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An Interview with John Morton about Inner Worlds of Meditation

It is with great pleasure and excitement that we announce the FIRST self-paced class facilitated by John Morton and John-Roger. Providing a workshop experience, this outstanding class is a collection of unreleased footage from the MSIA Conference workshops in 1997 and 1998. For many of us that worked and prepared this experience for you, it felt like were really there, in the room, participating and watching our beloved Travelers. We invite you to sign-up for this class and check it out for yourself. 

Included in this class are:

  • Descriptions of the sacred tones
  • Guided meditations
  • Q&A with the Travelers
  • Introduction and Blessing from John Morton
  • Invitations to live monthly Traveler Sharings with John Morton for the PTS Undergraduate
  • And more! 

The following Q&A from January 2022 comes from a conversation with John Morton about his experience facilitating with J-R and what he sees as the value in the Inner Worlds of Meditation course. The Q&A ends with a beautiful blessing by John.

Q:  How did the Inner Worlds of Meditation workshop come about?

John Morton:  John-Roger, in his works of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness through the years, made recordings with various meditations.  The meditations relate directly to “spiritual exercise”, which is a core aspect of what we do in the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness. If you are interested in spiritual exercise, I would highly recommend participating in the online workshop.

What is the value of the sacred tones of spiritual exercises?  That would be immeasurable, like as much value as in what God is doing with us in this creation.  How do we access God consciousness?  How do we tune into who we are as a soul and develop our spiritual awareness?

The sacred tones are keys.  They are also “charged”.  The sacred tones are charged first spiritually.  We are working with spiritual light, spiritual consciousness.  It can also work with the psychic-material (magnetic) light and various aspects on our consciousness. This includes the unconscious, mental, emotional, imaginative, and physical levels of our consciousness.  This touches all kinds of things in our material nature, our life in this world.  There is value in all those levels.  But the primary value is your soul consciousness and how to develop that awareness.

Q: What makes this workshop unique from other MSIA offerings?

John Morton:  If I’m being a good promoter, I’d say, “This is the best workshop ever.  There couldn’t be anything finer than what this is.”  We’ve distilled the information through John-Roger, the Mystical Traveler consciousness, Travelers through the Ages, and it is the best of the best.  Knowing that, I think you would want to be there.

A uniqueness also, is that I am co-facilitating, and that’s rare.  I wasn’t really expecting this when they gave me the materials to look over for what was the best of the best, there was a lot of what I would call “outtakes.”  There were a lot of antics and spontaneous moments.

My version of that is it was very funny, very entertaining, even compelling at times.  It was like, “What are they doing? When are they going to do what I came here for?  Things like that.  In some ways, it was, “We’ll take a little break now and let John-Roger and John Morton do some antics on stage and see what happens.”  There are some things like that, that are going to be part of what we are doing in this upcoming workshop.

Q: What was your experience facilitating with John-Roger?

John Morton:  It ran a gamut.  It is sacred.  Regardless of the external expression and whatever the conditions are, the sacred teachings are always on.  It’s my privilege and honor to share and contribute to that in some way.

John-Roger is a most interesting fellow.  I’m sure you already know that.  You are going to be surprised at what he is willing to do.  At times, I think he was just finding out how far I might go.  It’s almost like someone throwing you balls.  How many can you catch before you drop one?  I think I dropped a few, but that’s okay.  You might want to be around to see what that’s like when I drop a ball!

When the Traveler consciousness comes into the opportunity to be with us in all the ways it does that, it’s unpredictable.  Anything could happen other than something really bad, terrible, mean or nasty.  We don’t do that.  It’s uplifting and it can be a lot of fun.  There is a lot of laughter.  If you are interested in that aspect of what it’s like facilitating with John-Roger, we’ve got some of that experience.

Q: How were you able to hold the energy together while J-R was going off so much?

John Morton:  If you are willing to come into that consciousness, sharing at a workshop conducted by the Traveler – let’s call that John-Roger and I’ll include John Morton – but really any minister who is open to allowing that expression through the Traveler consciousness, then it’s “game on.”  The Light is on.  Full power is on.  It can be something beyond what we know, something unfamiliar but very rich and full in how the experience comes forward.

Q: What do you want to say to people taking the workshop for the first time?

John Morton:  It is going towards a most intelligent choice to participate in these works and teachings, to develop your own awareness.  It is also in the Christ consciousness.  I consider that a non-religious term.  If you don’t understand what I mean by Christ consciousness, I encourage you to familiarize yourself with the teachings and come to the workshop.  We are going to be doing direct experience with what that is.  I think it’s especially valuable if you are not familiar with the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness and maybe you haven’t ever taken a class.  It would work beautifully.

Q: How can a participant get the most out of the workshop?

John Morton:  The most important part is that you show up and participate.  I don’t know any way to get the most out of the workshop other than that.  It’s set up for your participation.  The value is toward those who are participating, studying and practicing what we are doing.  It’s set up to deliver maximum value to you.

If you do show up, participate fully with an openness to go along with the exercises.  If it’s unfamiliar to you, it may seem awkward.  Sometimes people have concerns, like a worry, doubt or a fear.  That’s okay and very human.  It doesn’t really stop what we are doing, but it does in some way influence what we are doing.  We encourage you to be open and have the experience.

We do a process we call “sharing” where the whole group gets to participate with someone’s sharing of their experience.  Often, the Traveler will have a response, especially answering questions.  If there are concerns, we welcome them.  We address them openly and honestly.

Something I do very actively in my ministry is call forward blessings.  I often tell people very openly, almost like a plea, to realize you are the blessings.  You have blessings within you that come directly out of God consciousness.  That is how I experience them.

Even if you don’t know what God consciousness is or what that means, blessing means “greater good.”  It’s often conducted in a way of a prayer or invocation.  Even if you said, “Well, I don’t know how to pray or do an invocation,” just look at the God consciousness as very personal, so you can have a conversation.

God is always present with you.  Always present, always with you, watching and observing.  It is not in any way an infliction.  It might be an experience like, “I didn’t know that.  I’m not aware of that.  It is invisible and silent.”  That’s okay.  To me that’s part of the mystical aspect of God.

I encourage you to do blessings for yourself.  Call out blessings for others, for situations in your life, always for the highest good of all concerned.

Here we go…..

Dear Lord,

We ask for Your blessing for whoever is present right now. I especially invite you to be aware that you are surrounded, you are filled, you are enfolded by the Light that is a radiation of loving, of wisdom, of whatever is needed for anyone, for anything. It has that power. And that we open ourself up in this way to call forward the blessing, however that would serve any need, any interest for greater good.

So, bring forward what you want. Especially consider yourself, but also consider any situation, any person, all of it together. There’s no situation too large or too small for greater blessing.

As we open up in this awareness, let’s call it an attunement, there is grace here. There’s forgiveness here.

Whatever is needed in transformation, especially if there’s disturbance, if there’s any negativity, pain, or suffering, a blessing can go to that for a person individually, for many, for any situation. It can go for the whole world.

I call forward the Christ. It’s the anointing of the Holy Spirit. I call the Holy Spirit into what we’re doing. It just needs an invitation. We don’t need to understand what that means. Let’s consider that’s also the consciousness of the Christ, that one who’s anointed in the flesh. It can be one. It can be everyone. So, we can all be anointed.

In the anointing is the blessing of the one accord, which is our transformation as we come into our oneness, our understanding that who we are is a good being.

We may need to clear, so we ask for the clearing. We ask for the balancing.

We ask for the blessing that is beyond what we know, serving the best is yet to come.

Baruch Bashan.

We hope you enjoyed this beautiful interview with our Traveler. More information about signing up is coming soon.

And here’s a video of John sharing a little bit more about the class:

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