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Ask J-R: Baby Blessing, Chakras, Holy Spirit, Money Magnets and More

This Q&A with John-Roger was originally published in the Movement Newspaper in April, 1980.

Q: What happens when you bless a baby? What does it do for the baby?

J-R: The baby is blessed in the name of the Lord, Jesus Christ. A protection is placed with the various chakra centers of the baby’s body. Then these centers are sealed so that they may open only in love. Spirit allows me to place blessings of strength in areas of the body that show weaknesses. The blessings give the baby a better than even chance as he/she goes forward into the world.

Q: I have heard people speak about the chakras. Can you tell me what chakras are and what a crown chakra is?

J-R: Chakras are centers in the body which are attuned to various levels of awareness and frequencies. The crown chakra is located at the top of the head and is the one that the Mystical Traveler activates. This center is the chakra we use to leave the physical when we travel in the Soul body. The crown chakra and the spiritual eye center are the two chakra centers that the Mystical Traveler teaches you to be actively aware of and work with. Very few people have the ability to actually see chakras, yet many of the Traveler’s initiates have experienced the spiritual eye and crown chakra opening, and have a conscious awareness of them.

Q:  With so many people and different expressions in MSIA, how can I recognize those who are living in tune with the Holy Spirit?

J-R: Jesus once said that all men would know his disciples by the love that they had for one another. You may know who the disciples of Christ are, and who are manifesting the Holy Spirit by the love that is present with them.

Q: Can tithing work the same way as a money magnet?

J-R: That depends on your attitude. If your basic self feels like it’s losing the money, then it might not work for you to tithe. On the other hand, if your basic self is connected with the idea of putting your money magnet into an even greater money magnet, it can work for you in a really positive way. So you see, once again, it is what works for you.

Q: Is being celibate a necessity for spiritual advancement?

J-R: Celibacy is not a prerequisite for spiritual advancement. It’s more your attitude towards sex than it is the experience of sex that is the blockage or freedom. One who is celibate may, just as one who expresses sexually, have a very free or unfree attitude regarding sex, The key is the freedom and in that also is the freedom from addictions on this lower level.

Q: What does it mean to be an initiate of the Mystical Traveler?

J-R: When you’re initiated into the Sound Current, you are consciously working your way up through the different realms-the astral, causal (emotional), mental, etheric-and finally into Soul. You receive initiations into each level of consciousness, and after you have worked out the karma of one level, you move on to the next, each time through the process of initiation.

To be an initiate of the Traveler is to devote yourself to the God within you … to devote yourself to Spirit… to returning to your home, the Soul Realm, from which you originally came before you incarnated onto this earth. It means devoting yourself to working out the karma you’ve accrued while being here and to releasing yourself from that karma through grace and your good works, so that you are free to rise into the arms of God.

Q: Recently I have been feeling like I might die soon. What is going on?

J-R: On some level you are sensing change and picking that up and identifying it as “death”. When changes happen, in a sense the old does “die” as it makes way for the new. The feeling of death is symbolic of the spiritual changes you are now entering into and not a physical reality for you at this time.

Q: Why do I feel depressed so much of the time?

J-R: The amount of happiness and joy that you experience in this life is up to you. You can choose depression and negative expression, or you can choose uplifting situations that will allow you to create happiness and joy for yourself. Do those things that are necessary for you to have joy. Get busy physically instead of mentalizing yourself into depression. Keep present, and do more spiritual exercises and you’ll soon find that you will awaken to the love and joy that was with you all the while.

Q: Are there other people on the planet who know Soul Consciousness?

J-R: Yes, there are people that have that level of awareness. The difference between those people and the Mystical Traveler is that the Mystical Traveler has the ability to be a wayshower and guide you into the Soul Realm. That is the great value of my work-having the keys, to show you and to assist you in traveling in the upper realms.

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