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A Word from Our Sponsor… The Traveler!

If the Traveler asks how we would have the experience or know the experience of the Divine Presence, and among the many answers you hear “BINGO,” that means you are right on track!

“Blessings with the Divine Presence” was an event with our Traveler John Morton that happened not only from 7:30 to 9:00 p.m. on Tuesday, May 16th of 2017 at Peace Awareness Labyrinth and Gardens, but a reality stretching far before and beyond that timeframe and worldwide.

There was a lot of planning prior to the event. In fact, getting the assisting team together to fulfill all of the many different jobs that need to be done for these kinds of programs, was a big job in itself. The place was nicely decorated with flowers and a colorful heart shaped welcome sign. The chef made a succulent black bean and chocolate bread for dessert at the end. The products table was very well attended and full of goodies, and the registration table had all those happy faces receiving our guests. My greatest gratitude goes to the volunteers, our dear assistants who always show up and do a magnificent service in all ways. They are the true star of all of our events, I’d say!

Timothea Stewart, our MC for the night, gave a beautiful and heartwarming introduction of John Morton. And Marjorie Eaton, our very own harp angel —not to be confused with our very own Angel Harper ;-)— played beautifully. So much so that John Morton said that when she was playing, he wanted to take off.

As usual, John got me at “hello”! It was just so sweet to see how playful he was throughout the entire seminar. He invited us to reflect by asking the wise questions. When he asked, “is anybody here willing to have a greater experience of the Divine Presence?” and people raised their hands, he continued by saying, “OK. You came to the right place… Watch this,” moving his arms in a super cute kung-fu panda way.

The seminar was full of great messages and reminders. John reminded us —just as our beloved J-R did numerous times—that in MSIA we don’t just believe these things, because that is not what’s been asked of any of us. Rather, we are actually called into the direct experience. And that is what we had the opportunity of in this warm night; to experience the energy in the timbre of our Soul, the vibration of the divine chords.

He also reminded us that God is in all corners, that Divine Presence doesn’t need explanation, science, or dictionary; that control is not necessarily involved when it comes to Divine Presence, and that we have the opportunity to embrace, to have the Lord in us meet with the Lord in others.

Of the many reflective questions John Morton asked us, these two stirred me inside almost like a tickle in my heart. The first one, and I quote: “If your ignorance is in the way of your Divine Presence—and I said that in a particular way, YOUR Divine Presence, the Divine Presence assigned to you, sent to you, present with you—If your ignorance is in the way… would you be willing to do something about that?” And here goes the simple but deep second one: “Have you considered that the Divine Presence has a name?”

I say, yes! My name is the name of the Divine Presence. Your name is the name of the Divine Presence. All of our names are indeed pure Divine Presence!

Certainly, it was a very joyful seminar with a playful John Morton, such enchanting allegory where we all, bingo fanatics, are friends in the Divine Presence.

Baruch Bashan.


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