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The PATs Are Here [with Photos]


The PAT trainings are, to me, the core teachings of MSIA. All spiritual workshops or classes involve some presupposition, no matter how subtle, that you’re here and Spirit is there, and you’re going from here to get to there. Because Spirit is always here, whole, complete, unconditional and everywhere, anytime you approach it from a presupposition you skew the results in some way. If your bearings are slightly off in the assessment of HERE, then THERE will be off as well. And like a rocket that’s launched a fraction of a degree off, it may miss its target by thousands of miles.

There’s no way that the unconditionality of Spirit can be manifested here in the world, so the best we can do in any spiritual workshop or retreat or teaching is to keep the conditions to a minimum. The PAT trainings start from minimal conditions. They are as unconditional as you can get in this world. All you can say about the PATs with any accuracy is “I am.” That’s where they start and end. To really delve deeply into the “I am” is to delve into oneself and the Self of all.

The PATs are a great, transformational, participatory work of art, a revolutionary psychological/spiritual technique, a kind of living masterpiece created by J-R. And it’s a work of art that you can live inside of and be part of rather than just observing from the outside. It’s like being a chord in a Beethoven symphony, or a character on the Sistine ceiling—but alive and growing rather than fixed. Like so many great works of art or scientific discoveries, the brilliance and effectiveness of the PATs lies in their simplicity. I’ve learned more about my Self in the PATs than anywhere else in this world. To me, they’re the closest thing to doing spiritual exercises that can be manifested in the physical world. And because they’re done with a group under the guidance of the Traveler, they have an energy that’s added to the energy of doing spiritual exercises solo.

And what I’ve described here is just the skeleton of the process, a snapshot of its functionality from the point of view of its structure in space-time. On this level the PATs work beautifully, but in addition the Traveler is working closely to clear and release each person’s karmic blocks from a level of clarity that can’t be contained by the physical world. This is the real miracle of the PATs, over and above the brilliance of the structure. I’ve experienced hundreds of PAT trainings, and in each one there are energies that bust through from the higher realms like whirlwinds at certain times, as though they’ve been orchestrated in Spirit and placed under the guidance of angels and masters who dispense them with flawless precision. Because they come from such a high place in Spirit, the blocks and issues are dissolved completely, without the pain, dross and crumbs of incompleteness that are the unavoidable byproducts of purely human intervention.

There’s another PAT coming up in a gorgeous setting by a lake in western Canada, August 19 – 25. Taking a PAT is as simple as the process itself. People have asked me how I get to so many PATs, and I tell them it’s easy. You get in the car, turn the key in the ignition, and go. Sometimes you even fly. I’ve found that life is easy when I have my priorities straight. It’s a mess when I don’t have priorities. Once I went to a Living in Grace retreat (a kind of super-PAT that comes after the PAT trainings) when I didn’t have gas money to get back. I figured somebody would give it to me, and they did. So I’m still here—and that’s about all there is to say about me, or the PATs or anything else.


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