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John Morton at the Conference 2022 Blessingsfest

Blessings Fest—Conference of Joy, Fun and Laughter

At our magnificent Blessings Fest — the capstone event at our glorious 2022 Conference of Joy, Fun and Laughter — I was reminded again through participating online just how awesome our worldwide family is! The Joy was immense – and continues to be! – as folks from all round the world focused on Loving Light, with Beloved Traveler John sharing that The Blessings were/are indeed overflowing! It felt like we/Spirit lit up the world!

Blessedly, the event was held in person at our Beloved Prana, which all looked Absolutely Awesome! It was wonderful to share the event worldwide too! The presence of Spirit + The Holy of Holies was palpable.

Here are some of the glorious gems of Traveler wisdom and timely reminders that I Joy-Fully and Great-Fully received, over the 6+ hours that Magnificent Traveler John so graciously shared!

God is an authority on completion.

Play at God’s level.

Peace Is Present.

Bless the body temple continually.

Let judgements go.

Serve God.

Expand continually into Godness.

I Am a Place of Peace.

Focus on God’s Grace!!!

Regenerating in Spirit – Restoring Energy.

God brings complete Trust.

We are Blessings of Living Truth.

Be One With What Is – Honest – One-est.


Be At Ease With What Is.

Be relaxed with Life!!

Baruch Bashan + Woo HUUUU!!! Thank HUUUU Beloved Traveler John and all who made All this possible, and who continually make All this possible! We Are All Truly Soooo Blessed! Joy to the world!

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