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The Grace of the Traveler and My Mom’s Passing

At a Conference many years ago, J-R shared about a small 10-year-old girl, who was thrown from her horse, trampled, and hit her head on a rock. As she was being airlifted, her dad called J-R.

At the hospital, they found no concussion or broken bones (although there was a big hoof print on her back). The father asked J-R about this, and J-R replied.


So, when my brother, Rick, called and said my 94-year-old Mom had fallen, and was in the hospital with renal failure and her organs were shutting down, I immediately contacted John Morton, the Traveler. I also wrote a note to J-R and Jesus and burned it.

This is what followed:

My mother, Elisabeth Westerhoek, was admitted to the hospital on Christmas Day. They said no visitors because of Covid restrictions.

But then my brother, Rick, was allowed to see her for 1/2 an hour that night.

He asked about hospice in the hospital (so she could have family visit) and they said she was too ill.

But the next day she was moved to hospice.

Rick then asked if she could be moved home for hospice, but they said she needed too many medicines and care.

But the next day, they said she had improved and could go home.

My Mom didn’t need any medicine or pain killers – she was comfortable.

In the very early morning of January 5th, my Mom passed.  Later that night, I brought her into my Sanctuary. She was dressed similarly as on the old show, “Queen for a Day”, which she had liked to watch. She had on a purple robe with white trim and tiara, and she was so happy and relaxed.

And the last thing she said was “I love you” to my brother. She passed in his arms very peacefully.

And I knew she was in the Grace of the Traveler.

7 thoughts on “The Grace of the Traveler and My Mom’s Passing”

  1. Thank you, Inez, for sharing your experience and the beautiful loving and perseverance on your brother’s part to keep asking for what y’all wanted. And of course, for the reminder to give it all to the Traveler. Great Loving, Frankie

  2. Thanks for sharing about your Mom. As a long time Minister and Iniate, I send you my Blessings and Your family too. I’m also sending you 2 dozen,Cambridge MA. , French Croissants. These croissants will take weight of your shoulders and put
    The Weight onto the Road of Life’s Shoulders. ======
    Love and light, to Inez, my Best Friend Dave Cleveland

  3. To Inez and to others that will miss her Mom…Elizabeth.
    Blessings of Light and Love ❤️ of the Traveler,John Roger. Also,
    Enclosed are 3 dozen, fresh baked Almond Croissants from Patisserie Francie 0f Cambridge MA.
    Eat at least two they will remove the weight from your shoulders and put that weight on the Shoulders ====== of the ‘Road of Life’
    Safe a Croisant. For me.
    Love ❤️ and light for Inez.
    Dave Cleveland

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