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Be Blessed by the Traveler

“John Morton is the one that really tunes into [the blessings]. If there’s anything where he has his name on the niche of things, it’s blessings.”
– John-Roger

If you’ve been to a John Morton event, odds are good that you were blessed.

John Morton is the author of, The Blessings Already Are, and he attunes to the blessings wherever he goes.

Now, you can be blessed whenever you want. There are over 30 John Morton blessings available as recordings on the MSIA website.

Is the current political environment challenging your peace?
Click here for a blessing of choosing peace regardless of what comes before us.

Could you use more Light in your life?
How about a blessing of increasing our Light?

Are you unsure of what you want?
Click to receive a blessing of acceptance, openness, and everything else.

Whatever your blessing, may you receive it for the highest good and know that the blessings already are (available).

Baruch Bashan

Click here for John Morton’s book, The Blessings Already Are.

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