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MSIA Presidency Update – June 2022

Inflation has been in the news here in the USA for the past few months as prices for food, rent, gas, and travel have soared due to economic factors like supply chain disruptions, higher energy prices, and rising interest rates.  But there is one place where the cost of things has remained stable for decades – our own MSIA offerings.

Since the 1980s, Soul Awareness Discourses have been just $100 annually ($50 for the first year), and MSIA services (aura balances, polarity balances and innerphasings) have been $100 per service. Paul Kaye recently joked that if you wanted an MSIA service in the eighties you would have paid $100 and complained that we were charging too much.  Now, in 2022, if you were to book an MSIA service, you would be paying the same $100 and complaining that we are charging too much.

In addition, five years ago the vast array of John-Roger seminars and meditations could be purchased on a thumb drive for $2,000 to $3,000, or more.  Today, hundreds of J-R and John Morton seminars, sharings, and other gems – much more than were on the MSIA thumb drive — are available for $10 a month on That Which Is.

We are all grateful MSIA’s content and PTS courses have remained available at such reasonable prices and sometimes for no charge at all.  MSIA is able to do this because of the joyful givers, those who tithe to MSIA.   If you want to learn more about tithing or just get a shot of inspiration, there is a whole page of tithing nuggets here

One of the goodies is a John-Roger excerpt where he shares how the spiritual law of tithing helps move us past the materiality of this world, and “sets up a countenance that is a form of glory in the human being.” You can find it here

Excitement is building for this year’s Conference of Joy, Fun and Laughter which kicks off with the Gathering of Peacemakers event on Wednesday, June 22, 2022.   We expect much merriment and Spirit at the It’s a Surprise Workshop. And if you want to attend in-person that is an option this year.

The Blessingfest returns to Prana on the Monday after the Conference weekend.   The donations go to the John-Roger Legacy fund, and those attending in person will have some delicious food and desserts to enjoy along with the Spiritual treats.

To find an overview of all the Conference events, click here.

For your awareness, and to assist in your planning, we are looking to return to Asilomar for a Living in Grace retreat in December 2022, and we are also leaning into the idea of two different Traveler journeys in 2023.   One is to the South in the United States and the other to the Holy Land (Israel).  Watch out for a survey with prices for the trips and an invitation for you to show your interest and commitment.   These tours involve a tremendous amount of behind the scenes logistics and preparation, and knowing how many people will be joining us will assist us with the planning.

This year, we have a focus to make MSIA’s web site easier to use.   A big step forward in that direction was the launch of a new look to the student dashboard.  If you haven’t already noticed, when you sign into your account you will now see a different home page that features the prayer list available right there on the right side.   The student dashboard entries for ministers, MSIA store downloads, email password and subscriptions management are still in the pull-down menu at the upper right corner where your name is after you sign in.   They will also now be found in buttons across the top of the home page — MSIA Ministry, Initiates Only, Change Password/Email, Manage Email Subscriptions, and My Account (online store links).   The Manage Email Subscriptions section is much improved.  Do give it a look to see if there are any email subscriptions you have been missing out on.  We have more updates in the wings.  Stay tuned!

As always, please join us in placing this all in the Light for the Highest Good. And thank you for standing together in God’s Light, love and Sound, sharing the grace of the Traveler’s teachings throughout the world.

God bless you.

The present and future MSIA Presidency

Paul, Vincent, and Mark

Anna, David, and Jeffrey


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