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The Power of Love


“Are you ready for the power of love that is the heart of God?  Will you go into that with your consciousness and openness with whatever that would bring forward for you?” – John Morton

This article comes from John’s sharing at The Power of Love workshop at MSIA’s Conference of the Heart of Soul Transcendence in June 2021.

The power of love is going to prevail.  It’s going to be there no matter what.  It is the supreme power of creation.  We have that willingness to be patient as one of the keys, to endure whatever is appearing as something not loving.  Maybe your awareness is more with what is not love than what is love for yourself.  Just give yourself that openness.  Take that in, that you would allow that to be your process right now.

One of the ways we know we are choosing love is we seek it.  We look for it.  A good way of looking for the good and the divine is to look for the love.  Keep looking so you allow your consciousness to stay open no matter what is in your experience, thoughts, feelings, or sensations.  Just be open to various experiences and observe them.  That can also be an awareness about what was going on that didn’t seem much like loving.

Consider that we are going to go into the heart of God, Soul Transcendence, and having that connection this lifetime.  It’s now because we are in this lifetime.  There is a question from this Traveler, “Are you ready for the power of love that is the heart of God?  Will you go into that with your consciousness and openness with whatever that would bring forward for you?”  If you have already asked for it, it has already been given.

At some level, you are asking for the power of love that is God.  The fullness of what that is has already been given to you.  How would you know it?  We all would know it because we have faith and trust in what it is, no matter what the circumstances are.  We would give ourselves over to the power of love, no matter what.  And when we are acting contrary to the power of love, we aren’t in our best behavior or making the best choices.  We are doing things that would be an extreme contradiction, hatred and opposition to the loving that would still prevail.

There is a very powerful teaching in the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness.  God loves all of Its creation.  If that’s not a power of love, then I don’t know what is.  If God loves it, it’s over.  It has been done.  We can’t overthrow that.

We have co-creatorship, so we are allowed to do something like opposition or contradiction to the loving.  But if you really look in higher consciousness, allowing yourself the altitude of your wisdom and intelligence, you would see that it is loving that everything comes from.  If we can see that or talk about it in this moment, then we are given the pleasure of that view.  In your highest consciousness, as that comes more present and aware, you can see that it has always been loving that prevails and endures.  Loving is there when the ends come.

Consider that when the ends come, we have the opportunity to view what died and became no more.  Some of that can be what we allowed ourselves in the emotional, mental, and unconscious levels to hold onto; a bitter end where we wouldn’t let go of our disillusionment.  We wouldn’t let go of our attachments to being right or holding on to whatever was the negative view.  Still, in the consciousness of loving, it would be dissolved.  We would see that with every step and circumstance, loving was in the heart of what was taking place.

That then begs the question, “What do we do to get at the loving directly?”  All we have to do is want or intend for it and we’re in the loving.  That would be direct.  We can set the loving so it runs past our habitual forms.  It runs past the things we would do.  It stops us in our tracks before we enter them.  We could do this in such a way that other people would see in relation to what we are doing is the loving. Even if they didn’t, whatever they would do, we would experience as loving.

Get ahold of that one!  If you will hold, then whatever “it” is, by the time it gets into your awareness, it’s loving.  It doesn’t matter what “it” was on the way in, in outer forms or layers of consciousness we call the etheric, mental, causal, or physical.  Whatever you could come up with in the outer form, we are holding in our consciousness of love.

Some of you have had the experience of being out of the body.  But you can see your body in your out-of-body experience, and you are aware of your neutrality. You are watching and observing.  Then you could see something going on physically, except in some ways you are beyond it enough to be out of the body.  You could see the body struggling or crying hysterically. You could see the body still, like there is nobody home.  No spirit in it.  But the spirit that was in it is with you, looking at the body.

I see that as a joyful experience.  It’s not disturbing or hallucinogenic. Even if you are hallucinating or fantasizing, there’s a reason for it.  If it is in the negative forms, maybe it’s just time to get rid of that.  Let that go.  You are seeing something on the way out.  Wave goodbye to it.  We can do that right now, with whatever you would hold in your consciousness as a judgement towards loving.

You might want to let that go.  Even if it seems like the “love party” is not going to win the election, maybe you don’t want that election to be won anyway.  Let it go its way, so the karma goes.  There are things like that in the world.  There are waves and wave forms of karma that become formations that are being worked out on massive scales.  You may realize, “I’m not doing that.  It might be familiar, like I have done that.  I’ve been there.  I know what that is and I’m not doing that.”

What would you be doing?  You can hold the consciousness that is God consciousness, that loves whatever it is.  Have that consciousness be in you so you could be talking, walking, driving a car, etc. and you would be in the consciousness of God’s loving.

You could still relate to people as human beings with all the factors that make humans, like feelings, thoughts and the conditioning that has gone on with our existence.  How we were raised and formed, what we identified with, feared, doubted and what we gave ourselves over to.  All of that.  The opportunity is here to release all of that, to let it go so that you are open to an attunement that is the power of love to change your existence.  More and more, it becomes a consciousness of loving.

Baruch Bashan

Blessing of Peace

Dear Lord, we give thanks for this fellowship that is bringing us together in love and joy.
And when we leave here, we ask that You take what we do not need
and that we make it an offering into the one who is Your Christ,
that consciousness that is anointed by the authority and the power that is Your truth and Your love.
We accept this blessing, that we may leave here fully resolved in Your truth and that we are free.
Wherever we go, we also ask that this entire planet
and everyone and everything within it and upon it in every corner,
be blessed and that we can call forward Your peace, the peace towards all.
And when we listen, we hear Your peace in each voice.
We hear Your peace in the silence inside, what we know as eternal.
We give thanks for Your eternal peace.

Baruch Bashan


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  1. Iwuoha Patience

    Thanks Dear God, thanks Dear Mystical Travelers for your full presence in my life and us all l love you.

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