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Choosing the Divine Presence in Hurricane Country [with Photos]


Our week of Choosing into the Divine Presence began a year ago when our Florida community, in rapture with Spirit at the conclusion of 2017’s MSIA Staff and Traveler visit, began planning for this year’s visit.  A team of volunteers throughout hurricane country served joyfully and with determination all year, gathering deposits and making arrangements for our precious days of Spirit-filled loving, learning, and laughing. What joy it is to serve with fellow students of the Traveler! We all reaped an abundance of blessings from such a sweet and powerful visit with John Morton and MSIA Staff, a most welcome healing time after a year of challenging storms.
Volunteers from throughout Florida served together making and carrying out the plans for the weekend, which included Staff Services in North, South, and West Florida of over 65 Aura and Polarity Balances, several Initiations, and two Ministerial Ordinations. An Assisting Team in South Florida brought together Ministers from Venezuela, Colombia, Atlanta, Orlando, and Miami to serve as one family throughout the weekend.  From an Open MSIA Seminar with John Morton on Friday night, through the PTS Choosing into the Divine Presence workshop on Saturday and Sunday, and concluding with a Ministers and Initiates Q&A with John Morton on Sunday, we served in loving support, devotion, and the impeccability of true spiritual warriors. 
All of our weekend events were presented in Spanish and English, provided by Assistants speaking softly with clarity and steadfast determination in the back of the workshop room.  Translation also happened informally and spontaneously amongst ourselves, with each one who could translate simply stepping forward to do so over lunch, at registration, and wherever Spirit called to bring us closer together through the language of the heart.
MSIA Ambassador Leigh Taylor-Young stepped forward with gracious, powerful, and joyful impeccability as solo facilitator for our workshop, allowing our beloved Angel Harper to get much-needed rest to recover from the flu. We relished in Leigh’s divine humor, sweet ordinariness, and absolute perfection in her focus on serving us as we moved into our greater knowing of the Divine Presence. Leigh’s clarity, devotion to the Traveler, and welcome nurturing made serving and learning a profoundly gentle yet thrillingly dynamic process. What a magnificent blessing our MSIA Ambassador is to us all!
Traveler John Morton shared with us so generously and with the firm, loving care of an adoring father. John took our questions on Friday night, throughout the workshop, and well after we were supposed to conclude on Sunday.  The DSS Online class worldwide and at Prana West joined us on Saturday via Skype, allowing us to share the learning with fellow students of the Traveler in an even greater way. What a treat to see our spiritual family on the big screen and know we are One in this journey of the Soul, wherever we happen to be! 
How courageous and humbling it is to stand up for Spirit and share from one’s heart, knowing you are speaking for us all as you ask for the guidance and healing that the Traveler brings forward.  We all learn and grow as we hold the Light for one another, honoring the Beloved in each one as it is that same Beloved, that Divine Presence, moving us forward in our heart of hearts. How profoundly blessed we are to have this Traveler John Morton devoted to our learning and growth as Initiates, ensuring we continue on this path of mastership that John-Roger began for us years ago. The blessings truly already are!
Thank you to everyone who supported, served, and participated in bringing forward the abundance of blessings from of our time together. Thank you to the PTS and MSIA Staff, Roger Wakefield from NOW Productions, and all those who embraced the Divine Presence to create this welcome peace and calm amidst life’s storms.
Baruch Bashan


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