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In This New Age…

In this New Age, you have infinite opportunity to move into the higher qualities. Keep enthusiasm present in all your activities. Anticipate joy at every moment. And always maintain a sense of being grateful for all of your blessings.

Being grateful means maintaining the awareness that God is entirely present in every moment of your life and that you don’t have to go anywhere to experience the glory of God’s presence. When you are in that type of awareness and cooperation, all things flow to you, and you experience a sense of upliftment and peace. The joy of it is that you can turn to the positive direction at any moment and the joy will be entirely present for you.

When the joy of Spirit is present, you can’t do enough good works. Your cooperation is full. Your love is manifest. Your Light shines forth into the world. You become of service to everyone you meet. You spread the Light consciousness everywhere you go. Your mere presence brings balance and joy to people. And you don’t even have to say a word. The Light will move through you to others and bring them what is necessary and beneficial. To live in grace and maintain your awareness of the Spirit within is a beautiful service. If you do nothing but that, you are a Light unto this world.

-John-Roger, from The Way Out Book

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