is where it is.” Why is that? They came in with it already present. I didn’t have to do anything except to just validate it, just stamp it and say, “Yup, that’s it. Yup, that’s it. You? Nope, that’s not it. Out.” Why out? There are people down the road who will train you. You’re going to go out in the world and get straightened up by the straighteners. In here, we’re going to lift into God consciousness and we’ll straighten up our own selves, in our own will, with our own love, using our will to be useful to us instead of against us.

People have said, “Well, J-R, we see you all the time loving and giving to people.” That’s because I love and give. You wouldn’t see it if I weren’t doing it. What do I get out of it? The whole pleasure of doing it. It’s just extremely pleasurable to do that. It’s like asking, “Why do you go have sex?” Because it’s extremely pleasurable for me to go have sex. That’s why I do that. And they say, “Well, what do you get out of it?” The pleasure of doing it. And they say, “Yeah, but sex is one thing. This is another.” Sex is one discipline. Spiritual love is another one. I just have the spiritual love discipline. It floods through all the other levels.

Some people want to first get the discipline of the body, then the sex, then the emotions, then the mind and try to luck into Spirit. By that time they’re dead. And they say, “How come this isn’t working?” Try the spiritual first. “Yeah, but in the meantime I won’t be able to have sex.” “Yeah, well it doesn’t hurt. You’ve had forty lifetimes of sex. Take it easy this one.”You say, “No way.” We say, “All right, go back over it.” It’s called re-embodiment.

Finally, at some point they say, “I will do this. I am going to do this. I will exclude other things, meaning I’ll watch where I put my vision. I will discipline to keep looking into the Light. I won’t look to the shadows. I won’t look to negativity. When I see something that is out of line, I will correct it. I won’t say, ‘That’s terrible, that’s bad. Let’s get rid of it.’ It is a stumbling stone. I’ll make it into a stepping stone.”

So take from this just the concept that you will discipline yourself by watching yourself. It isn’t austerity. It isn’t tension. Yes, it may be intensity, where you’re very intense with watching and doing until it is done correctly, so you don’t have to keep going over and over and over repeating, correcting mistakes, repeating, correcting mistakes. You watch intently. You put it correctly. And it’s done and it’s past and there’s freedom. You don’t have to say, “I wonder if I did that. Oh, I wasn’t watching.”That’s when you get really tense and out of balance.

Intensity is focusing, watching, disciplining, to gain the freedom, and once you’ve done that, you can take this same type of consciousness and place it anywhere in your life and you will not be disturbing people, you will be lifting and helping. This is practical spirituality and there is a discipline to keep it practical.

I could take this thing and compound it with words and energies and thought forms and emotions and paraphernalia until you’d be lost in ritual. But you would be lost, and that is not my work. My work is to keep enlightening and lifting. And if a person’s in a ritual, support them in their ritual, to hold them steady. and then start moving them into what works. If the ritual works, fine; if it doesn’t it will drop as what works becomes the ritual.

And so our work becomes the ritual of love, and we just keep manifesting over and over. When we stop and we start introspecting, don’t introspect on, “This hurts and this is my ache…and they didn’t…and nobody appreciated this and…” You’re magnifying your losses. But introspect on the feeling of completeness inside of you, where this is good and this is good and that’s complete, and this is what’s here now, this is my rest and my comfort, and I would just release all the good inside of myself. And all the things that may not be quite in that area, you release into the good so that all things inside of you become good. You can then look at what you may call negative and positive as all part of your flow of energy, and in that you have your coming in and your going out, and life becomes as simple as just breathing in and breathing out. Then the other things just start adding to you according to the need level, and life then becomes health, wealth and happiness—but not necessarily in that order. Usually it starts to become happy, then healthy and then the wealth is in your health.


One of the things that we can do is to watch where we place our attention while we are practicing the audible sound current.

And the place to gather it is what’s been called the Tisra Til or the third eye, or sometimes referred to as the tenth door. You go back in the middle of the forehead behind the root of the nose, and also straight in above the ear, to where those meet.

The reason people haven’t been able to find it when they operate on it is because it’s so pure they don’t know they’re there. You are moving into a pure state. There are no flags waving. It’s not a tremendous area, but prior to getting into the state of the soul there is a great void that protects the soul from an unprepared consciousness disrupting the life pattern.

When you have been going back in and you’re concentrating on bypassing your realms, then we practice what we call watching for the Mystical Traveler. Sometimes it appears as a purplish light and sometimes it’s a little on the blue side. And while you’re sitting, you’re observing the Tisra Til where the soul resides. You’re just sitting, just contemplating it. You’re not really looking for anything, you’re just looking. Then what you have to do is to train yourself to be aware of this. You’re learning to look and learning to see and learning to hear and listen all over again. It’s like you’re a little baby that was just born in the physical body.

When you observe, you just let the gaze fall inwardly, and it actually feels like you’re looking directly out. And you are, through the third eye. As you practice this, then you become much more capable of holding and maintaining long enough for this pattern to appear. It comes from your right side towards your left, and you’ll start to see this light form appearing.

What you’re doing is you’re strengthening your awareness. At this point you’re not even trying to encompass the earth or anything like that. All you’re doing is just strengthening. A great deal of work goes on inside of you. You’ll be strengthening the nerves and the muscles and your blood supply. You’ll be purifying all these things almost automatically. And then you’re sitting in what I’ve termed the portable paradise.

The difficulty is that once you move back into the soul you find out that you have automatically completed the discipline, completed detachment, and you’re in the “living free” state. It’s nice to have enthusiasm inwardly when we talk about the Light generally. But sometimes it’s very important when we have that sacred, transcendental experience to hold it in because we don’t want to lose the energy of it.


When you have made a greater and greater contact of your force of light, you’ll find out that it will grab hold of you—it’s like a hound from heaven.

It grabs hold and boy, you say, ”Don’t let go, it hurts so good. Get away closer.” And it just moves in and through you and impels you forward. And then you’ll say, “Don’t. Stop. Don’t stop. Don’t stop.” And the thing becomes a contradiction. While you’re doing it you’ll say, “I don’t understand it. My mind is this, my emotions are this, my body’s here and the soul’s over there.” We say, “Hooray, you’re getting there.” You say, ”I feel spaced out.” “Right.” You’re doing it under your own conscious direction, however, and so you can space in anytime you want to.

And this mighty force of light has said over and over (and now we’re listening), “Not one soul is going to be lost.” If that starts getting into you where the soul says, “Right,” you’ll feel it move inside of you. It matters very little if the gates of hell prevail against you. You don’t even have to worry about it. It’s going to be done. You’re not going to be given anything you can’t handle. Now, you can create a lot of things that make it difficult. And your perception towards it can be difficult, but not when you stand back and look.

In fact, when you make that connection with the sound current, you know you can live without your breath but you can’t live without that current. You’ll be in this deep, deep state of the inner awareness, and you may breathe once every five minutes. People will think, “They must be dead.” You’re not. You’re aware of your breathing. You’re aware that they’re aware of what you’re breathing, and you’re aware that they’re having an awareness of disturbance over what you’re doing. But it doesn’t bother you because you’re in this high realm and you’re in contact with them. And their thoughts you know, their feelings you know, their awareness you know, because you find out that you and they are one. And it’s always been that way. But now you know it.

The more we talk about it here the more we relate, the more we’re gathered together and we enlighten ourselves with love and laughter and thanksgiving. And this has to be done individually. Even though you can be sitting in a group, you’re still doing it yourself. As you move back you see these things and you’ll say, ”Oh, right. I recognize that. J-R said that that would be one of the things. There it is.” And it builds a sort of enthusiasm that you have to watch out for because you’ll say, ”Oh, my God. I’ve made it.” And suddenly your eyes are wide open and you’re thinking, “Where on earth was that?” And what it says is, “Start over, all right? Say, A.” And you’ll say, “A.” “Now, B.” “B.” “Okay, now have you got it? Now let’s go to the H and the U.” And you’ll think, “Oh right. I’ve got to keep my enthusiasm controlled.”

We endure to the end, and the end is the beginning.  Not one soul will be lost. You won’t get more than you can handle. And at this point (and I’m talking about on the average; there are little exceptions and I mentioned those) then you move into the soul. The Mystical Traveler appears into the soul, releases the soul from the body, establishes a rapport back in there for you so you can get back in again. Everything is done perfectly. You don’t know it’s going on, it’s so smooth.

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