Spirit’s Ever-Loving Guidance

By: John Morton, DSS

February 15th, 2019

Spirit’s Ever-Loving Guidance


My experience is the Light comes in and penetrates the darkness. If there are shadows remaining, perhaps that reflects our resistance. Maybe we’re holding on and not allowing that Light consciousness to come in as fully as it can. – John Morton

This article by John Morton was previously published in the New Day Herald, October 2013

It takes great attunement for us to be aware that Spirit’s guidance is ever-present.  Even with the awareness that there is this tremendous truth, a revelation in our midst, it takes great strength and courage to be willing to move forward with that truth and follow Spirit’s ever-loving guidance. Spirit’s guidance leads us directly and completely, always in all ways. Nothing is withheld. There is no againstness in how the Spirit guides us.

Eventually, this world is not meant to deliver the full prize that is in store with the Spirit. Sometimes people interpret that if we focus our life toward the world to come, by aligning into the Spirit and letting go of our ways in the world, we’re renouncing or condemning what goes on in this world. But this world is very important.

We come into this world on terms of harmony and balance so that eventually we learn to love what is in this world.  It doesn’t work to spurn it or curse it. If we want to move forward and progress spiritually, then we come into a view of the world as a beautiful place that we will leave eventually. While we’re here, we are learning to love it all the way God loves it all.

Making Choices for the Highest Good

More and more we learn to make decisions such that they’re inclusive of the highest good of all concerned. Ultimately, out of God come all things.  God’s view would be, “I love all of the creation. There’s no part of the creation I do not love.” So if you look at an impulse, it’s often a conditional, temporary movement, a response that we’re aware of that in some way is based upon a limited view or a limited occurrence. So before making a decision, consider “How would this choice impact my life?”

There’s a place inside that we refer to as the spiritual heart. I find it’s away from the world view, away from the opinions of others. It’s a place inside, the Spirit within, and it has your best interests in mind and also everybody else’s best interests.

The practicality is you’re in charge of your best interest.  Everybody else is in charge of theirs.  So you’re not responsible to manage anyone else’s choices for them. You can come to that place within that knows and loves everybody.  I find that it’s a silent, quiet place inside. It’s not a pushy, demanding place. Spirit is gentle and gradual.  So if you find that you’re following an energy that feels pushy, tight-fisted, tense, or with a sense of urgency, that’s not coming out of Spirit. There’s no rush and no urgency in the Spirit.

With some decisions, it may be best to take your time, especially when people are clamoring for you to, “Come on!” or “Hurry up!”  At those times, it may actually be better to get out of that situation and observe.  If others are demanding and urging something from you, it can feel rather magnetic or compelling. When someone is yelling at you or putting intense energy towards you, you may find it difficult to stay neutral and still.  Yet, it’s important at those times to move into the quiet and silence so you can listen to the wisdom from the Spirit within.

When you’re acting in your wisdom, you’ll find there is no real pressure. Spirit works out of freedom. So when Spirit presents you a choice, it’s not presented with an “Or else” or a sense of threat. The Spirit doesn’t work in that way. It works as a gentle invitation, “Here you go, my Beloved.”  That’s a way I know the Spirit inside.

Worldly Conditions and the Light

Many of the conditions we’re dealing with are self-imposed.  We have our own disturbance field that confronts us, our own thoughts that protest and react.  We can get out of balance because of how we’ve been reacting or what we’re creating in our response field. This is where it takes discipline to quiet ourselves, to hold a positive focus as best we can.

Sometimes we need to remove ourself from outer conditions that are difficult and see if we can find a way of managing our life so we’re minimizing the negativity. Who we’re around, what we associate with, and what we choose all contribute to whether our life is full of Light or it’s constantly being tested and barraged by another round of difficulties. Consider that every challenge is for our learning, upliftment and growth.  Every difficulty is a creation from God for our Soul’s progression.

The mind and the emotions, the body, the sense level, and the psychic level are very much subject to the conditions around us.  The movements that are coursing from within, the atmosphere around us, and the environment in which we’re all living affect us, too.  We’re all sentient beings which means that we’re alive and we’re receptive.  We’re also transmitting. We’re putting out our intentionality, our response, and our consciousness.  We are also receiving what’s in the field of our attention, from within as well as from around us the world.

In MSIA, one of the attunements that we teach is the Light. That’s a resting point. Why would the Light be a place of rest and a refuge from challenges of the world?  Because the Light holds a protection, the Light that’s the whole Spirit.  The Light is not something that would be conditioned by deception, negativity, or againstness.  The Light only loves. The Light also clarifies, helping us move forward with choices for our highest good and the highest good of all concerned.

In this world, we’re not immune or exempt from the negative energies. So we need to deal with them.  Part of how we can deal with them is to surround, fill and protect ourself with the Light.  And then hold up that Light consciousness so we sustain it.

By calling forward the Light, we come into this presence of the Spirit where we’re sheltered and safe.  We come into the inner calling through Spirit and experience that inner calm. There’s no disturbance in the Spirit. It can’t get in. It can’t make the trip.  That’s Soul awareness. That’s spiritual awareness. That’s knowing ourselves as one with God.

When you’re aware that you’re in some way compromised, you’re in a reactive state, emotionally or mentally, there’s disturbance in the body, or there are reactions like upset and violence, call yourself forward to the Light. Have the wit to do that. Also, do it as a sustaining, ongoing action.

Consider that the Light is the highest radiant energy available to each and every one of us, however that applies directly.  In the intentionality to call in that highest Light consciousness, there are a lot of ways to refer to it.  I like to remind people that it really is about the intentionality rather than how you say it. Was your intention to be clear, honest and upright and to do the best you can?  Those kinds of intentions work, and they work in relation to the consciousness of the Light.

The moment our eyes open when we awaken, the moment our sense field opens, the barrage of this world is on. So first find the inner calm. Find the place inside that’s at peace with whatever is going on.  There are many ways to deal with the conditions of this world.  But first move to that place of peace and calm within. Much of what we do in MSIA is to teach how to build up a Light field, a resonant spiritual nature that’s your true nature. We teach this as a practice, a spiritual practice.

Divine Light of Protection

Calling forward the Light serves to bring in spiritual assistance and raise our awareness of the spiritual assistance already present. That assistance works through the Light in many forms and many ways, above and beyond our personal nature.  Calling ourselves forward into the Light opens us up to realizing our God nature, the greater nature of who we are that is beyond our personal self. So by employing the Light consciousness, the intentionality of the Light that serves the highest good of all concerned, we bring about a natural protection from Spirit.

Be conscious of the spiritual protection present and available. When you consciously invoke the Light for yourself, you can experience that protection. You can experience that the Light fills, surrounds and protects you completely.  The Light has a way of overflowing past your limitations and actually becoming a tour de force of the Light simply because you asked.  The Light starts doing things that in your ability, or maybe it would be called your limitation, you would say, “I couldn’t do that” or “I didn’t do that. The Light did that.”

Maybe you perceive a person or situation as the Light because what you wanted became manifest.  Often the way I experience it is that something occurred that’s greater than anything I imagined.  Yet, I know it is what I was asking in my heart of hearts.  My experience resonates within me with what it is, the truth.  That is a quality of the Light.

The Light penetrates and permeates all things, even whatever would deny it, resist it or fight with it.  The Light doesn’t violate. It just penetrates. It is an unstoppable, always loving force.  In the physical reality, it’s like being in a dark room with light surrounding outside.  When there is an opening, does the darkness penetrate the light? Or does the light penetrate the darkness?

My experience is the Light comes in and penetrates the darkness. If there are shadows remaining, perhaps that reflects our resistance.  Maybe we’re holding on and not allowing that Light consciousness to come in as fully as it can.

The most important thing you can do inside yourself is build up within what resonates as Light and love. The Light is energy that cares and has compassion. It’s energy that has understanding and acceptance for all.  Build it up by calling yourself forward into the Light and allowing it to come in as much as Spirit will allow.

The Spirit has a child-like nature. It’s pure and playful and has a delight in laughter and joy. These are qualities of our true nature. It’s important to realize we can still be of that nature and express that nature while we’re in the midst of any challenge or condition in this world.

Remember that we’re all in a process of clearing and balancing ourselves.  It takes willingness and endurance to hold that focus and trust that God is to whom we are dedicating our life.  That often translates into taking care of yourself first.  Then do what you can to assist others, but don’t hurt yourself and don’t hurt others. These are the ground rules we refer to over and over in MSIA.  The other ground rule is, “Use everything for your learning, upliftment and growth.”

In the book Spiritual Warrior, John-Roger reminded us not to ask to control the world but to accept and seek inner guidance so we can respond in ways that are aligned with Spirit’s intentions. Spiritual Warriors know that the fears, aggravations and confusions of life aren’t accidental.   For our Soul’s progression, we can take advantage of the particular opportunities that each of those experiences have to offer. We always have opportunities to learn, grow and share. John-Roger said that life is not a matter of avoiding the tough lessons but extracting all we can from them for the advancement of our spiritual selves.

Everything can be transformed for our benefit and the greater good. That’s a choice we all have. It’s an awareness that constantly uses whatever’s in our field of attention.  So if it’s disturbance, consider how you can use that disturbance in your life.  It may be, “I’m learning greater patience. I’m learning to be stronger, and I’m learning to withstand this ten more seconds before I scream.”  John-Roger has referred to it as “minimizing the down time.” So if you’re in contraction or a reactive state, stop it sooner. Better yet, stop it now. Do what you need to do to lift yourself and move forward in the Light.

There is always the opportunity to come into more direct awareness of the Spirit within. Remind yourself that you are surrounded, protected and filled in the Light that is the Christ, the Light of the Holy Spirit, the consciousness that is the truth and the way.  Ask for all that is taking place to be for the highest good of all concerned.  In your awareness of your body, be at ease. If there is tension, if there is some form of tiredness, allow yourself to become relaxed.

Breathe in the Spirit and let go of whatever may be troubling you. Let the Light of the Holy Spirit assist you so you are free to be more conscious of the spiritual guidance present within. Be grateful for the divine Light that is always present, surrounding, filling and protecting you. And be open to Spirit’s ever-loving, ever-present guidance, coming forward in perfect ways and perfect timing for each and every one of us for the highest progression of our Souls.

Baruch Bashan


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