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Shifting Into Neutrality: Moving Forward God’s Way


Be in love with your life. Love your past, and love your present.  And when faced with challenges, shift into neutrality.  Choose acceptance as you love it all. Then you are loving as God loves, always in all ways. – John Morton, DSS

This article was previously published in the New Day Herald, March 2013.

It’s important not to judge our experiences or awareness as normal or abnormal but to move into neutrality. The concept of normal was derived through statistical analysis and looks at the mean or average proportion of some variable that’s been tracked.  What does that really mean?  Not much when your experience is loving and caring toward God and God in kind toward all of the creation.

One of the things to consider is that most of our consciousness is not conscious.  The part that is conscious is similar to looking at how much we actually see physically.  We know there is more than we can see with our eyes.  In a similar way, there is more in our consciousness than what we are aware of.  It’s very human not to be aware of everything in your consciousness.  It’s ordinary as well.

Have you ever been in a science class where they talked about light?  There are lights we see and then there are other lights, such as ultraviolet light, infra-red light and x-ray light.  There are a number of light fields that we don’t see through. They’re not within our physical ability. Yet they are part of the realm of what’s to be seen.  Just as it with light, it’s awesome to consider how much more there is to our consciousness than what we’re consciously dealing with.

The good news is that God is completely involved in every level of our consciousness. So we’re already covered. It’s a kind of insurance plan, a divine one.  No matter what you do, you can’t go outside of God’s perfection.  Yet part of the perfection involves your growing and learning.

You can get multiple, exponential value from your experiences.  If you respond according to the highest consciousness, let’s call that your spiritual Soul nature or true self, then understanding, patience, beauty, love, and peace are part of what you experience.  In those qualities, you’re getting into the field of what is going on spiritually, and it’s magnificent.

When we’re in a field of judgment, we are learning about the relativity of what’s going on for us.  We’re learning about our choices and attitudes. Judgments are negative or erroneous perceptions of the limitations in our life.  Judgments come in many kinds and varieties.  They can be financial, physical, health-wise, or whatever involves our desires and interests.  We find out how we do in our judgments when what we want or wish for doesn’t meet up with our experience.  One of the common experiences when that happens is disappointment, letdown, or frustration.  When you’re in judgment, you might find yourself saying, “I’m upset” or “I’m angry” or “I won’t try anymore.”

Do you recognize any of those experiences? They’re very common, ordinary and human.  Rather than decide there’s something wrong or abnormal, it would be better to look at yourself as a spiritual being in process in this world.  You could realize, “I’m getting closer to who I am.  I’m being more true to myself. I’m asking for spiritual assistance.  I’m asking to progress and to grow.”

You may be then taken into what you need to experience and learn, and that’s right on track. You’re being successful with your learning and progression. But it doesn’t mean that it feels good. For example, nausea isn’t something that most people would say, “I love nausea. It’s such a great experience.”  But you can understand that nausea is temporary.  You can do things to assist yourself so you don’t have to experience nausea or you can move through it with greater grace and ease. Maybe you drink some water or you stop spinning around so you don’t get dizzy.  There are always practical applications in the experiences for our learning and growth.

Look at what do you do to stay calm and in a peaceful place rather than go into judgment, disappointment, or some kind of negativity.  Part of it is simply claiming, “My intention is to be calm and clear.  I hold myself to that consciousness. I breathe.  I breathe naturally.  I don’t make myself be tense.  I relax.  I don’t judge my process.” That’s shifting into neutrality.

Acceptance and Neutrality

The first law of Spirit is acceptance and that means neutrality.  When you’re neutral, you’re taking yourself out of being charged up or down or in or out.  Being neutral is allowing things to be what they are without any interference or judgment.

Being neutral doesn’t mean you have to stop being involved or moving forward.  You may not have any choice but to be very much involved and active.  If you’re in the midst of a raging river going downstream, you’re definitely moving.  There are practical things to do, like keep your head above water if you want to get your next breath. There may be a very intense desire to get that next breath. The divine power inside can transcend what you think, feel or judge about your experience just so you can get that next breath.

I encourage people to have wonderful intentions. It’s very important to realize that we are creators. What we hold in our consciousness creates.  What we focus on creates. It’s important to know what you want to do.  And if your experiences don’t match up with what you want in your life, then that points out you have choices.

Regardless of your intentions, choose to be accepting.  That’s an important first step.  How do you do that?  By allowing things to be what they are without resistance or objection. That’s easy to say.  It’s another thing when we don’t like it.  We may disagree. We may feel impatient as in, “I want it now!” That’s fairly common and human. It’s our choice to shift back into neutrality, to accept as we do our best to move forward on our intentions, remembering it all takes place in Spirit’s timing.

Spiritually, we do have it right here and now.  It’s all present spiritually. However, this is the level where there’s the rub or friction.  In the friction, we find out how strong we are in our intention.  We see how much willingness we have to keep going and adjusting to whatever is working here and now.

Choosing Neutrality with Others

You may wonder, “What if somebody doesn’t treat me very nice? What’s that about?”

First of all it’s about them.  It’s not first of all about you.  How someone expresses themselves is first about them.

“What if they’re saying things about me that are mean and blaming?  What if they’re finding me at fault?”  You can be neutral with that because that’s an option.  It’s your choice how you react.  You can also look and see if there’s information there for you.  Maybe there’s an opportunity for your learning.

For example, perhaps someone is upset with you because you’re stepping on their toes, literally or figuratively.  You can move.  You can adjust. Often how we get along is when we move into the second law of Spirit which is cooperation.  When we choose to cooperate, we find out how to harmonize with others, to be in accord. What cooperation asks of us is to have vigilance or watchfulness. It asks us to have wakefulness so we’re awake, alert and aware.  Then we can respond accordingly and in cooperation for the greater good.

For another example, if you were going to leave a room by trying to go directly through a wall instead of the doorway, you wouldn’t be cooperating with what is there for you as a better choice.  You’ll run into the wall, and you won’t be able to leave the room.  You could then choose to move into neutrality by seeing that experience as providing information to help you realize where you missed or are off track.

Some people might react with something like, “That wall shouldn’t be there. That’s unfair!  That’s a bad wall.”  They’re upset and indignant about the wall.  They want to move the wall and may even demand you move that wall.  They don’t have to be all upset about the wall when there’s an opening right there.  However, they may still choose not to cooperate.  They may reject an opening and say, “That’s not my opening.  My opening should be right here where this wall was.”  Obviously, if people want to get upset, that’s their option. They can find a reason to be upset. But that’s not the best choice.

If you hear yourself saying things like, “I’ve got a bad feeling today.  I’ve just got a feeling it’s going to be bad,” then ask yourself what you’re doing.  Maybe you’re aware that something very challenging is going to happen.  That’s different from bad.  Bad is an interpretation.  It’s a judgment.  Instead, you can move into neutrality and say, “My consciousness is warning me to be careful, prepared and have extra caution today.”

Ask yourself if your concerns are based in fear or awareness.  Awareness would be your natural knowing or intuition.  Be cautious with things like superstitions and beliefs passed down from family or ancestors.  You are responsible to check things out.  What is your experience?  What do you know in your natural knowing?  If you don’t have the experience yet, if you’re not clear inside, then stay open to your learning.

Check It Out

Sometimes others can help you with their experiences and learning.  For example, if someone says, “Hey, I’ve been down that road and there’s a big cliff. Watch out!” that could be very helpful and caring.  Then again, maybe they’re deceiving you.  Maybe there’s something really good down that road, but they don’t want you to go there for whatever are their personal reasons.  Just because somebody says something doesn’t mean it’s true.  So check it out.

There’s a lot of responsibility in this level to check things out, to be aware and conscious of your experience. Keep moving yourself into a place that’s calm, clear, peaceful, up, and enduring.  If something is difficult for you, remember that one of the great truths on this level is this too shall pass. There’s nothing in this world that’s going to last.

In the spiritual realm, a lifetime in this world is a blink. It’s an important blink, but it’s still just a blink.  It’s not all that long.  One of the things that happens in this world is that God slows things down so we can handle them.  When you start understanding that, you can realize, “Things are really dense here, so I can learn at my speed.  As I learn, I move on and I graduate.  I go on to something else that’s now on purpose for me.”

As we progress spiritually, we realize that a lot of things on this level are no longer our level of concern.  We’ve been there.  We’ve done that. Or we’ve heard enough so we know we don’t want to go there.

Every day we have opportunities to realize what’s on purpose for us.  We then make decisions accordingly.  It ends up being very ordinary, like putting food on our plate or gas in the car or shoveling snow off the sidewalk — ordinary practical things to take care of our level of responsibility in this world.

For example, as a caring person, part of your caring may extend to making sure it’s not slippery when you or someone else walks on the sidewalk near your home.  You care about yourself and you care about them.  So you shovel the snow off the sidewalk.

What if nobody’s come up the sidewalk for six months?  Why would you still shovel the sidewalk? It’s an exercise in discipline. God knows what you are doing.  God walks to your house. So who are you really caring for?  It’s part of a loving gift to God when you choose to shovel the sidewalk.

These are the little victories available to us.  By doing good, we can start overcoming anything like a down feeling or a down moment.  Choose to keep going after each triumph.  Do a little good here, a little good there.  It all adds up.

Looking at Karma with Neutrality

Sometimes life comes along and smacks you anyway.  Karma is like that sometimes. It can be unexpected, unwanted and it can hurt. Are you being punished?  You can look at your experiences in that way.  But I encourage you instead to look at karma as an experience and a balancing action.

When karma involves you, it’s yours. There’s no sense in trying to deny it or reject it.  Your protesting and denying won’t help you.  Move into acceptance.  You’re going to have to deal with whatever it is, so you might as well deal with it now.  And dealing with it now may be about cleaning up a mess, making it better somehow or dusting off yourself and moving on.

Choose for the greater good, and remember that you’re learning. Your life is teaching you what you need to learn. That applies to all the conditions, all the people, all the time.  None of us are finished yet. We’re all moving toward completion. So do more of those things that are for your fulfillment.  As you choose your fulfillment, you demonstrate that you’ve overcome the world.  That’s the Christ consciousness.  That’s your heritage.

Christ Consciousness & Loving It All

A good way to get in tune with the Christ consciousness is to love yourself and understand that you’ve been chosen.  You’ve been chosen to pick up your life and move it into the Christ. We’ve all been chosen.  Some don’t choose back or they do it to a lesser degree. In the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness, we’re going for the full one hundred percent.

There’s an amazing aspect to that one hundred percent. It’s called grace. So if you do the best you can, then the Christ consciousness completes what you don’t do.  The Christ consciousness picks up whatever is your debt or your incompletion.  It picks it up, and it fulfills it. Then you go free.  Free is free.  It’s not like a limited version of freedom that’s still attached or in bondage. It’s unconditional.

We’re on a path where we’re going to triumph.  So claim it.  Then get busy matching up your intention with how that intention works in this world. There are some big keys, like the Spiritual Laws John-Roger has defined, and they’re primarily working through loving it all.  More and more, it becomes a process where you’re in grace. There’s more happiness, and there’s joy and peace.

This world is not our world. It’s a temporary waystation, basically. But it’s an on-purpose waystation. This world is tremendously good in what it delivers for us for our learning, upliftment and growth.

One of the amazing qualities of this world is how multi-dimensional it is. It’s vastly diversified. Yet what concerns us is right here and now.  So you don’t have to go anywhere.  There’s nothing lacking or missing here and now.  You just deal with what you’re finding here in the present moment.  These are often the little things that bring a smile to your face or maybe a smile to somebody else’s face.

As I was driving the other day, I saw an older man with a cane standing on the corner.  He seemed rather weak and frail.  Nearby, was a young father with a baby carriage. The father had two babies in the carriage who were both very much awake and moving around.  The older man smiled and waved to the babies as they passed by him, but the father didn’t notice.  He seemed caught up with getting into the car and on their way.  I was struck that the older man was noticing something really grand going on right then in that moment.  Although he looked weak and even shaky, he turned to notice and appreciate the joy in the moment while the father seemed to be preoccupied and in a rush.

In Spirit, there is no urgency.  That’s one of the basic teachings.  So where’s the urgency? In our perceptions in the world. And what do we do when we are in a hurry? We often don’t catch what’s really on purpose right now.

Did you know that Christ walked right by you today?  How would you know?  Maybe the Christ was dressed like an old man or even a thief, and you didn’t take a moment to look inside there and see the Christ.   If you look from the eyes of the Christ consciousness, you can see the Christ in others.  You can see the Christ even when someone’s disagreeing with you or is upset with you.  What a moment to say, “I see the Christ in you.”  You can choose to see what it is within them past their behavior or their words.

The more you can see the Christ within, the more you can realize your life doesn’t have anything missing in it. There’s no lack in it. Even if somebody says, “You’re fired!  Get your stuff out of the desk by 5:00!” there’s really nothing missing.  You can choose an attitude of neutrality which is on track with your spiritual progression.

As soon as you respond with dread, reluctance or resistance, that’s not who you are in the truth of your being. That’s moving away from neutrality and into a false self. So as soon as somebody expresses through that negativity, consider they’re saying, “I’m expressing my false self.”  When we’re speaking from our false self, that’s a misinterpretation of who we are.

Letting the Love Out

I encourage you to be very caring toward yourself, and extend that caring to others. Be nicer, so you’re nicer to yourself and nicer to others.  It’s not about your ability. It’s about your willingness.

If you say what’s in your heart, you’re just speaking what’s true. It’s not necessarily something you’re going to be comfortable with.  But if you’re willing to do this, it will liberate you.

Nobody does well when they’re afraid to love. It’s a form of imprisonment, and the heart doesn’t like it. So you have to be your own liberator.   Part of it is just being more yourself and giving yourself permission to do what you love.  Then it’s liberating.

Unconditional loving opens you up so it will come through you.  You’ll experience it. Often the way it reflects to us is as feeling love for a person or thing.   We may experience it as the love is out here in the world.  The reality is we opened up to our love inside, and it’s connected to whoever and whatever is reflecting it back to us.  It could be the dog, your neighbor, what’s in the sky or even the weather.  Allow your loving to go out regardless.

You can always turn up your loving.   You can be somebody that wherever you go you take the time to be loving.  Even if you’re waiting in line to pay for your groceries, you can specialize in loving the different kinds of gum at the checkout stand.  Sounds silly?  Rather than judge your loving, you can choose to love the different kinds of gum or the different colors on the wrappers. You can appreciate the graphic artist who designed the wrapper and the factory workers who helped process the gum inside.

Choose to engage with your life more fully than you are doing.  Instead of waiting for something to happen, like you’re waiting for your love’s ship to come in, be that love ship.  It begins right here where you are now.  If you can solve it in this moment, it has the same application to the next moment. So that means you know how to love. That means you’re lovable. As soon as it happens once, it can happen again.

These moments will start transforming you, so you have a life that starts becoming different.  You’re letting the love out.  That’s going to work. It has to. It’s the greatest force in this world. So when people are unhappy or unsatisfied, they need to let the love out. That’s the bottom line. We need to love and be loved. That’s everybody’s truth.  When we’re loving and being loved, everything is right.

Loving It All

John-Roger has said, “Out of God comes all things.”  So if you’re upset and in disagreement, that’s an accusation that eventually goes to God.  Then you’re choosing to be in separation from your divinity.

I suggest you come into good terms with God. You can begin with neutrality where you just let go of the issues. You can say, “God, I’m letting go of the way you treated me in the form of __________.” That can be in about a relationship, your work, your body, etc.  Instead of having an argument or disagreement with God, let go and trust. That’s a choice that will let you be freed up so you can be more fully in your life now.

Remember, everybody is doing the best they can with what they know and with what they’re working with considering the conditions they’re in. So why judge anybody including yourself?  Everyone is dealing with their own pain, their own limitations, their own learning.  That’s why they behave the way they do.

When you come into understanding, which it the third law of Spirit, then you won’t hold it against them.   You may not want to participate in it, which is understandable.  You have a responsibility to take care of yourself. So that would mean you can say, “No, I don’t want that” or “I don’t permit that.”

Some conditions in life are like, “Tough, it’s going to be that way anyway.” You may say to somebody “Stop hurting me,” and they may say “No, I’m going to hurt you anyway.”   If that happens, you still have a choice not to allow how you’re being treated to internalize.  Don’t dishonor yourself when others do things that seem dishonorable. Choose to hold in your dignity and love yourself regardless.

Your dignity is always present with you. If we erase the way you were treated, your dignity’s there. And if we don’t erase it, your dignity is still there. So go to your dignity.  Go to your integrity.  Say to yourself, “I’m a good person regardless of how anyone treated me.”

No one is responsible for your happiness.  So choose to have more fun, more enjoyment, more appreciation, more smiling, particularly with the little things in life, the routine things. The ordinary, practical little things have a way of transferring over to greater things.  So love the little things in your life.

Be in love with your life. Love your past, and love your present.  And when faced with challenges, shift into neutrality.  Choose acceptance as you love it all. Then you are loving as God loves, always in all ways.


Father, we ask for Your blessing and Your light to clear whatever has been brought up here so we experience the healing, joy, and the upliftment.  We give ourself permission at every level, especially with the past and our judgments towards ourself or others, so we set ourselves free.  We release all these judgments and come into Your adoration, the love that is unconditional.  We accept it, and we claim it as our divine heritage.

Baruch Bashan


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