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John Morton, Sending the Light of the Highest Good -- For Children and All Concerned

Sending the Light of the Highest Good — For Children and All Concerned


“The Highest Good” means the best for you and everyone else. In fact, the highest good means the best for everything. That’s the only way the Light will work – for the best of everyone and everything. – John Morton

This article comes from a sharing John Morton gave during an MSIA Family Retreat at Lake Arrowhead in June 1996. It is apparent that there were children in the room given the language, the pace and the sweetness of the sharing. We suggest you connect with your own “inner child” as you read this and follow the guidance John provides. If you have children, perhaps you might consider reading this to them from a place of great tenderness.

This is a story about sending the Light for the Highest Good. First, we’re going to talk about how we send the Light. Then we’re going to do what can be done by the Light.

One thing about the Light is it really listens to you. It listens to you all the time. But there are certain things that the Light can’t do. It really can’t harm anybody. So even if you were to ask the Light to harm somebody or destroy something, it wouldn’t do that. It would be very silent. It would do nothing. That’s what makes it the Light. It always does something good. Every time you ask for the Light for the Highest Good, something good happens. When you want to have a closer experience with the Light, it’s always good to relax. You could relax by lying down, by sitting comfortably, or you could just relax by paying attention to your body. If you’re tense for some reason, let go of that tension, knowing the natural way of your body is to be at ease and comfortable.

The Light travels on your breath. Did you know every time you breathe in and breathe out the Light comes in and goes out? So your breath is the Light. And the Light comes in bringing your life to you. Your body gets healthier when you breathe in deeply and then breathe out. Sometimes, it’s just good to let out a deep breath with a sigh. You might want to do that right now. Take in a deep breath and let it out with a sigh. That feels pretty good, so do that again. Take a deep breath in and let it out with a sigh.

Sometimes it’s nice to talk to the Light in a way that the Light likes to be talked to. You can say, “Light, I want you to surround me and to fill me for the highest good.” Because the Light loves being talked to by you, and in such a nice way, it will brighten up even more. Every time you ask for the Light, it can increase. There’s no limit to the Light.

“The Highest Good” means the best for you and everyone else. In fact, the highest good means the best for everything. That’s the only way the Light will work – for the best of everyone and everything.

When you bring the Light in with your breath, and by asking the Light, it’s available. You can send the Light. You can send the Light to everyone and to everything. Sometimes that’s fun to do, when you’re a little bored or you’re in bed and you’re not really feeling very sleepy. Just start thinking about anyone or anything, and see the Light go to whoever it is and whatever that situation might be. You can see the Light going to your parents, your brothers or sisters, going to your house, to all your relatives and the kids you play with. Don’t forget your pets. You can even send the Light to your bicycle, your toys, and the places where you play.

One of the really wonderful things about the Light is that it is done right now. So every time you ask for the Light and send the Light, it happens right now. Another one of the nice things about the Light is, even if other people forget about it or they don’t know about it, you can send the Light for them anyway. If you have a friend, someone that you know, who is hurt in some way or there’s something bothering them, you can send the Light. You can send the Light at school or other places where you go. After awhile, you can realize you can send the Light all the time. Even when you forget, you can send the Light anyway. You can also ask the Light to show you things that could use more Light. That’s kind of fun. You just say, “Light, show me where the Light needs to go!”

You might be surprised at what you see. You might see situations in the world that you didn’t even know about or people that you don’t know. So you could become a partner, a friend of the Light, doing the Light work wherever it wants it done. Did you know the Light is just the energy of God? It’s God’s energy loving the entire world, even all of the universe. That’s who God is. The One who loves everyone and everything. And the Light is that energy.

You can see it as a radiant Light, a very bright Light. You can see it as color. The Light could be many different colors. It could be red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and when all the colors come together, the most brilliant white – a shimmering kind of white that has like little stars or sparkly particles in it. The Light is a moving energy. So you might see it like a mist or a cloud. Whatever you can imagine in the way of being good is how the Light works. When you have a hard time seeing the Light, you can just mentally say to the Light whatever you want. “Light, I want this person surrounded, protected and filled with the Light for the highest good.” Something that’s very important to keep in mind is the Light always knows best and what is for the highest good. So even if we think something may be for the best, it may not always happen. So when you send the Light and you ask the Light to do something, you have to let go. You have to trust the Light knows best. The Light knows what is for the highest good.

Whatever works out, trust that it is for the highest good. If it’s a situation that still needs attention, where there are still problems or some kind of pain, you can keep sending the Light, always letting go whenever you send it. Yet, with the Light, once just might be enough.

Now, as we’re about to let this Light go completely, you can bring to mind any other concerns – any people, any situations, that you would like assistance from the Light. With each thing that comes to mind, send the Light for the Highest Good and go on to the next thing. Remember that you trust the Light to know what’s best. And once you send the Light, it’s done.

You can also ask the Light if there’s anything else that you need to know, that’s important for you to watch for. Ask for this Light and see it with you and your family. See each person, your mom, your dad, your brothers or sisters, anyone who you relate to as your family. You can include those who are close to you as friends like they are relatives.

Now the Light has something especially for you. It’s the way the Light embraces you, so you can feel it in your body. You can feel it all around you, as though you’re being hugged and held by the Light.

You can relax with the Light. You’re in the safest place there is. You’re perfectly protected. You’re loved. You’re cared for. You might even hear some special words being sung to you or a special message that’s being said to you. You might hear some special sounds that come with the Light. These are the most beautiful sounds. That’s how you know they come with the Light. Isn’t it nice to know that the Light is the Spirit of God that loves you, is always watching over you, always preparing wherever you go, so that what is for the highest good will take place and you become a happy, healthy, loving person?

You realize there’s a friend in Spirit. You might call them an angel or just a special friend that you know comes with the Light – a friend who is always going to be with you. You may have other friends in the Light, but this one is one who is always going to be with you as a constant companion, a friend of God. And their message for you is, “I love you. God bless you. I am always with you.”

Baruch Bashan (The Blessings Already Are)

2 thoughts on “Sending the Light of the Highest Good — For Children and All Concerned”

  1. theodora garwood

    Just what I needed, John Morton blessing us with the meaning of the light. I place the light around myself as I type this and know that I am loved and protected. The storm is wild here in conciousness on the planet and in the air we breathe in and we breathe out knowing the light is always with us.

  2. God Is So Awesome. Thank You Light for Healing this Planet n Loving Us. Spread Light Continually In All The Universe N
    In Life. Joy To The Truth Of Who We Truly Are In You
    God / Light. I Am Eternally Thankful ☮️

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