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Receiving the Spirit: Go 100 Percent Into What You Are After


“The receiving of the Spirit means having a total receptivity to it. So when you transcend and see spiritually, when you finally get to that place, you turn and go 100 percent into what you’re after.” – John-Roger

This article by John-Roger was first published as a Letter from the Editor in the New Day Herald, November 1990

MSIA is sometimes called a “new age religion.” We’re not new age, and we’re also not a religion. Religions are involved with realigning themselves, and we’re not realigning ourselves with anything. We’ve already established that we’re in alignment, and now we’re just going on that line into the Spirit world, into the heart, and residing there in the fullness of it.

We’re a new look at the old, old things. We look back at the beginning of civilization. We go back into that and into the ancient Halls of Memory in the Spirit world, and we see where all of this existed in its majesty in the mystery schools. We see where people were taught how to move objects with their minds or with a look and with an intention. In some of the temples in Cairo, for example, a lot of things were moved with intention.

This is a Spirit-filled group, and you feel the Spirit. The Spirit doesn’t stay here; it gets utilized and you get emptied. Doing spiritual exercises is the way to start to refill yourself. And you could refill yourself if you could walk around, as the Bible says, “praying unceasingly.”

The Bible also says, “In the Spirit, God is closer to you than your breath, or your hands and feet.” I didn’t understand that when I first heard it, but later I realized, “They’re not talking about my literal hands and feet; they’re talking about me. Well, who is that?” That started the search. If I had realized that sooner, I probably would have found it centuries ago. Well, knowing me, no. I would have found it just when I did, right on my dumb schedule.

I never feel bad about my dumbness because it got me this far. And my intellect never did. It got me to my dumbness; it got me in trouble. So when I see people doing certain things, I can usually peg what they’re doing just because I’ve done so much of it myself. Often that comes off like a bragging statement. Folks, it’s really not. It’s a confession of ignorance and dumbness, and it’s saying, “If you see me doing a dumb thing, don’t do that.” I still have to have dumbness working because we’ll be working with other groups of people. Now, not you people, obviously. Other groups of people, somewhere else.

The receiving of the Spirit means having a total receptivity to it. So when you transcend and see spiritually, when you finally get to that place, you turn and go 100 percent into what you’re after. Sometimes, you’re afraid that something of great value will be taken. But the Lord never takes away anything of value unless he replaces it with something of greater value. To get the thing of greater value, you can’t hold the first thing in one hand while you get the new one. You have to drop the first before you can receive the new. Most people want to go with one foot back here to make sure that if something’s wrong, they can stay here. But listen, and get it real clear: You’re going to die here. What you’re going to take with you is only that which can leave, so you might want to find out what that is.

The teachings and philosophies that will turn you back towards the psychic levels and the psychic-material worlds are part of the “devil kingdom” (and I use that in a negative sense). The part that turns you into the Spirit, into the Soul and the adoration of the Creator–that’s what’s going to take you beyond the realms of incarnation. And that’s dependent upon each person. No one can save you but yourself. A lot of the Christians say, “Well, Jesus saves you.” And I say, “Not until you save yourself.” You save yourself by turning toward that, toward the Christ, and taking the first step by saying, “Lord, would you . . . ,” and at that moment, you’ve saved yourself. All Christ does is make the saving complete.

Once we understand that, we find out that we’re also responsible for all of our degradations. And that responsibility has already been handled in the spirit world, too. For you to try to offer recompense for everything you’ve done in this world that could have been wrong or bad or evil or wicked or whatever–forget it. You’ll never be able to get it all done because you’ll always be doing other new things. So you just say, “That’s already been healed by the Christ action 2,000 years ago.”

I know that all of us want freedom inside of us, and we strive for freedom outside of us because we don’t have it inside. Then when we get it outside, all we’ve done is controlled something, but we haven’t freed ourselves. So we’re learning peace by confronting the “demons” in our own minds and our own consciousnesses. Our confrontational tactics are that we don’t do anything. We just stand there and praise God’s name in front of the “demons.” They move aside, and the peace and calm appear.

Baruch Bashan

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  1. Patience Iwuoha

    Thanks Dear Traveler for always being there for me and all of us who truly loves and believed in these grate teaching of soul Transcendence that have turned so many lives around for the highest good. We love you and we are grateful for the learning and growing.

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