The Light, Decision Making and The Highest Good

By: John-Roger, DSS

June 6th, 2019

The Light, Decision Making and The Highest Good


These Q&A with John-Roger (J-R), MSIA’s Founder, are taken from previously published Q&A in the Movement Newspaper, 1973-1992. This is an extended version of the article featured in Volume 2 of the New Day Herald Magazine.

Q: What Is the Light? And how do we call It in and work with It?

J-R: First of all, let me go backwards and say that we all are the Light, automatically. So we really don’t have to go too much further than that. We all have a Light within us — it is the Soul; it is that spark of God, of the Divine, that activates our consciousness. That Light, for many reasons, may appear subdued. Then there are the more conscious bearers of Light who bring the Light very strongly into the planet. They will come together in groups and converse about the Light Consciousness. They will point up certain universal truths that will awaken the consciousness of people. In the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness, this Light form becomes established very rapidly through a pure channel of Consciousness. And then all we do is assert the channel of Consciousness of our Highest Good. It cannot form anything other than that. And, of course, there are many techniques of how to do that. But, for the most part, we bring the Light in by asking, “If this be for my Highest Good and for theirs, then I would like the Light to be placed with me and with them and with our situation or relationship.” And remember, Light means Living In God’s Holy Thoughts.

Q: I have been trying to work with the Light, but sometimes I still get upset and rebellious and yell at my husband and the kids. Why does this happen?

J-R: I was interested in this, so I talked to one of the spiritual travelers of the Inner Realms, and I asked, “How about discussing with me why people who work in the Light still sometimes lose their temper and ‘read off’ their mate in a big way, hurting them and making them cry? That doesn’t appear to be a Light action.” And the answer came back to me very beautifully: “We know the Light because of the darkness.”

From this I gathered that not only do we sometimes walk in darkness to know the Light, but sometimes we walk in the shadows to better know it. We don’t really have it too bad, but we sort of have a “loused-up” week where things aren’t as nice as they could be. But they’re still okay. From the shadows we can learn. We can get upset and have a “down” time, but we don’t have to get hung up in the “down” time. We can go down and come right back up again. And we don’t go way “up” and get hung up in the good times, either. We learn detachment from both extremes. We learn that there are no rights or wrongs. We experience both extremes, and the balance between them. And then we start realizing God Consciousness.

Q: When you have decisions to make and you try to make them with the Light, how do you know you’ve made the right decision?

J-R: There are no wrong decisions.

Q: Then how would you make a decision, an answer that you know would be for your Highest Good?

J-R: Sometimes when you ask a question, when you ask God for an answer, and you ask “for your Highest Good,” you won’t get an answer — because that is for your Highest Good. Your spiritual teachers want you to work through patterns a little bit more, a little longer, to gain some more experience, rather than opening the door and ushering you out of the situation. It’s important to remember that what is positive from the spiritual point of view may not appear to be positive from the physical point of view. But when you honestly ask “for your Highest Good,” your experiences will be for your Highest Good.

Q: How do you reconcile a situation where a decision is needed but the “timing” doesn’t seem to be right?

J-R: One way is to support the decision that you make and remember that God’s time, not your time, is always perfect. Sometimes we are afraid to make any decision because we don’t know what the outcome will be or that it might be the “wrong” decision and so we form the habit of making no decisions at all based on our fear. But if you are supporting yourself and trusting that Spirit will bring forward exactly that which is for your Highest Good, then all decisions can be the right decision.

Q: There are so many things lately I want to make happen in my life and so many things I want to have. I get really frustrated and angry when things don’t go the way I want them to and when I don’t get what I want. I feel like my frustration and anger just block me further from getting what I want. What can I do?

J-R: It sounds like your wants and desires are really pulling you around in the world. In MSIA, we learn to ask for the Light “for the Highest Good.” That means that you allow room for Spirit to come in and bring to you those things that are for your Highest Good… not necessarily those things that you think are for your Highest Good, that you think you want or, that you think you need. Your desires can lead you all over the place without ever giving you any sense of finding what you really want.

This does not mean that you “give up” in the physical world, or just wait to have things happen. It’s just that many times the mind and the emotions get really stuck on trying to make something happen; whereas when you just “let go and let God,” those things that are the best for you will just naturally start to appear. Keep your goals present and then let them unfold the way they do. Sometimes the unexpected can have the best surprises.

Q: I am working with a woman who irritates me whenever I am in her company. It makes me feel as though I am failing spiritually, because I cannot love her. 

J-R: You love the spiritual quality that is within every person, without necessarily loving what they do, their behavior, personality, actions, etc. It’s important to recognize that everyone has that spiritual quality and is probably doing the best they can with the information they have to work with, taking into consideration their own personal trials. You don’t have to love what they do and perhaps your personality doesn’t “fit” with this lady’s personality. You can still have a loving empathy for her and her situation and send her the Light for her Highest Good. You can love her from ”over there.” You don’t always have to love people up close.

Q: If all things are happening according to the Highest Good and in perfect timing, why send the Light?

J-R: Because Spirit will not usually look at a plan to see if an alternate can be instituted unless requested from this level of Spirit. In the cosmic sense, taking all eternity into consideration, all things are ultimately for the Highest Good because not one Soul will be lost. But very few of us function at that cosmic, ultimate level. On this level where most of us function, all things don’t seem to necessarily happen for the Highest Good or in perfect timing. So it’s always appropriate to send the Light for the Highest Good (which is something God knows and we, on our personality levels, don’t always know). Sending the Light for the Highest Good increases the positive energy in a situation and increases the likelihood that, rather than a not-so-high good, the Highest Good possible will take place.

Q: If I ask for God’s Light to be somewhere, will It know what to do? Do I have to know what I am praying for in a situation for my prayers to work?

J-R: Usually, when you ask for Light for a person or condition, you are already aware of the specific problems or obstacles involved. That awareness goes with your prayer as you put it into the Light. If you put it into the Light, for the Highest Good, without being attached to the solution or outcome, then indeed, the Highest Light of God does know what to do.

If you pray for something specific in a particular situation, such as a car, a job, a lottery ticket winning, a relationship, or a physical condition, be aware that such specific prayers can have a string attached to it, namely your choice for the outcome. They are not always for your Highest Good. And if you choose to go that way, you may be calling on the magnetic Light, which is also very powerful. In fact, you may get what you pray for, and all that comes with it. We sometimes get what we want along with the problems that come with it. There is an old saying, “Watch out for what you want, you just might get it.” I suggest that you do not use God or the Light as the bellhop in the sky. Rather temper your prayers with the knowledge that God does know what is for your Highest Good, and let it be alright to get what you pray for, and if you don’t, accept that not getting it is also for your advancement and benefit.

Q: Can I send the Light to someone without knowing their name—by either visually seeing them inside or by seeing their physical picture?

J-R: Yes, because their name is an identification on this physical level, but in Spirit there is another name. There are two important things in sending the Light to someone:
1) Identify them in your heart, and your loving vibration will send the Light to their spiritual frequency as you perceive it;
2) Send the Light in loving, without ego, attempted manipulation or attachment to the outcome — in other words, for the Highest Good.

Q: Is there a difference between sending the Light from a distance and going to a person’s bedside and doing it? What is the difference and does it matter?

J-R: It depends on many things, and there is not one answer. If a person is not neutral about the situation, it might be best to stay away physically. The unneutral person can ask that the Masters of Light send the Light to the person for the Highest Good. It’s not bad not to be neutral, by the way; it may just be because of close ties with the other person.

Q: Does the spiritual Light work differently through various religions or is it the same Light working at different degrees?

J-R: Spiritual Light is God’s energy for the Highest Good. Some religions call It by a different name, but as was written, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Different religions and spiritual groups awaken to the Light at different levels.

Q: I have often discovered that what I thought were errors in conduct turned out to be perfect in the situation. Is everything ultimately for the Highest Good or do we use errors to our advantage and then they become for our Highest Good?

J-R: Ultimately, in the sense that not one Soul will be lost, everything is for our Highest Good. However, you can exercise actions for the Highest Good in this lifetime rather than re-embody 25,000 lifetimes in order to transcend to the Soul realm. If you’re smart, you do use your erroneous behavior to your advantage. How do you know when you do that? When you change your behavior so you don’t have to express the same type of errors over again, and again, and yet again. At that point, errors are used for your Highest Good.

Q: How do you stop a polluted physical environment from affecting you so much? 

J-R: Move.

Q: What if that’s not possible?

J-R: Okay, I assume when you say “polluted” that you’re talking about pollution like smog, dirty water, radiation fallout in the air, etc. If you’re concerned about the elements of chemicals or radiation getting on your food supplies, there are techniques for cleaning them, like soaking in a mild chlorine bleach solution just prior to preparing them. You can get a number of commercial water filters that will help purify the water. But the best thing to do is just to keep a LIGHT CONSCIOUSNESS present at all times. It’s the best filter there is. Put a shield of Light around you that will filter all elements coming into you. Learn to magnetize your water and food. Place the Light with it and transmute it for your Highest Good. Keeping the Light present on all things will be your best protection. Once you have a Light attunement, you can put the Light on everything and transmute it.

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