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This Too Is Good

In this world, we’re looking for the good, only the good, only for the divine, in people and things. That means there’s no exception. If we don’t find the good, the divine, in people and things, then we need to leave the rest to God. -John Morton

This article was first published in the New Day Herald in 2011 and seems as timely now as it did ten plus years ago.

The secret of Soul Transcendence, from John-Roger, is to look only for the good and divine in people and things and all the rest leave to God. So, in this world, we’re looking for the good, only the good, only for the divine, in people and things. That means there’s no exception. If we don’t find the good, the divine, in people and things, then we need to leave the rest to God.

“Leave the rest to God,” what does that mean? It means letting go. I’m sure most, if not all, of us have heard about letting go and letting God. John-Roger gave us some clear, simple ways of knowing how to do that. The letting go is to relax. How relaxed are you generally speaking? And letting God is being patient. So, letting go and letting God is to relax and be patient.

It can be a challenge to relax when something we really want is not quite present in our experience. It can be challenging to be patient when we’re anticipating something, to be relaxed in a situation where what we want or what we’re expecting isn’t present. The more intensely we want it, the more challenging it is to be relaxed. When what we want is not here, especially when we have expectations that it should be here, it can be difficult to be patient. When we feel we’re supposed to be somewhere else than where we are and we’ve thought, “I’m not supposed to be here. I’m supposed to be there,” it can be very challenging to relax and be patient.

Consider that God’s plan includes where you are, what you are, and anything and everything else. God’s plan is a perfect plan, and we have a perfect relationship with God. The state of perfection is always present. It doesn’t have any quality of “no perfection.” There is no time that is not the time for perfection. God’s plan, our relationship with God, is something that is in perfection always in all ways.

One of the ways we know we are functioning practically in perfect relationship is that we are relaxed, and we are patient. Even if you’re hearing a siren which tends to communicate, “Hey, there’s an emergency!” you can ask, “What does the siren mean?” It means there’s someone or something in need.

What if the need shows up in some form that’s invisible, silent, or mysterious and you don’t know what it is?” You may then ask, “How do I love that?”

Love the mystery. Love the invisible. Love the silence and the unknown. Love what it is such as you know it. That’s the way to get through a challenging experience or one that you don’t like. You might say, “Right now, even though I don’t like what’s going on, or it is not what I thought it should be or would be, my place is to find the good, to relax, to be patient.” You may then have a rather humbling experience.

There are forms of judgment in which you might say, “That’s not perfect. That’s wrong. That’s bad. That’s evil!” Such judgment and denial lead to resistance and opposition. We move into a sense of opposition when we are against what’s going on. You can love something and look for the good, even when you don’t like it.

In your life experiences, things are going to test you and show you where you’re weak in your relationship to the perfect divine love. Do you want to be strong in your relationship to God? Do you want to be more aligned in God’s love and perfection? I see that as a choice for each one of us. Would you be willing to make an adjustment if you’re out of line? What would you be willing to change so you are in greater alignment with God?

Have you ever experienced a perfect love or a perfect relationship? I have. I know that perfect love. It can take just one moment, even less than a second. It can be in an instant, where your experience is that everything appears to you as perfect such that you don’t want to change a thing. You are in complete acceptance. Maybe you’re in elation for this beautiful, blissful, ecstatic moment. Then again, maybe it is the most silent, still moment because that can also be a way to experience perfection.

I look at faith as a quality of the divine knowing. So, when we’re in divine knowing, we have a faith which translates perfectly to trust. My trust is in a presence inside that tells me, “This too is perfect. This too is love. This too is good.” The way it tells me that is in complete experience.

If I’m having difficulty or a very painful condition, that quality of divine knowing has a way of transcending all of that, so I have the awareness that there’s no condition that is not in the perfection. That transcendence is regardless of the outer condition or whatever disturbance may occur in the world. That transcendence is also regardless of the inner condition which is how I think or feel about the situation.

I find that when I am willing to seek the good regardless, that’s an experience of the inner worship, the place of devotion within. It’s also a state in which I see all is good. All is love.

You may say, “Okay, God. On a personal level this is as disturbing as it’s ever been. I think this experience sets a record for the most disturbing moment in my existence.” If you choose not to love the disturbance, you may find yourself continuing to have disturbances. God loves all of Its creation, including the disturbance. So, love the disturbance. Forgive whatever is disturbing to you, and trust that the disturbance somehow and in some way is part of the divine order.

What do we do when those amongst us are at their greatest disturbance? We’re called upon to be compassionate and loving. One of the commandments that Jesus spoke of was, “Love one another” and “Love your neighbor as yourself.” We do need to love one another, and that’s a perfect relationship — when we choose to love each and every one.

Love whoever is next to you. Whoever and whatever is in your field is the one to love. Come to a place where you can say, “Hey, Lord, I’m ready. I’m willing to love anyone and anything you send to me.” Have that willingness to love all the time, every time, regardless.

When there is a sudden disturbance of great magnitude and you don’t know what to do, you may say, “I’m shut down. I’m disturbed. I’m shaking. I’m quaking.” See if you can come into a neutral place about the disturbance, a place where you trust that it is from the divine. It is God’s creation. So, if you don’t understand, then don’t curse it. Just love it as God loves all of Its creation.

If we really have true understanding, perfect understanding, that’s the understanding that surpasses all understanding. It just understands no matter what because it’s always understanding. That understanding sees the good — not partial good but complete good. If you want to awaken that understanding inside of you, then claim it. Affirm your understanding and say, “I understand this.” Your mind may be saying, “I don’t understand this. Are you kidding?” But you can find the place inside of you by a trust and a faith that knows there is good in each and every experience.

I know there is goodness in every experience, even if I don’t see it at first. My call is to look for it. So, I’m looking for the good in all people and things and leaving the rest to God.

You may ask, “Well, how do I look for the good?” Faith without works is dead. So, act in accordance as if you were already seeing the good. How would you act if you saw the good in the disturbance? If you knew it was all good, perfect and from the divine? You’d be calm, peaceful, and joyful. You’d be going about your business by loving, caring, and sharing. You’d be giving thanks and serving from your overflow and gratitude.

Claim the good now even if it feels like a fool is talking. That’s the voice of a blessed one who knows this too is good.

Baruch Bashan

A Blessing of the Beloved of God

I’m invoking the assistance that comes through Father, Mother, God in the highest.
We call out to You in the innocence and the purity as the children we are,
that You have sent us to this wonderful world,
however long ago that was in time space dimension.

We come here today open entirely to the greatest blessings.
We know that even if we don’t know how to open entirely,
You know how to open us entirely.
So we let go. We release any restrictions.

We come into a complete trust as we know You are our friend.
Each one of us is receiving this blessing in the full power that is the highest good of all concerned.
This assistance is coming through the consciousness we know as the Traveler,
that we know as the Christ.
So it’s anointing of the pure white light and all the color rays that bring in this blessing

In this attunement with the light, we’re full of love.
We’re full of forgiveness — that understanding
that would allow us to see the good in whatever we have judged.
We even see the good in the judgment,
as that angel now stands for us at that place
where it’s no longer necessary to enter into judgment.
May we have a host of angels around us
so that only blessing enters into in this beautiful protection placed upon us.

There’s a blessing that is the mantle of loving support.
It enfolds us.  We are not alone.
We can behold, with each breath that remains in this world
and the worlds to come, this consciousness that is the true self.
The beloved of God walks with us in the full power of this blessing.

Lord, we give thanks and fully receive.
We now go forward in the innocence of the children that we are.

Baruch Bashan 



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  1. Doing my s.e.s every morning.. without fail… puts me in a place of joy and loving that allows me to embrace the unfolding day with interest, curiosity and caring and to leave the anxiety.. fear.. and dread.. “at the door”. I was going to add “the grumpies” to that list… but actually… a little irritability can alert me to a little project… something that needs fixing.. something to apply my creativity to… and it can be fun to grump a bit.. so I will leave the grumps on the joy… loving.. caring list!

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