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Passage into Spirit & Resurrection in the Christ | Three Ways

What if you could let go of that one thing that keeps you from fully living who you truly are?

This question is the starting point for a seven-day retreat called Passage into Spirit & Resurrection in the Christ. The retreat is an offering of Peace Theological Seminary & College of Philosophy (PTS). It takes place at the beautiful Asilomar Conference Grounds which lies on the California coast south of the Monterey Peninsula.

Here’s what three people have to say about Passage into Spirit & Resurrection in the Christ:


Orion Lopez – Newcomer

Hello! My name is Orion Lopez, I’m 22 years old – born and raised in LA. I started working for NOW Productions as an A/V tech in November. I was introduced to this organization through my friend Mikey Klingman (who was also a NOW Productions employee). Outside of work, I am a student and a musician. I am working towards an undergraduate degree in business/economics, and I produce and engineer dance and pop music for myself and others. I am happy to have been given an opportunity to bridge my knowledge of A/V with my love for serving God through serving others – it is truly a blessing to be here.   

I began living a life in conscious and loyal relationship to God a few years before becoming part of the MSIA community. The growth I have experienced since discovering MSIA stems from the wonderful availability of the teachings and the love and support I receive from those around me.

My participation in Passage into Spirit is an experience that marks a clear transition into a greater awareness of the working of the Mystical Traveler in my life. It was both an opportunity for me to experience a greater intimacy with God through Christ, and a time to connect with members of the MSIA community. As a new student of the teachings of the Traveler, PAT 8 was a step in my path that provided me with the immersion I was looking for.

My return home has brought a deep sense of gratitude for the work of John-Roger. I am grateful to God and to the PTS-MSIA staff for facilitating such an experience for everyone!


Celene Alexander – Online Participant


Passage Into Spirit has been one of the most powerful retreats/workshops I have ever have experience. Each day I woke with such anticipation and excitement as I had as a child on Christmas morning before receiving gifts. I could hardly sit still until it opened on line.

I experienced that God loves me no matter what (it is good to refresh that several times a day so it gets into all parts of me as a reality).

I experienced that guilt is just the negative force distracting me from my loving and growth.

I am profoundly changed in more ways than I ever imagined. I am grateful to John Morton and everyone involved in making this happen. I cannot thank you enough. I go now with the Christ inside me as a reality and knowing.  God Bless Us All straight with Love from my overflowing heart.

Leigh Taylor-Young – Co-Facilitator

I was so happy to be invited to share a bit about the experience of co-facilitating the magnificent Retreat, Passage into Spirit, Resurrection in the Christ, or also called PAT 8.

It is unlike any other ‘work’ I have done in my life.

Although I have spent 45 years as an Actress in all different forms ie. theatre, television, and film, nothing takes my courage and willingness like facilitating the work of the Traveler.

In acting, you are choosing to live behind a particular character that you are portraying in all sorts of circumstances.   You learn to deal with many challenges on a regular basis.  The first challenge is within the self…the courage and the willingness to dive into the depths of someone else’s humanity.  How much can you risk surrendering to another mentality, emotionality and in a sense, their karma.  As an Actor you also learn other skills like flexibility upon demand, a military quality of discipline, acute focus, and how to cooperate with many different kinds of people working for a common purpose.

In this work of Spirit, the Traveler’s work, some of these skills serve me well, especially since this is a new work and expression for me.

The profound difference between facilitating and acting is most obvious…in facilitating you are not acting,…you are being.

Initially I was terrified to be in front of people as myself.  By nature I am shy and not overly interested in being seen, or the receiver of focused attention.  It has always somewhat scared me.  This is ironic of course, as my calling from God is to be in ‘front’, holding God’s loving in whatever I am called to do.  This has challenged my gravitational pull to hide ‘behind’.  In acting,  you are behind a character.  Hiding ‘behind’ was, and it still is, my comfort zone.  Well, John-Roger so lovingly put his foot on my bottom and pushed.  John Morton does the same.  They encouraged me to try, and no matter how scared, to step forward.

Facilitating is a service position.  It is not about the self, but about moving the purpose of the workshop along, to fulfill its design.  In this case, it is the Traveler/Christ’s design.

As I facilitate workshops, I know God is behind me, through me and all around me, and that allows for all sorts of experiences, including at times feeling very awkward, even as I know Spirit is making up for my inadequacies.  At times it can feel like I am jumping off a cliff, but I know I will be caught by the Traveler.   How I think it should be,  or how I think I should be, does not work.  Letting go works.  It is the 100% vulnerability of availability to God, the openness to go on God’s ride.

PAT 8 was the most profound experience for me in being witness to God ‘doing’ it.

The primary key for me personally in facilitation, is willingness.  I do have a wild willingness, and the willingness is to simply answer the call with YES, and not be concerned with questions about it.  

Loving God is another key for me.   And, the final and most important key that moves me in my life, is how much I love people.

I loved the people in the ‘room’ at Asilomar, who like me want to go home to God, who want to keep learning, drinking in the Grace,  sharing together the joys of our fellowship.  The faces I see, the open hearts, just rock my heart into ever more dedication to God and God’s good works. I want to keep saying YES until God says otherwise.

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