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Seeing Through the Eyes of Grace


Dave Wright.

When our son Tom was born it was a really good day. A really good day indeed. He made his Earthly appearance about six weeks early so there was a specialist on hand just in case. But Tom was fine, Mom was fine (might want to ask her 🙂 ) and Dad? Well, I didn’t exactly do much other than the ‘woo woo woo chee’ sound with Mary while she went through labor. Years later I got an episode of kidney stones and ended up in the hospital where the doctor told me I had just given birth. I wished he hadn’t said that in front of Mary.

Anyway, the specialist left and the doctor left and thankfully the nurse stayed. Have you ever been on the done side of a highly charged emotional experience and then found yourself in the midst of a silence that roared? Tom was snuggled into Mary’s heart and I was lucky enough to gently touch them both at the same time. And all too soon the nurse informed us that she had to take him down the hall for I guess the technical term is ‘baby inspection.’ I had made a pact with Mary that that baby was not going anywhere without me – driver’s license or not 🙂 . The nurse made an official decision and allowed me to lift him up from his mother’s ridiculously loving grasp and carry him to the nurses station for the usual prod and poke and such. It’s such a mixture of ‘thank you guys for being so diligent with my new baby’s health and ‘geez, guys, do you have to do all that right now?’ 🙂 I got to talk to Tom in my most comforting voice as I sat down next to him with his index finger (one of ten – actually two thumbs and eight fingers — yay!) wrapped around mine. At one point he rolled his head to the side and his amazing blue eyes met mine and the heart of God made a bridge of pure love. What a moment. Lucky Lucky Dad.

After about 8 months of ‘Hey Look World, I’m a Dad!’ and ‘sorry, my kid is prettier than yours 🙂 “ we had the blessing of taking Tom (Tommy, but only for the first 37 years of his life) to PRANA one wonderful evening for a seminar and the most important part of the night — a blessing by J-R. Mary and I took our places on the stage, Mary holding Tom’s head and me at his feet. The blessing was already pouring through me. My mom and dad were on stage as well. My inward experiences with J-R are amazing, but standing next to him on that stage was well, amazing too! I’d love to win an Oscar and give a politically charged speech, but I’d sure rather be standing next to J-R, holding our baby under the lights of PRANA. Really!

The blessing was just that. And before you could say the Gettysburg Address, the blessing was complete. J-R gently took Tommy from our grasp and held him up facing out and slowly turned with him high over his head and said something like, ‘meet all your new friends.’ Have you ever had one of those times when your body can’t hold your ego? I was beaming so bright I could have been a lighthouse stand-in on a foggy coast – at night – in a storm.

Phil Danza, our brother-in-law/spirit was working sound and actually made a VHS (Very Historical Story) video of the event. Thanks Phil!

Yeah, that was in the year of our Lord 1984. We now had a three person family soon to be five person, so life was/is really good. Proof of that are Tommy’s sisters, Ivy and Katy. Maybe you know them. They’re really cool too 🙂 .

The river of Grace breached the dam when I met J-R and it is even now becoming an ocean of love and mercy. Especially when the five of us, Mary, Katy, Ivy and Tom and me (Dad) get together these days and there is a whole lot of laughing (sometimes Tom and I yell at the refs when there’s a game on) and carrying on. And when one of my kids hugs a sibling and says, “Love you,” I could literally climb into my heart and see the whole world through the eyes of Grace itself.

And I love all of you. Tommy wasn’t the only one who got to meet all his new friends that wonderful evening in the main room of PRANA those 37 years ago.
God Bless,

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  1. Andrea Barkley

    I remember 1984 attending my first home seminar at your home
    and getting baptized in your spa.

    Happy to read your story and catch the Spirit of love.

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