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Living Blessings


The official time in Spirit is always now.  Anytime is still Spirit time.  When we say, “The blessings already are,” what do we mean by that?  That is something to consider about living blessings.  They are not asleep or needing to be resurrected like dead bodies or zombies.  They already are. – John Morton

This article comes from a sharing John had in August 2021 with the Living the Blessings class offered by Peace Theological Seminary and College of Philosophy. 

The official time in Spirit is always now.  Anytime is still Spirit time.  When we say, “The blessings already are,” what do we mean by that?  That is something to consider about living blessings.  They are not asleep or needing to be resurrected like dead bodies or zombies.  They already are.

I look at it that a blessing can be called present, forward and activated in this dimension.  We call this dimension the physical, the world, or this life.  That would apply to us because we are here now.  It has dimensions.  It has individuals, where you are, situations, circumstances, environment, and the conditions we are all in individually.  In some way, there is a shared experience.  That’s one of the blessings.  John-Roger called that out as a blessing of sharing.  It’s one of the originally spoken nine blessings that J-R shared with us. The “original nine” are health, wealth, happiness, abundance, prosperity, riches, loving, caring, and sharing.

John-Roger later added a tenth blessing – touching. I relate to touching as being in contact, being and living in connection.  We are here, but we’re also with each other, even if it’s in a remote way.  I can’t reach out and touch you right now, but there is a way your spirit does touch me.

I look at what we are doing in the transcendent consciousness and what we call Soul Transcendence.  What is that?  It is beyond this world.  It’s in the beyond.  I was watching golf recently and saw someone wearing “Blue Yonder” on their shirt.  That’s the official song of the United States Air Force.  I grew up in the Air Force because my dad’s place of business, his occupation was in the United States Air Force.  I knew the song, “Off we go into the wild blue yonder.”  I was kind of programmed early on to see the “yonder” like beyond.  Where does it go?  Where does the sky go?

There is a seminar that John-Roger did titled, “What is the Spiritual Sky?”  He spoke about things beyond our awareness, beyond what we know consciously.  Living blessings are one of those things.  They already are in the fullness of what they are.

What is the blessing of loving?  We could all spend the rest of our lives doing that blessing and finding that blessing.  The greater aspect of it would be in the “yonder,” beyond gravitational force, in something like weightlessness where there are no burdens.  Consider the greatest blessings are without any negativity whatsoever, including plain old limitation.  What would full unmitigated loving be? There is nothing holding it back.  Maybe at some level you don’t know if you could handle that physically.  You might wonder if the full power of loving came into your physical condition, it might blow you to smithereens.

I’m actually in the process of finishing my next book that’s coming out called “Blessings Here and Now.”  Maybe I’ll say, “Blessings Here, Now and Yonder,” because in the finishing is evermore blessing.  In all three of my books, “Blessings” is in the title.  Consider blessings are always around.  If we don’t feel, think, or have a sense of blessing, blessings are still present, here now.  Have the wit to look for the blessing.  Ask, “What is the blessing?”

You may have already been delving into that, allowing that to be shared.  Perhaps you are sharing the blessings, articulating them in some way, attempting to tell the story of the blessings that are here now.  Your life could be a testimony to living blessings.

John-Roger talked about the purpose in his life.  I followed him pretty closely and he said in many different ways that his life purpose is living loving or loving living.  The living love.  He told us his affirmation was, “I communicate living love.”  If anybody ever asks you, “Are you part of that John-Roger group?”  Yea!  “Who is John-Roger?”  Oh, he communicates living love.

Do you communicate living blessings?  We could all take that on as an affirmation of our lives.  “I communicate living blessings.”  It’s pretty close.  In my life, I’ve got three books with blessings on the cover, so there is something going on there.

Neither my father nor mother lived to see my books.  Maybe they had a discussion when they were still together here, and said, “What do you think John is going to amount to?  Oh, he’s going to be about blessings.  He is going to have a life about blessings.”  I have a certainty they didn’t come up with that, like, “Our son’s life is going to amount to living blessings and telling people about blessings.”

John-Roger started relating to it as, “Baruch Bashan” and said, “I’m saying the blessings are already here.  They are already present.”  In this dimension, there could be an increase.  Let’s go for that.  What if it reduces and even comes into a more limited dark state?  The blessings go there, even in the dark state.  You may say, “Well, I don’t think so.”  That is where the mind goes.  It starts relating to the negation rather that the truth.  The blessings are here.  Look for them.  They are in the good.

The definition for blessing that I came up with, which I hadn’t heard from anybody else, is greater good.  There are greater blessings going on now.  You might want to look through what those are.  The greatest blessings are here.  They are also becoming greater.  So, get ready.  When we are on to that, that is amazing.  Like, “This is the best day of my life!  This is the best moment in my entire existence.  And it’s going to get better!”

Your life is going to get better than whatever you are experiencing.  You may say, “Well, it’s already the best day of my life!”  I’m telling you it’s going to get better because the best is yet to come.  Enjoy the blessings that are here now.  That is living the blessings.

Baruch Bashan

A Living Blessing

Let’s consider that we’re all in harmony right now.
The openness of the spirit to us
comes to us in complete loving with no limit.
And the forgiveness of God
that this is God’s business, particularly in this world,
that releases us from any form of bondage, any form of attachment,
particularly when we do this thing, we call judgment
when we bring it into some disturbance, some negation.
Because of this, we’re no longer open to God,
we’re no longer open to the love and the light of God.
Take that off.
If you don’t know how to do it in your own power, your personal power,
then consider God is with you in the fullness of God’s power,
which is in complete liberation.
Releasing every bond, anything binding us, holding us into a lesser form.
Our day is coming, our day of liberation, our day of celebration.
The greatest blessings are upon us already.
This is the anointing; this is the one accord.

Baruch Bashan.

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