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Ministering the Light at Notre Dame During the Fire


Editor’s Note: John Morton received the inspiring letter below and John asked that we share it with everyone through the NDH.

Dear John and Vincent,
I wanted to share with you our experience of being present during the burning of the Notre Dame. My wife Carolyn Truesdale and I were present at the Notre Dame during the burning. Spirit seems to have interesting ways of leading. Not only were we in Paris at that time but also, we just “happened” to stay on Ile St. Louis, right next to Ille de la Cite’ and walk past it just before the fire. It actually might have started as we passed.

Our hotel was only about a 6 minute walk from Notre Dame (maybe a little longer because we were with Carolyn’s 97-year-old uncle David (a WWII veteran who was revisiting the city since being there in 1945). As you said, Vincent, during the ministers meeting, I like to think that the Light helped.

We walked around Notre Dame a few times that day sending Light and placing Light columns. Since it was Easter week, there were hundreds of people in line to get in. We went someplace else, came back past the front of the Notre Dame, heard the bells ring and walked back to our hotel.

Soon after we returned to our room, David called to tell us that CNN was reporting that Notre Dame was on fire. Quickly we headed out up our street to where we could observe the fire. As we got out to our street, some people were frantically saying to be safe, some crying, some praying, and others appeared in shock. Somehow, I felt a sense of stillness and calm as we went to send Light and place Light columns.

We sent Light to the firefighters (I heard over 500) and the police, trying to manage the people, and to Notre Dame itself. It was a difficult situation because of how Notre Dame is situated, and the fact that there were so many people around Notre Dame. They had to get people off Ile de la cite’ and run hoses from the Seine river to the Notre Dame. The fire and smoke were very large and dramatic. From what we were hearing, there was not much hope to save the building, the paintings, and artifacts. The fire became so hot they could not get near, let alone get inside to save things. They focused on saving the towers and hope to save the bells from falling, causing more damage. I am saying this because for all practical purposes they did not have much hope.

Carolyn and I kept sending Light, envisioning something good from it. In the meantime, we also continued to hold for all the people around. It was a very deep experience for us and I believe for so many there. Later our Versailles tour guide brought that message home when he told us that it was not only just about religion, but something deeply embedded in their consciousness. I like to believe that the Light played some part in what occurred and the outcome, and we were so grateful to be a conduit for the Light. They saved the two towers, saved the bells and most of the paintings, and more valuable, most artifacts.

Many minister friends of ours who knew we were there, texted back and forth which helped us feel more support of the Light and Spirit. And, Vincent, after hearing you talk about how so many were placing the situation into the Light, I can’t help but appreciate how we are all connected and how individually and together we can bring forward a beautiful stillness from which to allow the Light to do its work for the highest good.

Love and blessings,
Curtis Waechtler

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