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Giving Up the Emotional Roller Coaster


When you are loving someone, love all of them. Fingers become precious, toes become precious everything becomes precious…That’s the recognition of the presence of the spiritual heart, the presence of the Beloved. -John-Roger

This article by John-Roger was originally published in the Movement Newspaper, June of 1981.

Where is that loving heart that you hear me talk about really located? It’s located in the top part of the causal plane of consciousness, which is in the top part of the emotions and part of the mental realm. And that encompasses the whole body. So when you see a physical body you are really looking at the spiritual heart, the loving heart, isn’t that wonderful? All of the body becomes precious because it is all a manifestation of the loving heart.

When you are loving someone, love all of them. Fingers become precious, toes become precious everything becomes precious. Have you ever looked at the fingers of a baby and just seen how beautiful and perfect they are and almost worshipped the beauty of that? That’s the recognition of the presence of the spiritual heart, the presence of the Beloved. It’s also the recognition that everything about us is worthwhile and valuable, as it is an extension of God.

That’s just talking about the outside – the body. Inside resides the Kingdom of Heaven. If you can have so much fun and joy and sharing outwardly, in a group of loving people or just with that special one that you love, then can you imagine what you can have when you go inside and see the greater glory? Within your own consciousness your Soul shines brighter than 16 suns and 16 moons put together at one time. Your Soul is brighter.

Yet, you sometimes struggle in this world, trying to find something worthwhile. You try to find a reality in this world that’s really “dynamite,” when all along you have that “dynamite” present within you, as you. There is nothing really that “dynamite” in this world; there’s not enough dynamite here to blow your nose. This world is only reflection, not reality.

Why would a lady who’s married to a beautiful man, prepare a meal for him, and then when he sits down to eat, take the food away and replace it with a picture of the food, and expect him to find nourishment from the picture? No one would do that. She would give him the food so that he could be fulfilled and satisfied and happy.

Well, this is an analogy we can use in terms of this world. We have reality inside of us capable of fulfilling us totally. Yet, we will go for the “picture” (the worldly things) and bypass the reality. The Beloved resides within. You can sit with the Beloved, eat with him, and be satisfied. You can have the real thing; you don’t have to worship the reflected image when you can live the reality.

If there were a million dollar stack of money on your right and a 10 dollar bill on your left, which would you reach for? Would you reach for the 10 dollars and ignore the million? People do it all the time. Why? Ignorance? Probably. Maybe they think that the million dollars is counterfeit. Maybe they think it’s not real because they’ve never seen anything like that before. Maybe they don’t know what that is, but they do know what 10 dollars is, so they’ll take that.

That same action may apply to us when we really haven’t reached into the inner consciousness enough to discover the value that resides there. But we do see the value in the outside world because that’s where more of our reference points are. So we’ll take the value out there, because we know what that is.

Part of my work here on this planet is to bear testimony to you of your inner reality. I only tell you what I see. I only tell you what I know. If you do nothing with that, that’s fine. But if you can “catch” the reality of the inner experience, then that’s great. I do not present it to you as a picture, I present it as you. If you do not relate to that now, you will at a later time. Nothing in Spirit is wasted and there is no vacuum present in God’s creation.

How do you get to that place inside? You draw your attention to the existence of that place. And where does that place exist? It exists in what we call the third eye area, which is just above the eyes and back in toward the center of the head. It’s about where the pituitary gland would sit, if you have that type of reference point. It has also been referred to as the tenth door. It’s invisible to this world.

As you sit and do spiritual exercises (which are an active process that might look something like meditation, but goes beyond that), you focus your attention in that center. Several things might happen. One is that the mind will become nervous and start focusing into the world. You can let that distract you or you can hold steady with that and keep holding your focus.

Another result might be that the energies for your body will start coming up into the center of your head. The energy of Light and love starts moving up through the body, gathers itself up, and you might feel like your head is going to burst. This can be accompanied by severe headaches, as that center expands.

During that time, a clairvoyant would be aware that the aura around your head is greatly expanded. Your awareness is focused in a higher framework of consciousness. Your eyes might try to follow your attention, and you might feel your eyes turning up inside the sockets. That can be uncomfortable. If you find that happening, you can just relax and let the eyes come back to a normal position and know that you can just turn your inner attention to the third eye area.

We as humans are very adaptable. We get used to new experiences rapidly. So if you continue on with this process of spiritual exercises, you’ll find that the uncomfortable aspects of spiritual exercises will drop away rather rapidly. The body will get used to that kind of focus and discipline and will become more comfortable with it.

Building this kind of strength is very similar to building physical strength. If you go out and lift a bunch of weights one day, you might be pretty sore the next day. But if you start building up a little at a time, you’ll build your strength gradually without getting so sore. So if you feel like you’re going slow, just realize that can be a very positive approach and know that you are building your strength gradually, always with the greater goals in mind.

When you get into the center of the third eye area and learn to hold that energy, two phenomena appear: one of darkness and one of Light. They appear after the mind stops scattering. At the place where Light and darkness appear, move your focus away from the darkness and the Light appears automatically. The tenth door opens, and you step into the sky. The Light appears like lightening. And you have a progression present within your consciousness.

Can progression take place without your awareness of any of this? Sure. I just presented this step by step “schematic” because it often is helpful to know what the next step may be. Some people may sit down, begin chanting the sacred names of God, and find themselves present in the inner form of the beloved. They don’t experience any “steps” as such. They just move to the essence and experience the incredible joy that is within. That’s great. The place we go during these experiences has no vocabulary in terms of this world.

Chanting the names of the Lord stills the mind and focuses it inwardly upon the inner form. That’s the value. It assists you in your knowledge of the kingdom within and of your own divinity. It assists you in perceiving this world through higher vision.

Your attitude gains altitude. In that altitude, you see more clearly the field in which you are working. When you’re high enough, that little chuckhole that would normally throw you, doesn’t throw you. Yes, you may hit it, and you may also see the crater that’s over to the left a little bit and say, “Wow! Thank God for that chuckhole. It allowed me to miss the crater.”

Those things that disturb you may also be your blessings. Once you can get it clear that disturbance is not disaster, then you can move on down the road in a happier frame of mind. This doesn’t mean that you give up your direction over your life and cast your fate to the wind. It means that you exercise more and more conscious direction in your life and, at the same time, you increase your awareness of the higher power so that you can move in oneness with the Divine Will.

You learn to discern the Spirit in everything and you learn to become one with that. When you do, you give up the emotional roller coaster, the mentalizing, daydreaming, hallucinating, fantasizing, etc. And you find the inner reality moves to the outer world as a functional reality. These are transformational realities, and as you participate in them, you become transformed. And that’s a joyful day, indeed.

Baruch Bashan.


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