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My Merry Magical Ministry


Berti Klein at an MSIA costume party event in May, 1991.

Berti Klein received the Minister of the Year award at the Minister’s Meeting during MSIA’s  Conference of the Heart of Soul Transcendence, June 27, 2021.  At our request, Berti graciously wrote about her ministry.

Oh wow!  I was asked to write something about my Ministry for our wonderful New Day Herald!  I have dozens and dozens of fun Ministry stories!  I’ll share here a few random thoughts and stories about my Ministry that came to me as I cogitated on what to write.

* First, I’d like to share a revelatory experience in which I realized the depth of how important my Ministry (and Initiations) are to me.  At the time of the riots in South Central LA, I was in France facilitating Movement Workshops under Insight (called Energy in those days in French).  I got a call in the middle of the night from my roommates saying there were fires all around my home, telling me to be prepared that I might not have a home when I came back!  I went back to bed shaking and had a little prayer with J-R  – “Lord show me what to do here – go home? Stay and keep my commitment to facilitate my Fun Movement Ministry?”  I fell asleep and a while later, I sat bolt upright and burst into tears.

I heard in the depths of my Beingness the words – “They can have my home. They can have my car… No one can take THE most important things from me… My MINISTRY & My INITIATIONS!!!!”  That was the start of an even deeper process of Commitment, SE’s, Service, Dedication, JOY, and all that I experience as these Gifts of Ministry and Initiation!!!  And, so I don’t leave you hanging… I did choose to stay in France for those 2 weeks, had an amaaaazing time sharing my Gifts/Ministry with adults, kids and the French Ministers and Insight grads.  When I returned my home was there, welcoming me back as always!

* Many of you know how much I absolutely loooooove being involved with USM, Insight, HeartFelt, PTS, MSIA, Ministerial Board…  Those are my favorites – assisting, taking, auditing, holding the Light, sharing in all of J-R’s amaaaazing organizations.  Often I laugh and say, “Thank you, God, that my ‘worst karma’ is having to choose between which of these seminars/classes/organizations I’ll assist at or participate with next” – often there are 2 or 3 at the same time, and I want to do them ALLLL!!  I’ve been involved with most of J-R’s organizations since they began and plan to be involved until the day Spirit takes me Home to the Heart of God.  Bestest Ministries around!!!!

* Many years ago I was in a funk even though I was doing lots of fun service in J-R’s organizations – not much work, not much money, not much direction. So, I had a counseling with Johnny Morton.  John spent pretty much the entire hour saying, “Berti, do more Service!”  I had no clue how that would support my abundance and direction, especially since I was already doing a lot of service.  After clearing my upset (feeling like I had wasted my money, of course, – you know, “Jewish karma”) I thunk to meself, “Okay, I’ll try it and see what happens – after all, he is the Traveler”…  Well, lo and behold, every area in my life perked up and I fell into an even deeper Loving of Serving and Joy!!  I just love how Spirit choreographs my life!!   Sweet Surprises around every corner!

* Around the same time someone gave me a book (after they heard my “sob story” – or as we say in Insight – my victim story).  I never read the book, but tore the cover off and put it where I saw it many times daily  – it was called Do What You Love and the Money Will Follow!!!  (and, it’s still on my wall all these years later!)  Well, guess what? I decided to do even more Service because that’s what I truly love, and again, lo and behold, many surprise Gifts poured in – not from the Service, itself, but from those Magical Spirit Surprises, Miracles, and Blessings that I Intend and Seed for every day!

For instance, one client I saw for only one session in the 1970’s (whom I never charged as she had limited resources) found me many years later, and sent me a surprise note, saying “that one session I had with you changed my life. I now have lots of money and I want to pay you for it” and enclosed a check for $3,000!!!  Trust!!!  Surrender!!  Spirit guides!!

This just in – the day I sent this article to Deborah, I found a gift card for $200 in an envelop taped to my door!  The folks across the hall were gone for a couple of months and asked me to bring up their mail.  I did and welcomed them home with a fun sign.  In my mind, I was just doing what was really easy and simple – check their mail every time I checked mine – easy peasy!  No expectation and then this fun surprise gift on my door!  Like I say – I love these Magical Spirit Surprises, Miracles and Blessings!!!

* I was a student in the first 5 years of the Doctor of Spiritual Science class and thought for sure I would graduate in the first class!  I love my Practical Treatise title/topic and I was one of the first to get it.  However, I’ve been so busy living it, I haven’t yet written it yet!! –

Moving with the Rhythm of Spirit:

Living My Life as a Co-Creative Labyrinth!!

That pretty much describes my Ministry – wherever Spirit sends me, there I go! And, it fits with the first line of my Blessing – “The form of unfoldment varies according to that that presents itself…”

* I’m often a “late bloomer” (no judgment on that – I just know myself and my patterns pretty well!).  When I was ordained in 1976, I didn’t understand my Blessing at all.  I had no clue who John-Roger was at the time and I thought he had mixed up mine with my buddy George who got ordained after me! It took me years to understand it and now I wouldn’t trade it for the world.  I love my Blessing and I love sharing it; when I do often people experience it as a Blessing that is quite universal.  We’re all dealing with perfecting whatever form we’re involved with and bringing the Spirit through each form present. And, to add, of course I have a better sense of who J-R is now and he’s my bestest friend everrrr!!

* One Ministry I adore is my Monday nights with the Ministerial Board.  In the mid 1980’s Genie Ford asked me if I would assist in starting a Spanish Board, as more and more Spanish folks were coming in and I love speaking Spanish with all my dear amigos in the Latin American countries and here!!!  I loved that idea, joined right in, and have continued attending pretty much every Monday evening ever since. Personally, I am super grateful for Zoom!  The traffic in LA is challenging these days – I live about 9 miles from Prana – “piece of cake” with no traffic, right?  However, it usually took me between an hour and an hour and a half to get there during rush hour!   Ya gotta laugh – it took me exactly 12 minutes to get home at night after the meeting!!!  Now, I just wander over to my desk and turn on my computer!  AND, it was well well worth the trip to be in the Traveler’s Home, Celebrating our Wonderful Ministers every week!!

* One of my favorite Ministries (okay ANOTHER one of my favorite Ministries) is to attend Ministers Meetings around the world!!!  I love connecting with dear friends I’ve known for many years from many different countries and to make new friends, as I get to know the other Ministers in our wonderful worldwide family!  I hope someday to once again attend in person and hug all my fellow Ministers in person!!!  There are many Blessings during this wild time!!

* Lastly, I loooove supporting folks to learn to Love their Precious BodyTemples!  We have these gifts – the “clothes that we wear” while here on the planet, and I find it really fun and profound to support folks to clear and heal through Movement some of the “pieces of jewelry” (okay, karma in plain talk) that they don’t need anymore.   Movement is my life – on all levels, not just the physical.  It’s even in my Ministerial Blessing!

So, there ya have it – just a few of the multitude of stories I could share about my Ministry and my 50 years of connections with MSIA, J-R, and all his organizations!!!

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  1. Esther Jantzen

    Oh, Bertie–you know how they say to writers that they need to find their “voice”? Well, you certainly have and use yours. This was delightful to read for its voice–which is clearly only yours! Plus the stories are great. Three-thousand dollars for one session! You got it, girlfriend!

  2. Berti, Love you so much! What a beautiful heartfelt sharing- and lived experience! God bless you always & all ways!!

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