Living in Grace: Oneness in Co-Creation
[with Photos]

By: Martha Ringer, photos by David Sand

December 19th, 2019

Living in Grace: Oneness in Co-Creation <br/> [with Photos]


Looking at my intentions for the Living in Grace retreat at Asilomar, I saw that I wrote Oneness in Co-creation. I wanted to be in partnership with God in whatever I would allow to be brought forward during the retreat.

Now looking at it, I see that those words describe what took place at Living in Grace this year. The words that the facilitators, Sherie Wylie and Vincent Dupont, used were: one accord. For me, the moment we arrived at the Asilomar property we were moving together in the oneness and co-creating magnificence.

There were moments during the retreat where the silence was a deep and still oneness. Tears of gratitude flowed continually for me. We were connected by that golden thread.

In the Luxor seminar from the 1985 PAT IV that was released last year in the Royal Road packet, there is a line that J-R says in his sweet resonant tone of gratitude – “Boy have we moved together as a team.”

I was on that PAT IV trip that visited Luxor temple, and I knew of what he was saying. I would say the same of this year’s Living in Grace. In my experience, we all loved each other, held for each other, and allowed the depth of clearing and releasing to take place.

For me one of the sweetest blessings was the allowing for learning with mistakes and glitches, and the joy and laughter that was brought forward as a result.

In my experience, John Morton demonstrated during sharing his deep attunement, compassion and caring for each person to receive at the highest level Spirit would allow. His presence was a blessing.

To me, the oneness in co-creation with Spirit was alive and well and we were all Living in Grace throughout.

Each year at MSIA’s Conference we say: “ this was the BEST Conference ever.” For me, this Living in Grace retreat was the BEST one yet. The oneness took me to a new depth of knowing myself as the I AM. And, we moved together in that oneness even until the end, when in unison, we were all assisting the NOW a/v crew by pulling the gaffers tape off the floor to make their job of packing up easier. Boy did we ever move together as a group. Thank you J-R and John for showing us that service is the greatest expression of loving on the planet.

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