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John-Roger Is on Spotify! (& Apple Music, Amazon Music, etc.)


Did you know that John-Roger is on Spotify, a music streaming platform that has 207 million users around the world? All of those people (including you) can now listen to John-Roger from their computers or mobile devices. Beyond that, John-Roger meditations and seminars are now live on the other most popular audio streaming platforms including Amazon Music, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and more.

Spotify is available to everyone! Amazon Music, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and the others require a subscription for full access.

You can listen to J-R on Spotify right here or anywhere else that you listen to Spotify by searching for “John-Roger, DSS”.

John-Roger Is on Spotify!

In case you use any of the following services, here are some easy links to use to listen to J-R:

Amazon Music

Apple Music

YouTube Music



Meditations & Seminars:

A Meditation on Wealth

Inner Realms of Consciousness Meditation

Cathedral of the Soul

The Hu Meditation

Communication in a Safe Space

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Observation – The Key to Letting Go

Greater Love Has No Man

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