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Expanding the Inner Comfort Zone

First published in the Movement Newspaper, May 1988

The process of living can produce anxieties, guilts, fears and other problems, but life itself is easy. As you become more aware of your divine nature and the simplicity of life, you will begin to experience more joy and happiness. One way to do this is to accept yourself as you are and be comfortable enough to let your true self express more fully in your life.

We usually create difficulties in life through the mind and emotions. The mind creates pictures of how “bad” things are and how much worse they could become. But, most of the time, these mental pictures are hallucinations or illusions. Have you ever noticed that what you worry about seldom seems to get as bad as what you imagined? When you add the emotions to the mental image you hold, the picture can seem even more real. Not only are you thinking unwanted thoughts, but now you are feeling bad, too. You may tell yourself you have a good reason to experience this discomfort—perhaps your spouse left or you lost your job. You think, “Times are hard.” But in reality, the difficulties you are experiencing are your feelings about the situation based on the pictures you hold in your mind.

Since childhood you have been conditioned to approach life a certain way and when you cling to these established patterns inside yourself, you may have difficulty realizing that you are free to change what is not working for you. Somewhere between the ages of seven and nine you incorporated a self-regulating mechanism into your personality in order to function as a “normal” person in society. At this age you lost the memory or the awareness of existing on other planes of consciousness. Your invisible playmates, the sensation of being out of your body, and all those ethereal feelings that are so much a part of childhood seemed to go away. You reached the “age of reason,” which means you began to behave in the way your parents and society expected you to. This self-regulating mechanism began to assist you in monitoring your expression in the world and you developed a “comfort zone”—a way of behaving in which you felt comfortable with yourself as a member of society.

Too often, however, this inner-regulating mechanism can become a negative one. You may feel uncomfortable if situations or circumstances in your environment are not the way you think they should be. The comfort zone becomes the discomfort zone. This uncomfortableness with situations in your life can restrict your ability to open to the Spirit that is present.

It is not unusual to be uncomfortable with the way Spirit moves in your life. But you may be inaccurate in evaluating a situation or an action and feel that it is “wrong.” You may make all kinds of excuses about why you feel or think the way you do, but the truth of the matter is you’re interpreting what is happening through the perspective of your comfort zone. No matter what you think or feel, Spirit is independent of your comfort zone. You might be further ahead if you put aside your mind and your emotions and let Spirit move you through your life. It’s at that point that life becomes “easy.”

There is tremendous freedom in letting spiritual energy flow through you even though it can be a difficult task to bring Spirit into this physical world. If everyone could channel the energy of Spirit through their personality, this planet could become a Garden of Eden.

Because thoughts and emotional patterns cloud the clarity of your inner vision, you may demand of the world the freedom you feel as a spiritual being by placing desires out into the world and expecting them to be fulfilled. These desires may only be the symbols of the truer, spiritual nature in you and may never come to fruition because you confuse spiritual reality with the symbols of this world. But when your thoughts and emotions are in line with the spiritual flow, there will not be the confusion inside yourself because you will be experiencing the oneness of all things in your life.

You must become aware and responsible for your desires and prayers because they will be given to you—that becomes your spiritual responsibility. You may not always get what you pray for when you want it, but you will still be responsible for the creation.

For example, you may pray for something, and when it doesn’t manifest according to your schedule, you may change your mind and decide you don’t want it anyway. Two days later, when it appears on your doorstep with a bill and other things attached to it that are part of this physical world, you may say, “I didn’t want this!” At that moment, accept what you receive because if you pray for something else, you carry the negative energy you felt about the last thing you prayed for into your next prayer. To have your prayers answered, ride on your positivity and your loving. If you’re complaining and in a desperate state of mind, you’re not giving the divine power much to work with to get what you want.

Since problems or troubles are experiences which make you uncomfortable, the smartest thing would be to pray for no troubles or a wider comfort zone. Then, whatever happens is okay with you. It’s when you get a “fixed” or “locked” idea in the emotions that it becomes difficult to move from the positions you are in. That’s the time to move inside yourself to another position. That’s the time to let Spirit come into your life, into your thoughts and emotions, and expand your comfort zone—your awareness zone.

It can be easy to sit in the midst of plenty and complain about being uncomfortable because you think you don’t have enough. You may have a job which provides you with an apartment, a car, adequate food on the table and enough money to go to the movies. And yet, when you look at other people and they seem to have more than you do, you sit in the midst of plenty and complain about what you don’t have. Regardless of the state of your economy or the economy of the world, you have one job on this planet—to bring Spirit into your life. When you live according to that principle, there is no need to be concerned about not having enough.

Over and over again, you will hear me tell you that the way to bring more Spirit into your life is to meditate, contemplate or do spiritual exercises. That way you build the inner comfort zone and that energy will move out into the rest of your life in a very natural way. Our condition, however, has been just the opposite and that is to look out into the world to find the satisfaction. But you will not find it out there. You will have to look inside yourself to fulfill the spiritual promises.

In these times we are being taught by Spirit to get out the essence of what is provided for us. When the Spirit is removed out of us, we die. We have taken the ability to go into fruit, vegetables and seeds and take the vibration out of that (called the Spirit) and feed our bodies. If we get too much, it fattens the body. But if we go to the essence of the food, we learn how to take the nutrients right out of the air and into our bodies as a thought, as a feeling. But guess what you can’t have in order to get there? You can’t have negativity because Spirit comes in on a positive frequency. If you’re dying through negativity it’s impossible to participate in the positivity of life, so have the wit to let go of those things that are not working for you.

Look at what is causing the pain and the negativity in your life. Look at it even if it hurts. Letting it go can be as easy as opening up to Spirit and letting it fall away. You can only fall into the arms of Spirit—that’s as far as you can fall.

Hold the pictures in your mind of the things you want more of. Since you’re going to get what you envision anyway, hold the image of health, wealth and happiness for yourself and then go toward those things that will help you create that.

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