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The Love of a Master – Australia Tour 2018 [with Photos]


As my ANA Boeing 787 Dreamliner flight lands in Australia, I instantly flash back to my last time there with John-Roger, February 3, 2002. We were sitting at a cafe in Sydney and I was down in the mouth. He asked what was going on, and I responded, “I don’t know, but I don’t feel it here.” J-R knew that I would always “tell it like it is.”

The way he looked at me in return indicated that he wasn’t feeling so well himself. “What else,” he asked. I told him I had an audition in a week and he said to book flights with Brooke; we were going back to L.A. the next day. Since John Morton was the Traveler by then, running the Australian trip with staff, it wasn’t really a big deal if J-R and I left.

I remembered what an amazing person J-R was in that way—he really cared about how I was feeling and always supported me in whatever I was involved in, whether it was acting, singing, or something else.

My recent visit to Australia was organized and supported by the local MSIA community, in particular, the amazing Andrew Urbanski, as well as Susan Skelton and Ruth Commisso. More than 50 copies of The Love of a Master were acquired by fellow ministers, extended family, and others at our three events.

The afternoon of Sunday, February 25, we held a book signing in Greenwich. John Hayson hosted a J-R Seminar Marathon and Mystical Traveler movie screening at his home in North Sydney all day on Tuesday, February 27. After the Ministers Meeting, I shared about J-R and the experiences of working with him that make up some of my stories in The Love of a Master.

Nicole’s family, the Campbells, as well as many MSIA ministers, live in a quaint town called Woy Woy, an hour north of Sydney. Surrounded by water, it is a magical place where schools of ducks cross the street and traffic must stop to let them by. We had a wonderful book-signing and Q&A event at a beautiful, spiritual New Age store called Gnostic Forest, on Saturday afternoon, March 3, and even played a little bit of the Mystical Traveler film.

Spiritually, work is being done with all of us, even if we are unaware. Coincidentally or not, one woman came in, noticed our event, and decided to check it out. It turns out that she had participated in Insight 25 years ago! Once she saw the cover of the book with J-R’s face, she made the connection, then joined the audience of 15 or so guests. It was amazing how she was led there, right at that moment!

Thanks so much to the owner Mary, and all the great ministers who came: Dawn White, Irene Chlopicki, Judith, Peter and many more. It was wonderful to see everyone! It’s been years since I was last in Australia, and I hope to be back to share J-R through Jesus Garcia Ministries again soon.

On March 2, Nicole and I rented a car. First, we drove to visit the Jamberoo Retreat site in Kangaroo Valley, a powerful location where J-R did a Living in Grace training about 19 years ago. Then, following a dream I had in Woy Woy, with a message that I was to connect with John Morton in Bowral, Australia (where MSIA was holding the Pat 8), we headed there and ran into John and Leigh with perfect timing. Great seeing Chris Haupt and Wendy Bennett after so many years.

On the way back to L.A., I met Bodhi Kenyon for breakfast at Tokyo Palace Hotel during my seven-hour layover in Japan. It was really good to just take a train into Tokyo and enjoy the city, however briefly. This brought back memories of the 2016 Japan tour that John led. I’ve been having inner experiences where I really want to be in that area and take part in helping to develop the Asian region from China to India, including Singapore and Malaysia. Check out J-R’s many Moments of Peace when he speaks of how amazing China is going to be (and has become as of now). There are many signals from the inner levels about being in China and bringing in the Light there. So I’m leaning in on this, following my ministry, and heading to China in April.

Thank you, John-Roger!

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