My First Experience with the Mystical Traveler John Morton

By: Reverend Karen Berry Powell

November 6th, 2020

My First Experience with the Mystical Traveler John Morton


I was fortunate to attend the Celebration of John-Roger’s 25 Years as the Traveler. It seems to me that at that event John Morton finished receiving the keys that J-R had begun transferring to him earlier in the year. That night, inside of me I heard very clearly J-R encourage us to love and support John just as we had done for him.

Shortly after this, I had the blessing of receiving an aura balancing with John. It was still during the time when he was traveling as a member of J-R’s staff and doing services.

We talked about various things during the balancing and at one point Johnny stepped back from me with his arms at his sides and his palms wide open and said mostly humbly, “If anyone is speaking the Traveler, I want to listen to them.” At that moment, a tremendous aura of warm, bright white Light was radiating around John and going straight into my heart. It melted my heart open and I felt that I was standing in the presence of Jesus. It brings tears to my eyes to think back on this moment. I had never seen or experienced anything like it. He was standing two or three feet away from me and there was no denying the gorgeous, loving emanation of holiness coming out of him.

I knew in that moment that John was who J-R said he was, and I wanted to honor what J-R asked of us. It felt important to give others the opportunity to experience John as I just had. I called PTS and made the request: would John in his capacity as the Mystical Traveler Consciousness, come to El Paso, Texas and give a workshop?

PTS asked me what class I would like, and I said, “whatever John wants to do.” Luckily he agreed, and he wanted to do a Spiritual Exercises training, so that’s what we did. This was something new and it was one of his early retreats done as the Traveler. We had a great turn-out. I said it then and I will say it again, “Thank you Johnny!”

Love & Light,
Karen Berry Powell xo

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Thank you, dear Karen, for your beautiful sharing about our radiant Traveler John.

Thank you Karen, love what you shared, El Paso was fortunate to have both you and John Morton.

Thank you Karen. This touched my heart. John has given all of us such grace filled, gentle devotion. We are so thankful for his presence. God Bless Him and his ministry.