Two Special Christmas Events in Port Harcourt, Nigeria

By: Deborah Roth & Prince Iwuoha

January 3rd, 2019

Two Special Christmas Events in Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Prince Iwuoha recently sent a report & photos from Nigeria for 2 Christmas events in his community.

First, Prince and a few other ministers traveled to the home of Uche Elechi for a special MSIA seminar. Uche is the 91 year old elder brother of Emeka Elechi (who passed into Spirit earlier this year), and he requested a seminar in his home!

Then the next day, the Port Harcourt community got together for an all-night celebration to watch the Christmas Eve Seminar with John Morton!

See below for Prince’s updates and photos.

Happy holidays and much Love and Light to our Nigeria MSIA Family!

MSIA Seminar at the home of Uche Elechi on Dec. 23rd:

Beloved. On Sunday 23rd December 2018, I and few other students had the opportunity to visit one of our old timer in Nkpor community, in Rivers State. His name is Uche Elechi, the eldest brother to late Emeka Elechi.

He happens to Celebrate his 91 years anniversary last year, and still very active in MSIA. Hence, he requested for an in-house seminar and we were there for him. We actually had lots of sharing, listened to the Traveler’s meditation and seminar tapes. Above all, had fun with him and the presence of Light was magnificent.

Behold! He is the one with the white clothes in the picture, so send the Light!

Uche Elechi on Dec. 23rd

All Night Christmas Eve Webcast Gathering on Dec. 24th:


I wish to state that the MSIA Christmas Eve Webcast seminar held on 24th December 2018 by John Morton was so beautiful and Christ revealing. We in Nigeria are very happy to be part of this great family of the Christ through the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness.

The event was well attended here, as over a hundred viewers clustered at MSIA Center, in Port Harcourt to watch and listen to the Travelers’ ancient wisdom, as presented via the webcast. The Travelers trend of the ancient golden wisdom was a masterpiece and overwhelming, and we gained immensely with the flow of the heartfelt blessings as shared by the ‘Blessing MAN’ the Traveler during the webcast.

Thanks, Traveler for being there for all of us, even though we can’t thank you enough for your loving support and grace towards us, your children. In the same vein, my heart goes out to all of you for supporting, this great MSIA ministry, from all ramification, may the good Lord, the Christ reward you all bountifully.

Yes! dear, we actually had a lot of fun, sequence to the webcast, as we exchanged gift items, had lots of heartfelt sharing, and crowned it with a special fruit dinner. And finally, the lovely event that started by 8pm on 24th was brought to a closure by 4:45am, 25th morning. Attached are some of the pictures for your perusal and enjoyment.

Baruch-Bashan LL Prince Iwuoha.

View the photos from the event:

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