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Mark Lurie (center) and Vincent Dupont, two of MSIA's Presidents, at MSIA's Conference 2022

MSIA Presidency Update – July 2022

Well, it is official. For about the thirtieth year in a row, everyone said that this was the best MSIA Conference ever. The Conference of Joy, Fun and Laughter was physically held at Prana this year for the first time in MSIA’s history and the Traveler’s energy permeated everywhere. Prana chefs, David Funk and Ned O’Neill, and special guest chef Hector Ojeda Ruiz, served delicious meals that kept everyone’s basic self happy between events.

There were tents set up in the courtyard so folks could participate in the open air, as well as in dining areas at the labyrinth terrace level making the experience more spacious and comfortable. Some people were online for a few days and then showed up in person for the initiates and ministers meetings.

It was a reunion for many of us as we hadn’t seen a lot of folks, particularly those visiting from out of state and overseas, for over two years.  MSIAers came from Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Bulgaria as well as from around the United States. The BlessingsFest was the cherry on top of the whipped cream on top of the flourless chocolate cake, with John Morton pouring out blessings for over five hours for the participants online and at Prana.

The Conference ministers and initiates meetings are posted online in their respective sections in the Student Dashboard of Please check out the new “Initiates Only” section of that now has articles for initiates and frequently asked questions. New articles will be added on an ongoing basis, so check it periodically to see what is there.

Many of the articles and frequently asked questions in the “Initiates Only” section come from the 17 issues of Soundings. Soundings was the MSIA initiates newsletter, that was published between 1979 and 1990. In one of the newsletters, the SAT seminar “Walking the Straight and Narrow” was mentioned where J-R shares information about working with the Traveler above Soul level.  It is a terrific seminar, available to all SAT subscribers who are members of That Which Is.   We highly recommend it.

Another new feature on is Events-at-a-Glance. It’s an easier way to get a multi-month overview of the upcoming PTS and MSIA events.   You can find it at the top of the MSIA “Online Calendar”, in the home page “Quick Links”, and the menu of the home page. The Events-at-a-Glance page has a filter that allows you to scan for specific upcoming events with John Morton, Heartfelt gatherings, Ministers Meetings, Meditations and classes with Paul Kaye, and PTS Undergraduate Classes.

More exciting news – we now have live streaming on the MSIA app.  In this first phase we are focusing on Blessings This Day. You will see a banner appear on the home page of the MSIA App fifteen minutes before the start of the Blessings This Day program; just click on the banner and you will connect directly to the livestream. The next phase will offer the same ease and convenience to access other livestream programs, including the monthly global Ministers meeting.

We’ve also added the option to create multiple customized playlists in That Which Is, as well as an offline playlist so you can listen to your favorite selections even when you are not connected a Wifi or phone network. Seminar Leaders can use the customized playlist feature to keep a library of seminars they’ve played for their seminar group.

The results of our travel and event survey are in and there was enough interest to create a Living in Grace retreat this December at Asilomar in Northern California. We are negotiating the arrangements with the Asilomar facility and hope to have an update soon. There was also a very positive response to going to Israel next year.  Stay tuned for more information.

As always, please join us in placing this all into the Light for the Highest Good. And thank you for standing with us in God’s Light, love and Sound, sharing the grace of the Traveler’s teachings throughout the world.

The MSIA Presidency – Paul, Vincent, and Mark
MSIA Succession – David, Jeffrey, and Anna


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