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(left to right) Conference of Joy, Fun and Laughter facilitators Pauli Sanderson, Sherie Wylie, Leigh Taylor-Young Morton

Conference of Joy, Fun and Laughter In-Person at Prana

After two years of holding the MSIA Conference entirely online due to covid concerns, this year’s conference of Joy, Fun, and Laughter blew the roof off of the Home of the Traveler! With some two-hundred people attending the ministers and initiates meetings in-person, the Prana grounds filled with the joyful sounds of friends reuniting and fellowship over lunch. The shaded tables spread all over the property made for a lovely outdoor setting to break bread. Keeping with the tradition of past conferences, lunch was provided free to the ministers and initiates who came in-person to celebrate their spiritual connection through the Melchizedek Priesthood and the Mystical Traveler Consciousness.

View the Photos from the Ministers and Initiates Meetings at the Conference of Joy, Fun and Laughter

I don’t personally crave large gatherings of people. For me it is quality, not quantity, that makes an experience valuable. Nonetheless, it was deeply satisfying to me to have the Prana property being put to such good use after lying dormant for two conferences. And, it never felt too full or too busy. It was a comfortable crowd that somehow kept the intimacy of a small gathering.

When it came time to chant ani-hu, the glorious ringing of voices blending together in one-accord reminded me of how blessed many of us were to be able to ‘show up.’ John Morton, in keeping with his incredible commitment to anchoring the Mystical Traveler Consciousness, showed up as bright and beloved as ever. And I was reminded just how magical it is to be together, in-person, with a physical Traveler. There really is nothing else like it.

The two day Conference Workshop had in-person attendance at Prana that made for more fun and laughter than I’ve had in a long time.

View the Photos from the two day Workshop at the Conference of Joy, Fun and Laughter

Was there clearing? Absolutely! Did I have uncomfortable moments of having my crap handed to me on a platter? You bet. But, as J-R once said, we’re going to do this laughing or crying, so we might as well do it laughing. And I probably laughed more at this conference than I have at any other.

I also probably ate more at this Blessings Fest than I did at any other. All those Zoom Blessings Fests left me with a pent up appetite to make up for lost time. And stuffing myself silly amidst the awe-inspiring outpouring of blessings that I experienced this year at Prana was the icing on the conference cake. I was inwardly and I think even outwardly directed by the Traveler to try the Spanish late. When the call comes, the initiate is ready!

Now, about a week later, I’m still basking in the glow of everything I experienced this conference. I have been telling jokes, even those long ones with multiple punch-lines that have always seemed so confusing to get out. I’ve been laughing more, even when it doesn’t seem funny. And, I’ve been enjoying my karma as much as I possibly can. Maybe it’s my imagination, but I think my eye has had just a little bit more twinkle. And my laughter has been just a little bit more free.

Did you hear about the guy who went to Meditators Anonymous? He said, “Hello, my name is Bob, and I’ve been living in the present moment for the last six months. I’m ready to get out!”

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