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The Royal Road, The Path to Mastership: A Place Called Home [with Photos]


At The Royal Road – The Path to Mastership Retreat I found a home for my heart, a place to put my unconditioned loving. There were so many miracles that I stopped counting. I simply took them in as best I could and witnessed in “Awe”, as the Inner Master presented itself over and over again. I found the Inner Master in a sweet tone of voice, in a half smile, in a lion growling, in a fire raging, in the laughter. I found him everywhere I put my eyes.

This time I noticed that the Peace Awareness Training went beyond the room into every place I set foot. I found myself spontaneously locked in a loving gaze or communication with each person I encountered. I challenged myself to love bigger, to allow God to see through me and honor the beauty, yet to express, in the beast.

Melissa Ward and I drove to The Royal Road retreat in Pacific Grove, CA together. We decided to take the scenic route. We drove up the Pacific Coast Hwy to enjoy the ocean view and the sunset shrouded in smoke from the fires. As we got close to Ventura County we decided to get onto the 101 freeway and found ourselves in what I called a “smoke bomb”. The sky was filled with thick smoke spiraling from one side to the other like a sideways tornado. Our lungs missed the quality of fresh air.

Since we’d decided to go this way, we made the best of it and took the opportunity to ask for the Light and pray for those troubled by the fires. As we passed through what felt like hell, we called in the Light for all the people, animals, plants, devas, etc. and asked Spirit for a blessing and that a gigantic Light column be placed. The smoke tunnel lasted until we arrived in Santa Barbara, and then the air cleared somewhat.

I have a few friends who live in Ojai and I thought of them as we drove pass. I was looking forward to seeing them at the Asilomar retreat. I called them to see how they were doing and they told me their house was in the line of fire and that they were praying and asking for a miracle. They asked me if we’d join them in sending the Light and imagining a Light dome. They were brilliant to start a Light network to protect their home.

For the next hour or so, I imagined a Light Dome surrounding their house. It was easy for me to picture it because I visit them often. I have my own room there. We often joke that I live there and come and go as I please. As I played with the Light, I found myself roaming, in my imagination, through their house with a magic Light wand in hand and sprinkling much Love, Light and Sound. I found myself humming inside. I also took the time to talk to the fire and wind devas. Perhaps they listened.

My friends from Ojai arrived at Asilomar on Saturday night, prior to the training, and were delighted to tell Melissa and I that their house had survived. We all received their miracle. Many of the houses in their neighborhood were burned to the ground. Theirs, by the grace of God, had made it. The fire had stopped within ten feet of the house. They took pictures and there is a circle around the house that led me to believe that the invisible light dome protected it. I was amazed once again.

Going through this experience and participating with the Light action was a great introduction to The Royal Road – The Path to Mastership, because of the clear example of how the Inner Master works in the formless dimensions and manifests.
I felt a tremendous wave of gratitude for the gift of finding my way back on this path of initiation and mastership. I am honored to be a witness of how the Light works and manifests in the physical reality.

When I was a little girl, I often dreamed of running away from beautiful homes I’d find myself in. I would arrive at these incredible places and only spend moments looking about before the energy of fear took my attention. It usually showed up as a monster or some scary energy that brought up a tremendous amount of fear in me.

When I’d arrive at these homes, I remember noticing the colors on the windowpanes; the craftsmanship of the doors and vaulted ceilings etched with mosaic designs. I’d take a quick minute and run my fingertips against the wallpaper. The peace I’d feel in those moments only landed for a few seconds and then I could feel the fear of the monster approaching quickly. It was challenging to take in the beauty of the homes I saw because I was often looking for a way out so the monster would not gobble me up.

As creativity would have it, there was always a window, a door or secret passage where I could escape the scary beast. I never saw the monster, but I heard and felt him coming. He was sometimes right on my heels as I ran as fast as I could through the night air. I dreamed some version of this scene well into my twenties, until one night I had a different dream.

In this dream, I woke up in the middle of the night because I heard a noise in the kitchen. I was in my house and my bedroom was on the second floor. My room was built out of dark wood and there was a skylight above me with a slanted attic-like ceiling. I could see many stars in the sky. My partner was still sleeping so I slowly got out of bed to check out the noise in the kitchen. As I tip toed down the stairs and into the kitchen, I found my cousin standing there. He’d arrived a day earlier. I hugged him tightly and went back to bed. There was no monster. I could finally stop running.

The Royal Road – The Path to Mastership retreat was like the home I arrived at in my dream. It was my space — warm, sweet, simple, beautiful and clear. There were an abundance of Travelers in training walking about sharing with one another the spiritual heart of humanity.

The sun was out every day so we had three beach walks instead of two. The grace field extended beyond the structure of the training room and invited us to use every moment to engage the playing field where God resides. We got the opportunity to see from the Inner Master and communicate to the Inner Master, because it is one in the same. We practiced the qualities that bring us into Mastership: truth, sacrifice, faith, creativity, intelligence, will, devotion, discipline, service, love.

The consciousness present at Asilomar invited me to participate at the next level of Mastership. I used “Loving” as my way to access my Inner Master. I graciously received the gift of surrendering as One with God and allowing my expression to be present in all its various shapes, colors, sizes and multi-dimensions.

At this training, the Loving encompassed the beast, softened the edges, surrendered to the flame, so that I used everything to know God better. I allowed space for all of my wild things to roam free, cage-less and honored. I trusted that every person, place, and situation that appeared before me was an opportunity to know how God loves all his creation in great neutrality and fun.

I now carry this image of a gigantic velvet ruby red throne that is big enough to seat each one of us in God’s kingdom on this Royal Road, the Path to Mastership.

It was a royal ride, I hope to see you next year.

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