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The recent fires in Southern California caused so many people to be displaced from their homes, so we were honored to be able to take in Long-time Initiate and Minister Connie Stomper. Connie stayed with us at Prana, MSIA’s headquarters in Los Angeles, for nine days when she needed to evacuate from her home in Santa Barbara.

She relaxed and recuperated, shared in the blessings of warm meals and kind friends, and joined us Christmas morning around the tree, where a gift was waiting for her from her Prana family.

Here’s her sweet note, sent once she was back home:

Hi Kevin and Susan,
Finally getting settled back into my place. It was a grace filled time at PRANA in so many ways, and great to turn a challenging situation like evacuating the fires into a lovely and nurturing retreat, filled with support and caring by so many people.

May God bless you many times over for your generous support of me. I can’t tell you how much it meant, not just in terms of the material value, but in reinforcing the experience of God taking care of me. There is a quote for which I can’t remember the source, but I used it in my DSS intentions. “I am a place where God’s love shows up in this world.” Thank you for being a place where God’s love shows up.

Please thank anyone else who was instrumental in supporting me being at PRANA through the evacuation.
Love and blessings,

Just a reminder that we all have a blessed family home here at Prana where we can recuperate, share loving community, study the Teachings of the Traveler, and serve. Thanks Connie, and so much Loving and Light to our MSIA family around the world!

Happy 2018!
LL, Kevin

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