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Take Continual Small Steps Towards What You Want

What do we all know about New Year’s Resolutions?

We break them. So rather than trying to make big changes all at once, take continual small steps towards what you want.

As an example that you can apply to anything in your life, say that you want to do spiritual exercises for an hour each day and you are doing s.e.’s for a couple of minutes a few times a week.

You could try doing s.e.’s for two minutes each day. Do that for a month, and then reevaluate.

Maybe you will decide to do s.e.’s for five minutes a day for the next month, or maybe you will decide to continue with two minutes a day, but whatever you decide to do, do it.

And if your goal is to do one hour of s.e.’s per day and you increase it by five minutes a month, in one year, you will be manifesting your goal–one hour of s.e.’s per day.

As the old wisdom goes, it’s a cinch by the inch and hard by the yard. It is called being persistent. Stubbornness and determination use the ego, while persistence utilizes spiritual energy.

So, persistently take small steps towards your goals and intention.

John-Roger DSS

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