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The Blessing of Your Ministry [with Photos]


Blessing indeed! Colorado MSIA ministers were once again gathered for a weekend workshop, welcoming the masterful facilitation of Deborah Martinez for The Blessing of Your Ministry Workshop.

You may or may not know that Deborah traveled from LA to Colorado for 4 years facilitating the DSS Program. As such, she is considered family in Colorado so our collective mood was as warm as the glorious autumn weather in Littleton, CO.

Speaking only for myself, I hadn’t done this particular workshop in over a decade. I had forgotten the ease and sweetness of the processes, and the sacredness of revisiting my blessing in depth, while welcoming new blessings into my heart. The blessing below is one that came forward to me in the weekend and I shared it with ministers in the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness who were present at the workshop. This is a blessing for all of us, especially in such turbulent times on this planet:

In this Spiritual Surrender, you are cradled and safe in the arms of the Traveler. Your devotion to loving and goodness is celebrated by those holding for you in the Highest Planes of Light. Glory Hallelujah! says the Lord in your name! Welcome home! And do remember, laughter is a key unto Me.

Baruch Bashan

As for the “success” of our workshop, we’ll let the Light speak for itself. Here are just a handful of ministers at the close of our weekend:


And may this Light blessing be a heart-felt thank you to all those (and there are many) who hold the focus for Colorado MSIA events and work tirelessly to bring them to fruition.

Stay tuned! Awakening as the Christ is planned on retreat in glorious Colorado for spring 2019. Please join us for our 4th consecutive retreat when we welcome John Morton, Leigh Taylor-Young and MSIA staff into our Rocky Mountain High Altitude of Light and Loving!  Contact Madonna Smyth now to reserve your space:

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