Doing Spiritual Exercises [Active Meditation]

By: John-Roger

February 23rd, 2017

Doing Spiritual Exercises [Active Meditation]

The only wrong way to do s.e.’s is not to do them, and there is no required way to do s.e.’s.

For people who would like to have some form of methodology, here is a step-by-step procedure as a suggestion for doing fifteen minutes of s.e.’s.

1. Find a quiet place with low lighting and a comfortable chair to sit in. It is best not to listen to music while doing s.e.’s, although it is fine to listen to music while getting ready to start.

2. Sit upright, if possible, and close your eyes.

3. Call yourself forward into the Light for the highest good, and ask for spiritual protection and guidance during your s.e.’s.

4. Chant Hu or Ani-Hu. It is preferable to do this inwardly (silently). If you are an initiate, you would chant your initiation tone.

5. While chanting, focus your attention in the area near the center of the head directly back from your forehead. This is called the tisra til, and it is in this place that the Soul has its seat and the Soul energy gathers.

6. After you have chanted for about five minutes, stop and listen within. You are listening for the Sound Current, which is very subtle. You may hear it the first time you do this, or it may take years of practice. It is a very individual matter.

7. If you find your mind wandering and you lose the focus of listening, you can focus the mind by chanting again.

8. After about five minutes of listening, you can either continue to listen and look inside or return to chanting again. The times are approximate, of course.

The idea is to spend time in s.e.’s doing both chanting and listening.

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