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The Path to Mastership – Creativity and Intelligence


This article is adapted from “The Path to Mastership,” by John-Roger

“In its positive aspect, the mind works to hold a thought pattern and to verbalize the creativity of completion. When it does this, there is no procrastination. The thought matches an emotion, which matches the creative imagery, which manifests through the body into physical action in the world. As soon as you can match your thoughts, feelings, and physical actions, you move into a greater whole, which is Spirit.” John-Roger


After you have entered into the areas of faith and acceptance and have learned to flow with that which is, you may start to feel a great urging within you. Some-thing says, “Let’s do things. Let’s accomplish. Let’s be-come creative.”

You may feel artistic expression flowing through you, and you might want to grab a paintbrush and paint. You might want to clean or fix up the house or do the laundry. You might want to go surfing to see if you can do something greater than ever before. You might want to design some new clothes for your family or cook some new dishes for dinner. There are lots of creative expressions that are available to everyone.

As your creativity comes forward, you want to give into life. You take from life, sure, and life is here to be taken from, but it’s also here to be given to. So you get a chance to enter into creativity.

In creative endeavor, your intelligence is stimulated.

You may see a picture and say, “Oh, what a fantastic idea,” and your mind opens, and you have fourteen new ideas because the intelligence came in.

Sometimes I’ll talk to people about a certain idea and see their consciousnesses unfold and expand as more ideas come forward. My creative approach to a concept may cause them to suddenly see all sorts of other possibilities.

Intelligence and creativity move together.

Here’s a video excerpt of John-Roger talking about How to Open to Creativity:


As your consciousness opens to new concepts, you are entering into the area of intelligence. You may study, search, read the works of the great philosophers, and study with the great teachers. Your quest is for that which will work for you. You may read the works of the great historical philosophers and say, “But I don’t believe that.” Yet they wrote it as truth, as an avenue or expression of truth as they knew it.

You may come to the point where you don’t want to study other philosophies because you don’t want their truth. You want your own truth.

Many people say, “I don’t want to study history because I think a lot of people lied when they wrote things down; they were prejudiced and untruthful and didn’t record it the way it was. They wrote it from a prejudiced point of view and I don’t want that. I want to see the truth. Dear God, I don’t want lies. I can lie to myself, but I don’t want to do that. I want to know the truth.” To discern truth, you can use your intelligence. Intelligence is the key to bypass your hangups and move into what is without judgments, prejudice, or the idea of personal gain.

When the Light descends in your consciousness, it allows you to reach into the “hope chest” and bring for ward those ideas which will work for you—ideas which you can use later because your intelligence will still be in those areas. I’m not talking about mentalizing, which is more of a “record/play back” process. I’m talking about the ability to take idea “A,” idea “B,” and idea “C” and, within yourself, jump over to “H” and create a whole new process. This is the type of intelligence that makes it possible for people to find their own way once they have been shown the Light.

With intelligence you can bypass your prejudice. You’ll know what it is, but you’ll be able to hold it in line and consciously move where you wish. This process is more than using your brain. It is the Soul bringing forth its intelligence. When you get an intuitive “I see it” understanding, that’s the Soul passing the spiritual energy right through the mind as intelligence.

The more you can move into the Soul and bring it forward, the higher you go each day.

As you feel yourself beginning to lift into Soul consciousness, if you bring your mind in, you’ll bring yourself right back down here to the “tiddly-wink” games of the physical level. The trick is to just keep doing and moving forward into each new moment.

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