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Christmas Eve in Nigeria
[with Photos]


Sacred Tones Dec. 23rd:

December 23rd was the first day of the “MSIA Special Package.” We held a “Sacred Tone Workshop” in preparation for the glorious Christmas eve seminar with the Travelers.

The workshop was graced with so much Light, peace, joy and love. The radiant faces of the participants in the pix attached here is a clear testimony of the blissful and loving nature of the workshop.

Thanks, for all your love and support. We shall also be connecting into the webcast tomorrow night and doing SE’s and a gift exchange thereafter, so send the Light!

Christmas Eve Webcast Gathering Dec. 24th:

The MSIA Christmas Eve Seminar in Nigeria on Sunday 24th December 2017, was indeed a clear demonstration of the Travelers and the Christ love made manifest in MSIA. The beautiful gathering was graced with lots of love and fun. At 9pm, as a preamble to the Webcast, we had a Light invocation, an hour Ani-Hu song of love, and we watched Journey to the East excerpts.

At 12 midnight, we connected to the live show but the network was next to impossible. So we quickly switched over to plan B by watching last year’s Christmas Eve Seminar via YouTube and it was just perfect.

The Traveler’s Golden and Christed Message in the webcast was indeed a life-transforming lubricant to the Soul for all time. Based on the sharing thereafter, all were blessed, lifted, and revitalized.

The ministers present also conducted a toast for the triumphant and magnificent birth of the Christ and the Travelers in our hearts. Then, we had our Christmas gift exchange which of course is another arm demonstrating the Christ and the Traveler’s love in our life.

Finally, the beautiful gathering that started at 9pm was brought to closure at 5am with a powerful meditation “Relax and Love Yourself.” Pix taken are in a slideshow below for your perusal and enjoyment.

Prince Iwuoha:
MSIA, Nigeria


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