Letting Love Lead for the Highest Good [with Photo & Video]

By: Spas Markov,
Photos by David Sand

June 28th, 2019

Letting Love Lead for the Highest Good [with Photo & Video]


On Thursday evening of the Conference of the Highest Good we experienced Letting Love Lead for the Highest Good. The workshop, facilitated by Anna Sugai and Jeffrey Morgan, focused on practical spiritual tools that we can use to connect with our loving and let it lead for the highest good of all concerned.

If you’d like a good laugh, I highly recommend that you watch the recording of this event. Sharing with the Traveler opened up to a series of belly-laugh-worthy jokes that had the room in joy and laughter.

Below is a brief sharing from participant, Spas Markov, who recently moved to Omaha, Nebraska from Bulgaria and is visiting southern California for Conference.

The workshop, Letting Love Lead for the Highest Good, was a journey toward the true self, accompanied by an atmosphere of love, support, and joy. As participants, we had the opportunity to explore and learn techniques to help us experience more inner fulfillment, love, and inspiration in our lives, even when we are in a rush or bothered by something. The tools revealed in this workshop – observation, clearing our consciousness, and inspiration – can help us bring our awareness to the love and let it lead us in the present moment.

The observation process helped us to be aware of where we focus our mental energy and how we can switch our focus to something that we really want and need.

The second technique of clearing our consciousness allowed us to see not only the lower levels of the Light but also to see the brighter levels of Light on the horizon to which we expanded our spiritual vision for the highest good.

The inspiration process focused on what we were inspired by and excited about in the present moment. It brought so much love, Light, and joy present inside of us, that we were spontaneously starting to express it outwardly such that it finally ended up with the love leading us through the process.

During the sharing with John Morton, we felt pure joy, laughter, and fun filling our hearts and spreading through the room as we let love guide us for the highest good.

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