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MSIA Presidency Update — February 2022

Breaking news!  The custom Quick Link feature on the home page has been launched.   If you are logged into the web site with your student user and password, go to the home page (click on the MSIA logo in the upper left corner on any page) and look at the Quick Links section on the upper left.   You can drag and drop the quick links to change their order or click the edit icon and select up to seven links from a larger group of link options for your own custom links.   Need help navigating the custom Quick Links?    Watch this tutorial video.


Over the years, when we have inquired how people came to be involved in MSIA, the biggest response has consistently been “word of mouth.”   Sure, lots of folks have found the Movement through USM, Insight, the internet, and other ways, but most of those who find MSIA have done so through the rather vague-sounding “word-of-mouth.”

MSIA’s approach to letting the world know what we have to offer has always been to be in harmony with and reflective towards the inner Sound Current path. “The only business of MSIA is Soul transcendence.”  We certainly don’t proselytize but we do everything we can to make the Teachings available in ways that students meant for the Traveler can discover them.

In his early days in MSIA, Vincent was eager and enthusiastic to share about the teachings with people he knew and met. When he asked John-Roger how he could best share about MSIA, J-R’s response was not to say anything, rather to let his Light shine such that people see it and ask him about what he is doing.

Perhaps this is how many of you found MSIA. Even so, we have heard from many individuals that trying to articulate what MSIA is about, and share what our experience has been, can be very challenging.  With this in mind, we wanted to provide you with some suggestions on how to share MSIA when others express interest or inquire what you are doing that allows you to keep such a good attitude in the face of challenges. Here they are:

The Soul Transcendence web site at is designed for people who know nothing about Soul Transcendence or MSIA and want to learn or experience what we have to offer. The content has been carefully curated to guide seekers through an introduction to the path of Soul transcendence, an overview of next steps they can take. This includes an online support community of seekers new to MSIA and a network where people can connect, chat, and get to know others who are also on this journey.

Loving Each Day quotes are easy to share from the website or the MSIA app.   There are many subscribers to Loving Each Day emails who are not yet active MSIA students.  The emails are a wonderful daily spiritual support for thousands of people around the world. To sign-up to receive Loving Each Day quotes, they can visit and sign-up at the bottom of the page.

There are John-Roger audio meditations and seminars available to the public on Spotify and Pandora you can share with others. Simply go to Spotify or Pandora and look for John-Roger, DSS.

Books by John-Roger and John Morton are always a great way to share the teachings.   The Journey of a Soul book is available free to download at   Many books are available as audiobooks narrated by John-Roger, Paul Kaye, and others.  They can be found on major audiobook platforms such as

MSIA’s YouTube channel at has several introductory videos as well as several curated lists of J-R and John videos. Many people are familiar and comfortable with YouTube as a platform, and so sending individual videos or even an entire list can be a great way to share that does not require them to login in or sign up for anything.

That Which Is at is also a great place to send people new to MSIA.   There are That Which Is videos and playlists clearly displayed for a new user that are directed to introduce MSIA teachings. For example, there are great seminars like Introduction to MSIA, The Spiritual Warrior, and the Two Processes of Mind: Attitude and Altitude.  There are also meditations like: the Sacred Sanctuary, the Cathedral of the Soul, and the Hu Meditation.  If someone really wants to know about MSIA and John-Roger, the entire documentary Mystical Traveler – The Life and Times of Dr. John-Roger is there too.

If you have any other ways for sharing MSIA with new folks that you have found useful, please let us know.   We want to make sure that every student has the tools they need to study in MSIA and how they can share about their experience with others.

As always, please join us in placing this all into the Light for the Highest Good. And thank you for standing with us in God’s Light, love and Sound, sharing the grace of the Traveler’s teachings throughout the world.

The MSIA Presidency – Paul, Vincent, and Mark
MSIA Succession – Jeffrey & Anna

3 thoughts on “MSIA Presidency Update — February 2022”

  1. I’m glad my Mom introduced me to That Which Is on cable in 1983. She didn’t join but I got involved and have benefited greatly for so many years.

    My gratitude to JR and the efforts of so many volunteers &staff.
    L&L Andrea Barkley

    1. Dear Presidency, and all involved,
      The website is soooo beautiful! I am truly stunned by the choice of options and how it unfolds, pulling me, drawing me in. I am very appreciative of the talent we have at MSIA and all who are involved in the development of these websites and features and how spirit works with you.

      I also love “That Which Is” App – although initially I resisted as I have 30+ years of DVD’s SATS and more, with folders on my iPhone for each. Then I was – “it’s so easy to discover something new – I’m in a candy store – and I’m supporting MSIA and I love that I can download them to listen with wifi off and then delete. It has simplified my MSIA storage/access to seminars. Bottom line: I totally talked myself into it and am so grateful. And fun to share with newbies.

      Love to all
      Corinne Kidd

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