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Moving Toward God

We only need to be and activate the talents within us. We keep activating them until they become a habitual response of on-going goodness or on-going Godness. Then we do crazy things like “random acts of kindness.” We serve people. We do nice things for people. – John-Roger

This article by John-Roger was first published in the New Day Herald, July 1995.

In MSIA, we move toward God. That’s why this is called the MOVEMENT of Spiritual Inner Awareness. We’re not like some churches that try to get God down here. We’re going toward God.

And where is God? God has said, ‘I’m in the kingdom of heaven.” And where is that? Jesus said that it’s near, it has come upon you, it’s “at hand.” This means that there’s something that radiates from the body that’s part of the kingdom of heaven. So, we know that God resides in the kingdom of heaven, and where God resides, all is good. Therefore, it must be goodness that radiates from the body.

So when we start to feel good—we look at somebody and feel good—that is God radiating from the body. Otherwise we don’t know what good is. We know morality, ethics, and things like that, but “good” is a reference point to God. You see, only God is good. Everything else is relative to that. So if God is upon us and is at hand, the question is, “Where do we go to find that?”

In describing that, Jesus said, “Suffer little children to come unto me, for such is the kingdom of heaven.” That means, “Don’t stop the little kids from coming to me.” But if they came to him physically and he were to die, that would mean the kingdom of heaven is a temporary existence. So Jesus couldn’t have meant to come to him physically. He had to mean to come to him spiritually. And he told us that the kingdom of heaven is inside, that it was the Father in him who did the work, and that “he that is in me is greater than he that is in the world.”

So, how does this apply to you? Jesus also said, “This that I do, you, too, shall do, and even greater.” The Father is in the kingdom of heaven inside you, and that is your power field. Why go anywhere else? Just go back inside.

How do we know when we have connected with the Father inside? Jesus gave us signals and keys to find out when we get there. For example, he said that man is to have joy and have it more abundantly. Joy is one of the signs of the presence of God, and it also is the third part of the Trinity, called the Holy Spirit. So when we start to have joy, that’s a sign of the Holy Spirit moving in us.

We go back inside, but we don’t want to go so fast that we go through and out the other side. So it’s a slow process. Some people say, “I can’t do that because I’m not ready for that yet.” But all the symbolism of the Bible indicates that God takes you where you are and moves you to where He wants you to be. That is symbolized greatly by Jesus being born in a manger, the lowest position. And you can go from the lowest position to the highest.

So there’s nothing to do. We only need to be and activate the talents within us. We keep activating them until they become a habitual response of on-going goodness or on-going Godness. Then we do crazy things like “random acts of kindness.” We serve people. We do nice things for people.

Spiritual exercises are a way to access the goodness that is God. Chanting the tones (HU, Ani-Hu, or your initiation tone) is like calling your dog. If your dog’s name is Charlie and you call him Henry, he may not come. If you want to access God, you keep calling God’s name. You want to get God’s awareness on you; it’s all you’re after. And you don’t get God’s awareness on you by standing out in the rain or chopping your arm off, holding it up to God, and saying, “Here, God. For you, I chopped off my arm.”

God may say, “Why in the world did you do that?” God’s not asking for any kind of sacrifice from us physically. He even (eventually) told Abraham not to sacrifice his son, Isaac. God said, “Don’t do it. I just wanted to see if you would. Don’t do it. Sacrifice an animal.” And as soon as Jesus was born, he delivered everyone from animal sacrifice, because he sacrificed himself. It’s been handled already. Jesus did it for us and everyone—past, present, and future.

The main value of spiritual exercises (s.e.’s) is for you to open your spiritual eyes and see what’s happening on the levels you’re traveling on. That’s what s.e.’s are for. If you don’t see, it doesn’t mean you aren’t traveling; you still are, but you may not know it. If you don’t want to do s.e.’s and you’re connected to the Sound Current through initiation, you can even say, “To heck with all those tones; I’m not saying even one,” and you can still get your next initiations. Why? Because the Traveler is doing s.e.’s for you anyway—the Traveler in you and the Traveler in the Spirit. You go on in Spirit anyway, but you don’t know it Here. If you want to Know it here, do spiritual exercises.

I’m not recommending not doing s.e.’s; I’m just explaining things to you. The people who do s.e.’s and do have the greater knowledge of the spiritual realms are building a foundation of strength and awareness. Without that, people can go through all the initiations, get their Soul initiation, and then begin to drift away because they haven’t built the strength to hang in there when the challenges come. I’ve seen it happen often. There’s nothing I can do about it and, really, nothing I even want to do about it, because it’s all been their choices along the way, and with the Traveler, people are totally free in their choices. That’s why we say, make wise choices. Do the s.e.’s, go inside, and see what’s there.

And how do you open you spiritual eyes? It will just take place inside of you, especially if you have that as your intention. When I get inside, I just open my eyes, but I keep my eyelids closed here. I practiced doing this a lot. Then one day, I didn’t open or close my spiritual eyes; they were just there all the time. It was a little disconcerting. It’s sort of like looking at one of those 3-D or 5-D pictures, where a bird seems to be flying out from the background. If you go to grab it, you’ll find it’s really not out there. You have to keep practicing and keep working with things inside you, and have as your intention that you will open your spiritual eyes.

There seems to be something about people in the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness: even though we may not do good all the time, our intention usually is to do good. And that intention counts very much. It’s called the motive. Our intention counts very much in our relationship with other people. If your intention is clarity but you’re not clear, people tend to give space for you to get more clear.

It’s always going to be like that in the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness. We meet together, but this isn’t the real movement of spiritual inner awareness. These are physical bodies in a room listening to another physical body. Something else has to be going on besides that. The other thing that goes on is what we’re all about. And we’re moving the spiritual inner awareness around to find the awareness that is God’s.

It’s a very easy thing to do. It’s a choice. But the choice isn’t one that you make just once. It’s one you make every day, many times. It’s like the choice of driving a car down the road. You hit your brake or step on the gas as many times as you choose to do those things, as many times as it takes to get you where you are going. You don’t do it just once and that’s it for the day. Finding God is much the same: many times, many choices throughout the day. And we don’t know when God is going to appear or which of our choices God is going to appear in or from or behind. And so we participate each time.

If I knew of a different method, I’d teach it. If I knew of an easier method, I’d teach it. This is the easiest one I know of that does it. There are some methods that are more complicated that also do it, but they take millions of years, so this is the one I teach. Not everybody reading this is going to do it. Some are going to have the wit to just say, “Oh, God,” and be right on it. And others are going to say, “God…I don’t know what that would be.” Those people are not going to go because they are questioning. So just start doing it. That will be a key for you: just start doing it.

Baruch Bashan.


And in this movement we have a complete representation of all races and colors. Not necessarily right here in this room, but in the Movement. And different religions. It would just amaze you. You know, there were some I didn’t even know about. We’d call them “cults,” right? They’re not “cults.” Everything is a “cult” if you want to look at it that way. The only thing that’s not a “cult” is God and truth and Spirit and the Christ Consciousness and Light. Everything else is trying to get there. Thank God that God was so smart that He made a lot of ways and a lot of churches. Because He must have known that we wouldn’t get along very well unless we had a lot of ways to approach. And there’s truth everywhere on this planet. There’s truth in each person’s heart.


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  1. I have called many times and spoken with the operator, but always wasn’t able to receive feed back, like is MSIA STILL ALIVE AND TICKING. Well today I got my answer that it was still there and indeed names I recall from earlier piped out and proved MSIA appears to be doing it’s thing, and was probably doing the JR all this time.
    Could you inform me of my past connection with JR and what I can do to establish my Ministery; Initiate; and my Tone. Thanks from Tenn. “E, Haw”***

    Thanks for this JR COVID SHOT.

  2. J-R’s description of spiritual exercises is really enlightening. THey’re not necessary to go higher, but they sure help maintain ourselves in higher consciousness and give us the awareness of what’s happening. Thanks for the explanation!

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