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Completing with Joy

Part of what brings us happiness and success is having a willingness to be gradual.  Do what is available now and appreciate it as a gain, improvement, or advancement of some kind.  Celebrate your victories in the action cycle. – John Morton

This article and blessing are taken from a previously published article that appeared in the New Day Herald in February 2014. It comes from a sharing John did in November 2013.

Do you find yourself envisioning and starting to manifest, but stopping part way through rather than finishing?  You may have a habitual pattern of not completing what you started.  Because it is a familiar pattern, it tends to run like on a course.  It is as if it has its own track, repeating itself, which in and of itself can be disturbing.  You might ask, “Why would I recreate over and over again something I don’t really like where I get disappointed and frustrated?  Why go halfway instead of finishing?”  Instead, ask yourself, “What would change the pattern?”

The answer is for you to continue.  At the point where you might want to stop, you keep going.  Notice markers along the way, such as how you got closer to the finish.  Remember, we are not trying to do everything all at once.  If you can, go for it.  Sometimes we can resolve something instantly.  But many times, it is a gradual process and it’s important to note and honor our progression.

Part of what brings us happiness and success is having a willingness to be gradual.  Do what is available now and appreciate it as a gain, improvement, or advancement of some kind.  Celebrate your victories in the action cycle.  If you are done with what you wanted to do, but you don’t acknowledge, celebrate, thank yourself and whatever helped you (including God!) then you are missing something.  You are missing out on appreciating what you are doing with your creation.  Part of completion is celebration.

Do you have a reference from past actions where when you finished something you were harmed or betrayed in some way?  That experience tends to set up an unconscious sense of, “I don’t want to finish because I just get hurt.” If you experienced it as a death experience, where you carried it over as unfinished, it can hold as a pattern of fear into this lifetime.  You may say, “When I’m successful, I lose.  Something is taken away from me or they give me greater responsibility.  I just had my first success and now they want me to do it better.  And I don’t even know how I did the first success.”  That is a fairly common process in which people feel set up for negativity by finishing and creating success.  It is registered as an experience that did not work for you, rather than as an experience of joy in your process of completion.

It is important to realize that you are growing and maturing as you gain your life experiences.  You do not need to let things that happened to you when you were younger and less experienced govern where you are now.  Have the awareness that the right thing to do, the correct approach, is to keep going.  Choose to finish in ways that are complete and in celebration.

Even if it isn’t accomplishing what you originally set out to do, choose to come into completion and celebration, which can simply be an inner experience of satisfaction.  That is one of the ways to work the karma, making sure it is complete inside of you and not just done outwardly.  What is done in the world does not mean it’s complete within.  That is where acknowledgment comes in. Being complete means that you are clear.  You can move on.  There is a next step available to you, and you can move to that next step.  You are not being held back or stuck.  You are complete.

In this path with the Traveler, we are actively finishing the karma.  We are completing the karma so we can make our move into the oneness and love of God that is available.  That means that whatever we created in our past actions, which we refer to as karma, we need to work out and clear.  That is whatever we are carrying as the karma surfaces.  It can surface on all levels – physically, mentally, emotionally, and psychically.  That does not necessarily mean that your lifestyle and what you are doing is bad, wrong or needs fixing.  It may just mean for you to have some patience with yourself.  Your karma is at work, so things are surfacing to be completed and cleared for your highest good.

Whatever you are working through from past lives is being delivered at a rate you can handle.  If you are studying in MSIA, you have a wonderful support system around you.  The MSS and DSS classes give you tremendous support and remind you how to keep going, work through and clear patterns of judgment.  When you need help or support, call out.  That’s what friends are for.  That is what we have in our ministries.  Heartfelt reaching out to one another.  Clearly that is going to help.  Part of that is to do some of that yourself.  Take care of and minister to yourself first.

We are born with the blessings of health, wealth, happiness, abundance, prosperity, and riches.  They are already in us.  We need to learn how to claim them for ourselves and then stand up so that we create them.  We express them in this world whenever we go into creation, so we are in a place that is finishing karma.  Choose to be happy and healthy with what you have.  If you can create more that helps, then do that.  But we can have some contentment and appreciation for the blessings that already are.

Karma is addressed in some way in just about every Discourse.  The focus is on the law of cause and effect.  What is it that we need as experiences for our learning and growth?  We need experiences so that we balance whatever is off, where we are not in harmony or understanding the divine plan.

God created it all perfectly.  It’s all in perfect order so that we are never in a place that is actually lacking.  All the circumstances and conditions we ever encounter have something that we can use for our upliftment.  One of the aspects of karma that we all need to realize is it is set up for completion.  That completion would register as a loving consciousness that is honoring, blessing, and forgiving.  Not holding againstness in any way.

The essence is that God sets the tone for all of us by loving what it is.  Consider that is the truth and not some theory.  God’s love is real, and it’s real for every single person, place, and thing.  We are all working out our creatorship.  This is the level where we discover and expand our creatorship as divine beings, however long that takes.  We take the divine energy that comes into us and issue it forth as an energy that goes to whatever we are looking at, wherever we are, and whatever we consider.

We can attend to things in the world that are uplifting, honoring and respectful, rather than like a bother or irritation.  Negativity often reflects our ignorance.  Those are opportunities for us to wake up, pause and hold while we discover the blessings that are present.

John-Roger gave us one of his great directives about the soul and Soul Transcendence, which is to look for the good in all people and things and leave the rest to God.  I have said that for me, blessing is simply greater good, taking the unmanifest good and being a person who has the intention to make something better.  When we do it through us into the world, that same energy field comes to us from our divine source within.  We too, become a greater blessing as we co-create with God.

Baruch Bashan

Blessing of Wealth and Joy

Lord, we are Your family and also, we are Your friends. So, we gather here for Your blessing.

We just ask that once again You show us new experiences of Your light, Your love, what You’ve called us to do in this moment in our creation.

We take advantage of the opportunity that we have gathered with those who are on this path with the Traveler for the blessings of fulfillment, the wealth of going home to God, the wealth of having that spiritual promise fulfilled in this lifetime, the wealth of being amongst those who will come to our aid at our time of need, and that we would be those who would also do that in kind, the richness of our life, the abundance of our opportunities, and the prosperous ways it’s manifesting, so we can be thankful for the little things and the great things all at once.

Remove whatever scales may still be on our eyes, so we may see with the eyes of the Christ and the Beloved the richness of every moment, that we can notice that You are in the details. There is no detail that is not infused with Your blessing.

We forgive ourselves for whenever we castigated and discarded whatever You brought to us as the blessing. We step into a new day, a new opportunity, our intention to follow, to cooperate, to step into this life every day in greater appreciation. We ask to be those who exemplify Your bounty. We can call it forward into the world in ways that people may realize that we are all in a field of glory, a place that has been infused from the beginning with great and ever greater blessings.

We take a moment to open ourselves to receive. We let go of whatever we have in this moment, that we offer it up in whatever ways You may use what we have created for gain so we may receive in whatever we are to be given and bestowed with in this time and this place.

We know You are our beloved Father, Mother, God, and we are those who follow in Your way until it is done.

Baruch Bashan

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  1. Loretta Mazorra

    Words don’t seem to be enough to express all the changes that have been happening to me these few years I’ve been in MSIA. As I work on my P.T. in DSS 4, I hope to meet myself face to face with love, understanding and, who knows, words may even begin to flow. At age 85, I am thrilled to write: this is truly the most wonderful, loving, fulfilling and exciting time of my life, and I thank God and my treasured teachers, John Rogers, John Morton, and Debra Martinez, xxx, Loretta Mazorra

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