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John Morton Visit to the Boston Marathon Memorial

Today I visited both Watertown and the temporary Boston Marathon Memorial at the one week observance of a Moment of Silence on Boylston Street close to the finish line. Last night I had listened yet again to the John-Roger Conference of Manifestation seminar, The Law of Empathy. This was a perfect preparation for a deeply moving experience full of compassion, the sacred, and all this is triumphant of Spirit. Over and over, I was moved to tears of beauty and glory transcending the pungent presence of pain and suffering. The experience was very similar to my visits to the Berlin Wall and Ground Zero with J-R and others on those trips.

While I was there a Tibetan Buddhist was allowed to enter in order to sit and pray amongst the many items and messages left for those affected. Two people who were obviously closely related to the Asian runner who was killed knelt before the cross in her name to place personally touching items and messages in her native language and English. How perfect that tonight here in the Boston area is a long ago planned MSIA ministers meeting that I am invited to address. Thank you, beloved of God, for the blessings of healing, peace, light and love for all in the world.
Baruch Bashan,

5 thoughts on “John Morton Visit to the Boston Marathon Memorial”

  1. so, so, soooo beautiful and moving!! Thank you John for being able to articulate the beauty as well as the strength. The pics are so beautiful too, much Loving to all

  2. The Divine Mercy painting – perfect.

    Thank you for going there, John, and through you, all of us. And for the beautiful sharing in the ministers meeting after. Light and Love and Peace and deep Gratitude.

  3. Janis Fitzgerald

    Thank you John for being there and bringing forward our light and compassion through your presence. I am so deeply grateful for your Ministry to the world, thank you!!!

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