Heaven On Earth Tour 2018 | Amalfi, Italy | Day 18

By: Julie Lurie | Videos and Story
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October 2nd, 2018

Heaven On Earth Tour 2018 | Amalfi, Italy | Day 18


“My job is to awaken the soul into the soul realm, so you can have heaven while you’re on earth.” John-Roger, DSS.


Amalfi, Italy | Day 18 | October 2

We wake up in the beautiful Santa Caterina Hotel on the Amalfi Coast. The hotel is a late 19th-century liberty style villa on a perilous cliff top overlooking the beautiful waters of the Mediterranean sea below. It is elegant with Italian charm everywhere. Large vines of bougainvillea spring up everywhere, including the dining room with olive groves and fruit orchards.

The Amalfi coast is an outstanding example of a Mediterranean landscape. It is one of Italy’s favorite destinations. The mountains plunge into the sea in an extreme vertical scene of precipitous crags, and homes are clinging to cliff tops. The views are breathtaking of terraced vineyards, orchards, and pastures with views of the Mediterranean sea below.

There is natural beauty which has drawn people to the coast for many centuries, amongst them are the Greeks, Romans, Normans, Arab-Sicilians, and many others. The communities appear to cluster along the cliffs, with their terraces blending into the rock. Amalfi offers many examples of artistry and architectural beauty.

Today we head out to the town of Positano. We aboard a ferry which takes about 20 minutes. As we board the boat, the rain begins with a torrential downpour, and many of us huddle together in areas to stay dry on the boat. The rain is warm and changes the element of the boat trip to a more dramatic tone, and regardless we thoroughly enjoy the ride. We arrive in Positano to spend several hours scouring the town. The town is a cascade of chic boutiques, stunning pottery, and trinkets of every kind tastefully created. Amongst the Amalfi scenery is the Arabic-Norman cathedral which juts out amongst the Italian style architecture as if it is accidentally placed in the wrong town.

Many of us dash about into one store after another. Some looks for a beautiful spot to relax and take in a cappuccino and enjoy the views. The buildings are built on extremely steep cliffs that look as if they will tumble down to the sea. There is a cascade of peach, pink and terracotta colored buildings splattered all over the mountainside.

After a relaxing afternoon of sun, food, and shopping we head back to the boat for a peaceful ride. We arrive at the hotel to take some time to prepare for a group dinner in sating with each other before heading off for a good night’s rest.

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Julie Lurie

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Light FTHG oac TY such a wonderful place, many blessings indeed! I am sure Capri will be very very nice as well.