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San Francisco Welcomes the Traveler
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I’ve been asked to write a short piece on the Traveler’s visit to San Francisco. What our Beloved Local MSIA Rep doesn’t know is that these events have been a mainstay of my relationship with MSIA since I began Discourses back in 2002.

In that 15-year period of many changes in my life, the one constant has been the MSIA NorCal December Events. In prior years, I’ve simply done whatever it took for me to attend the events in San Francisco.

There is an intimacy to these events that is more enchanting and sweeter as time passes. I am so grateful that we have the privilege of live seminars with the Traveler and staff in San Francisco. We are a deeply loving but distributed community in the Bay Area; these events provide a wonderful opportunity for us to see one another and experience that loving in person.

What follows is my experience and memory of what John shared with us at the 2017 San Francisco events:

During the seminar and sharing, John Morton presented many tenets of the teachings in his own unique way that manages to touch me with humor, truth, and loving honesty. Over the years my appreciation for his Spiritual leadership deepens, along with my deep respect and admiration for his devotion to us all.

John related a story about a particular Twilight Zone episode where the main character, Mr. Finch, was being persecuted by the appliances in his home – including his electric razor that was chasing him through the house. He suggested that if any of us felt like Life didn’t like us so much, we came to the right place. When we have difficulties in life, they are stepping stones. Each of these experiences is an opportunity for us to strengthen ourselves in Spirit. He encouraged us to “take advantage of what would allow [us] to transcend the psychic material world.”

A key to handling these challenges is a willingness to like ourselves and others, even when we don’t understand. We can opt back into the loving and make choices that are peaceful and harmonious; rather than moving into resistance or againstness, which are natural tendencies that don’t help much. Remember the secret of Soul Transcendence is to look for the good in all people and things, and leave the rest to God.

Another key John shared, “In any moment, under any circumstance, you can claim it is Living Love.” Try it sometime and you may find it is the key that transforms your experience.

John issued an invitation to us all: “Let’s consider we rub the lamp that brings Spirit present and it says, ‘What do you want my beloved?’ So use your imagination and go for it!”

This New Year, I hope you take up that invitation, spread the wings of your imagination wide, and ask for your heart’s true desire.


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